Are Micro Bullies Healthy? – Everything You Need to Know

Micro Bullies have exploded in popularity as a new breed for all the right reasons. Micro Bullies are small yet compact, easy-going dogs that are perfect for families.

But with popularity comes rumors that create a negative image of these beautiful creatures, and people seem to hate them for no valid reason.

One of those rumors is that people think since it’s a small and mixed breed dog, it must live a shorter life than normal dogs and have several health problems.

Here, I will give a complete guide and tell you everything there is to know about the health of Micro Bullies.

Are Micro Bullies Healthy?

The answer is yes; they are healthy and live a good life like any common dog breed. Micro Bullies have very fit bodies and can live up to 13 years if properly cared for.

Like any breed, Micro Bullies also have some health issues that are not breed-specific but very general. You can avoid such health issues if you care for the Bully.

How to Keep Your Micro Bully Healthy?

There are a few key notes that you must keep in mind to ensure a healthy life for your Micro Bully. You must provide a good diet and many exercises, and spend time bonding and playing with them. Doing so will help you quickly become great pals with your new pup, and they will grow happy and healthy.

If you do all the following, you will have a great pup who will be healthy and make you feel proud.

1. Give it a Proper Diet

A proper diet does not mean you have to give your Micro Bully some fancy and expensive brand food. Instead, it means the diet must contain all the nutrients the Micro Bully requires to help grow and maintain its muscle and body proportions.

This means Micro Bullies need a high-protein diet, and it’s important that you start with this type of diet from a younger age, as this is when they begin to form those muscle structures for adulthood.

The main food should also comprise a substantial amount of fat, and the best option for this is a dry kibble diet, especially for Micro Bullies or American Bullies.

You can supplement kibbles with some wet food. While buying kibbles, ensure the first at least three ingredients are meats such as chicken, beef, lamb, or fish. It should also mention the percentage of protein to be at 30% and fat at 20% minimum.

In addition to these, you should also give them calcium supplements, but that should be when you are vaccinating them, so ask your vet for that.

Remember to make them eat as much food as possible while they are still young. Give your Micro Bully puppy food at least three times a day and twice daily for an adult.

2. Keep up With Their Healthcare

As I have said, Micro Bullies are a reasonably healthy dog breed, but you still need to care for your Micro Bully. The bare minimum you can do is treat your dog for fleas and worms and make sure they have all the relevant vaccinations right from when they are still puppies.

Start worming your Micro Bully for heartworm and tapeworm at 4 months of age. And this treatment should be repeated as often as the vet recommends.

Start flea treatment along with worming and do it monthly in spring and summer and once every 3 months in fall/autumn and winter. Fleas may not be a significant health issue; they can cause blood conditions and be incredibly irritating if they infest your home.

Vaccinations start at a much younger age of around 5 weeks, and do it before your Micro Bully can go outside to play. Micro Bully will be given 5 rounds of vaccination with three weeks intervals in between. They are given a 7-way shot that should cover them for all common conditions.

In addition, make sure your dog gets a rabies vaccine at 6 months of age that will last for 3 years. Rabies, as you know, is a very lethal and dangerous condition, and that should be the last thing you want your dog to catch if you want to keep it for a long time.

3. Exercise for Active Bodies

Exercise is vital for any dog, mainly when they are puppies. Micro Bullies is a muscular breed, so getting exercise every day to keep those muscles in motion and healthy, is crucial.

At least 30 minutes of exercise is the absolute minimum. If you could walk in the park or on the beach once a day, that would be even more amazing.

Just make sure you are on the lookout for any signs of overheating, as Micro Bullies are easily overheated if made to exert too much. Your pup might want to play fetch with you, which is perfect for building trust, obedience, and discipline.

Please ensure the toys you buy are big and sturdy enough so they cannot be swallowed or torn apart when chewed.

4. Obedience and Disciplinary Training

If you want your puppy to live longer, you not only want it to be healthy but also obedient and disciplined. A well-mannered dog will not get into trouble; that way, he can avoid many accidents that would otherwise endanger its life.

Obedience training is one of the best ways to care for your Micro Bully. Start this as early as possible, around 8 weeks of age. Grooming early will ensure they don’t act out with other people and dogs.

Micro Bully is a very intelligent breed and can learn every trick, and you can use treats as motivation and make them eat more this way. Occasionally, take your Micro Bully to a training class where they can interact with other dogs to become socialized and be generally friendly.

Food for Micro Bully to Keep Them Healthy

As I mentioned, your Micro Bully needs a good amount of food and what type. Let me explain that further, as this is crucial to ensure a healthy pup with healthy dietary manners.

You should feed your Micro Bully kibbles with high protein and fat ratios and always supplement them with wet food. By wet food, I mean raw meat such as beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, tuna, and eggs, but also some fruits and vegetables such as apples, potatoes, rice, bananas, and other regular daily food.

You should alternate between these food and different types of meat. Micro Bullies can eat everything you can, but you should not give them more than you want, as that will severely upset their stomachs.

Feed them a lot but keep it balanced and rotatory on meat, vegetables, and grains. Consult with your vet for a food chart and dietary plans to make sure you are on the right track to raise a healthy Micro Bully puppy.

Moreover, confirm that the food you buy is high quality. A high price does not mean high quality. Sometimes medium-range value food is just perfect for the dog and your wallet. As long as you are fulfilling the nutritional needs of your Micro Bully, you are on a good track.

 FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Health Issues Do Micro Bullies Have?

Micro Bullies have no specific health issues in their breed. However, they have general health issues such as hip dysplasia, cardiac, skin, eye problems, and allergies. You can avoid health issues by properly caring for your Bully with regular vet visits.

How Long Do Micro Bullies Live?

Micro Bullies can live up to 11-13 years, and some may even live longer if taken good care of. They have a pretty good lifespan compared to other dogs.

What 2 Breeds Make Micro Bully?

American Bully and Patterdale Terrier are crossbred to make Micro Bully. The result is a dog with the looks and physique of an American Bully and the height of a Patterdale Terrier.

Do Micro Bullies live long?

Unlike other dogs of similar size, Micro Bullies live longer than most dogs. A Micro Bully can live up to 13 years.


People have tabooed Micro Bullies that they are unhealthy just because they are mixed breed and small in size. All of this is just a baseless lie. Micro Bullies are very healthy dogs with few health problems and make for a great family dog.

If you want a pet that does not require much space and maintenance, I suggest you get a Micro Bully.

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