How to Breed Micro Bully? – Expert Advice

To become a successful breeder, you must have all the information about breeding techniques and related health issues to avoid complications.

Look no further because I have the answer to all your questions, and I will tell you everything you need to become a successful breeder.

Can Micro Bullies Breed Naturally?

Yes, Micro Bullies can breed naturally. It is possible if the male dog and the bitch are present together and the bitch is in heat. Other breeding methods include artificial insemination (AI), in which the sperm of the stud is used and not the stud himself physically.

There’s also an option of Live AI, meaning the stud is present there with the bitch, but the breeder inserts only his sperm, and the stud is kept off the bitch to avoid any injuries to the stud.

So yes, Micro Bully can mate/breed naturally, but it is preferred to use AI. AI can save you a lot of trouble. With AI, you can use the sperm of a great Linebred dog for a bargain and still get the desired traits you want to breed into your pups.

It also saves you time and effort of flying in the stud or taking your bitch to the stud. It can also save you the hassle of finding a dog at the exact time when your female Bully is in heat.

How to Breed Micro Bully?

First and foremost, before deciding which line-bred you want to raise, you need to appraise your resources. Do you have the time and money to invest in this venture wholeheartedly?

You won’t need a large kennel facility to start, but you must get a few quality “foundation” bitches. You need to keep cash aside for any emergencies.

Your female dog could get ill, or there may be a need for progesterone testing, vet bills, emergency c-section, or requirement for any other extra expense.

The most idiotic thing you can do is jump into a breeding program and find out you cannot afford to care for your dogs for any extra activity.

If you are committed to your job as a breeder, you will succeed and produce some high-quality pups. An ongoing evaluation of pups is crucial for a breeder to know if his breeding program is successful.

Now that you have cleared up your finances and confirmed your resolve let’s get to the foundations.

1. Foundation Dogs

First, you will need the right kennel to purchase from and know which dogs to buy. It would be best to buy a high-quality dog, but most people don’t understand that you should always purchase female dogs at first as brood stock. Doing this will save around 3-4 years of your program.

Ask for detailed pedigree information on the dogs to ensure you get a quality linebred (a dog with the same kind of ancestors appearing more than once in the last 4 generations).

Kennels with reputable images and long history will have linebred Micro Bullies. Please don’t fall for any of these newcomers who are exciting their dogs as the best but fail to produce a single Bully of such quality to support their claim.

Micro Bullies are a new breed but have grown exponentially in popularity and demand. With this, many scammers have come into the game to fool unsuspecting breeders or buyers.

2. Deciding on a stud

Most of the famous breeders now provide a stud service. If you are a new breeder, you should take advantage of this. So many people immediately buy a stud that will cost more, but instead, you should start with female dogs.

You can use stud service for a substantially lower price and still get top-of-the-line linebred Micro Bullies. When your female dogs are ready to be bred, you can contact whose stud service you want to use or even contact the kennel from whom you purchased the female dogs.

Housing, feeding, and healthcare are costly for a stud, and you will not be sure they are up to the task until they mature.

3. Pedigree Analysis

Pedigree Analysis is a crucial step to consider when selecting brood stock. For an immature, a dog’s pedigree is useless. But for a person with a keen eye for details, a pedigree is a profile of genetic potential containing complete information. You can obtain the pedigree of an individual Bully firsthand from the kennel.

What you want to achieve with all these steps is to produce a high-quality, good build, healthy, and good-looking Micro Bully that is a proven dog. Famous breeders produce all of the quality Micro Bullies with quality brood stock. It is the founding stone of a bloodline.

Your pups must be able to produce good quality pups further and carry on with this breed if the Bullies you produce will be the last of their kind because they can’t reproduce any further. It means they are a failure, and you will be back at step one.

Process of Breeding a Micro Bully

Breeding a Micro Bully is a sensitive process; you must pay close attention to your female dogs. Observe when they go into heat and start to ovulate when the next heat comes. Keep your stud available for that time accordingly.

When your female dog is ready and in heat, call your stud provider to have the stud delivered to you. The female dog is ready for impregnation on the third day of the heat. Now you can use Artificial Insemination or Live Artificial Insemination and physical insemination.

Artificial Insemination

The most common method used is Artificial Insemination (AI); it is the most straightforward and value-for-money method. You can get semen from a proven stud and use it anytime. When you do AI once, you may have to repeat it after a couple of days to increase the chances of pregnancy during the heat, so you won’t have to wait for a complete circle.

Live AI

In Live AI, the stud stands right next to the female dog with no physical contact not to harm the stud. The breeder acquires the semen on the spot to carry out the process. You have to bring the stud to your place for this process.

Pregnancy Period

After the female Micro Bully is pregnant, she will go through it for about 57 to 65 days, averaging 63. During this period, you need to take extra care of them by giving them the right amount of food, essential nutrients, proper exercise, and regular checkups with the vet.

Keep a close eye on your female dog’s progress and watch out for any irregular behavior or signs. After about 63 days, you can have a natural birth or a c-section. If there is any complication, the vet may decide on going with a c-section.

After birth, be careful with the baby Micro Bully pups. Feed them the suggested amount of milk and keep them in a warm and dry environment. Make sure you breed strong and beautiful Micro Bullies and continue making more of them.

Mistakes to Avoid While Breading Micro Bully

People often make simple mistakes that may seem insignificant but can cost them a fortune. It would be best if you avoid these at all costs. If you go through everything wisely, you will become a great breeder.

  • The first mistake to avoid is buying low-quality breeding stock and male studs. Don’t just buy any stud or an award-winning show dog; get a proven producer that can give you an excellent future specimen. You have to invest in getting the results you are looking for.
  • Keep extra cash for any emergencies. Don’t cheap out on anything.
  • Always choose a linebred and consider the characteristics you require to achieve in the future Micro Bully Puppies. Do a study of the genetic makeup of the breed.

If you never learn about the genes of the canine, you will keep breeding an inferior breed of dog with a harmful genetic makeup. You must become a nerd, dig into it, and learn which gene works for what. This will help you better understand and establish a bloodline of yours.

The last mistake people make is misunderstanding what a bloodline is. Bloodline does not mean a dog’s offspring that has won several medals in beauty competitions and given a few pups.

Instead, a bloodline is a dog’s ancestor having the same characteristics more than 2 times in the last 4 generations with the ability to reproduce consistently. A bloodline dog will give you a good amount and quality of the litter.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How are Micro Bullies Made?

American Bully and Patterdale Terrier are crossbred to make Micro Bully. The resulting dog has the looks and physique of an American Bully with the height of a Patterdale Terrier.

How are Exotic Micro Bullies Made?

To produce an Exotic Bully, breeders cross the American Bully with French Bulldog and a couple of other breeds to make a dog with the physique of an American Bully on extreme with medium stature. People often confuse the Exotic Bully with the Micro Bully, a completely different breed.

What Size Is Considered a Micro Bully?

A Micro Bully’s height is between 11-14 inches. It weighs between 20-50 pounds with loose skin and many muscles.


If you want to become a breeder, you need to stay updated with everything you need to know about your dogs. Be thoughtful towards them and take great care of them. Go for a quality breed and save money without compromising on the care of the Micro Bullies.

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