Best Crate For Pocket Bully: Which One to Choose?

To feel secure, a dog can retreat to a cozy den-like place in the ideal dog box. Additionally, it should be simple for you to reach your dog and clean. A crate is important for potty training a puppy because dogs naturally do not want to soil their home.

To determine the finest solutions, we put 20 dog kennels to the test in our lab in New York. Different types of crates, such as conventional wireframes, folding soft-sided models, and hybrid crates that double as useful side tables, were tested by our testers.

The MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate Single Door and Double Door Dog Crate is our top pick overall because it is big enough to accommodate a growing puppy and comes with a crate cover, a dog bed, and two detachable food bowls.

Best Crate For Pocket Bully

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates

Due to its simple construction, comprehensive features, and simple-to-clean tray, the MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate Single Door and Double Door Dog Crate is our top choice. The additional divider in this crate package made it stand out from the competition, even though several other crates we evaluated received high marks for their easy-to-clean surfaces.

Our tester observed that the plastic tray of this crate slides out effortlessly, making it simple to clean in the event of any significant spills. We particularly appreciate that the rolling buffers on this crate are rubberized to protect the hardwood, vinyl, or tile floors.

Although its fundamental design may not place highly in beauty contests, it is undoubtedly useful. The twin door type, which makes it simple to access the crate from the front or side and considerably increases the iCrate’s flexibility, was particularly well-liked by test subjects.

This crate’s functionality and easy-collapse and-clean design were both praised by our tester. She said that assembly required only raising the crate’s lid and snapping the hooks into position. The plastic tray could be easily removed from the bottom of the container because there was a slot. A security hook ensures it stays put when your dog sits on the tray.

The door does bend when dragged on, which is the one drawback our tester found with this box. Even while our tester didn’t think the bowing was significant enough for a dog to break through the door, it’s still something owners of particularly hyperactive or highly sensitive dogs should be concerned about.

Despite this one design flaw, we’d still suggest this crate as a dependable and affordable choice that will serve you for many years and survive wear and tear from pets over time.

Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate

Finding a dog kennel that won’t break the bank but still performs adequately can be difficult. This Amazon Basics crate, which has a PVC frame with a polyester and mesh fabric top, impressed our testers greatly.

This crate has three zipper-secured openings: one on top, one at each end, and one in the middle. They might also be folded up and secured to the crate’s top. Although this lightweight crate makes it a perfect alternative for travel, our tester was a little disappointed that it lacks a carrying handle.

The robustness of this crate pleased our tester. She observed that when a sandbag was dumped on top of it and at the front of it, it did not move or shatter. The smaller crevices and nooks in the crate’s structure worried our tester about how difficult it could be to clean them.

Overall, this crate received five stars from our tester for its dependability and simplicity of assembly and use. She claimed that the pricing was reasonable given the item’s performance and that the crate’s design was appealing and durable.

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

We suggest the Diggs Revol Collapsible Dog Crate if you’re seeking a plush and sturdy dog crate. When the top handle is turned, the crate collapses, and the sides lift to give your pet several access points.

The strength of this container amazed our tester. She claimed that it remained stationary despite exerting around 45 pounds of force against the door. The structure or look of the crate was unaffected even when several sandbags were thrown against it. This crate’s user-friendly layout and general appearance impressed our tester to no end.

The tray on this crate is detachable for simple cleaning, and it includes a raised edge to stop leaks if your pet does have an accident within the crate. The crate’s door is substantially more secure than other crates with a sliding bolt because it is fastened by a latch that is released by pressing a button.

The only issue our tester raised was that this crate is not very small, even when collapsed, making it difficult to store behind some furniture or in small closets. Although the cost of this crate is undoubtedly a splurge for most people, our tester felt that the cost accurately represented the exceptional quality and distinctive design.

Fable Pets Crate

The Fable Pets Crate received nothing but praise from our reviewers. It took about as little time to assemble as Ikea furniture straight out of the box. The general style of this crate, which may also be used as an end table or bedside table in a living area, was quite appealing to our tester.

The door on this crate does wiggle when closed, as noted by our tester, which may be a worry for any pet owners with dogs that scratch at doors. The longevity of the door may be addressed in the long run by selecting the metal crate door.

This crate contains rubber cushions to protect hardwood and vinyl floors from scratches, but it lacks a carrying handle, which could make moving it from one area to another challenging.

Additionally, this crate lacks a removable tray, so you must stoop down to use it for any cleaning tasks. Despite these design issues, the crate’s performance in our sandbag and baggage pull tests impressed our tester. This crate would be a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a luxurious crate that would fit into a minimalist design while being useful.

Petmate Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel

Check out the Petmate Two-Door Pet Kennel if you enjoy taking your dog on road trips. The top and bottom components are simple to join, and the door is wonderfully secure.

According to our tester, the front and top apertures also make reaching and cleaning your pet simple. This crate’s door was pulled with 33 pounds of force, and even the weight of a sandbag did not affect it.

This crate is an excellent choice for city dwellers who commute to their veterinarians or groomer because of the top carrying handle.

Although we adore how practical this crate would be for extra-small to small dog types, we wish it was just a tiny bit bigger to fit dogs up to 20 pounds. Nevertheless, this cage is a great choice for little dog owners looking for a nice, portable option.

Petmate Aspen Pet Porter Dog Kennel

If your dog travels with you frequently, you’ll need a crate with a dependable latch and a sturdy frame. The Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier features detachable food bowls, two “live animal stickers,” ID tags, and crate sizes for all dogs up to 120 pounds.

According to our tester, this crate was simple to use and had a sturdy latch that would be difficult for pups with Houdini-like skills to open. Most airlines accept this kennel as meeting their requirements for pet carriers, so check with your favorite airline before booking any flights with your dog.

Remember that the door to this crate can buckle slightly with severe effort if you have a particularly hyperactive dog. Although our tester was generally impressed with the door’s toughness and latch strength, she did report that the door bent when about 68 pounds of force was applied to it.

Except for a few small crevices and tight corners, this crate’s plastic interior would still simplify cleaning it, even though it lacks a removable tray. The two smallest sizes of Petmate’s crates (the 21-inch and 28-inch models) come with handles. However, carrying and navigating larger kennels through airports may be more challenging, particularly if a larger dog is inside.

EliteField Soft Folding Dog Crate

The EliteField Soft Folding Dog Crate is portable and simple to fold for overnight stays away from home. The breathable nylon, which comes in various colors, is placed over the alloy steel frame. One on top and two on each side of the three dual zipper flaps provide flexibility and ease for checking on your dog and securing them.

Two outside storage compartments are also available for modest accessories like a collapsible dish and a leash. A removable, machine-washable bed is located inside. We do not advise using the kennel for a teething puppy because it is not chew-proof despite being sturdy. Spills and mishaps can be cleaned up on the spot as necessary.

Features to Look for in Dog Crate For Your Pocket Bully


Purchasing a dog crate should undoubtedly consider safety, but how safe it is will depend on your pup’s temperament and life stage. For instance, a wooden crate might be suitable for calmer dogs who don’t chew, but owners of puppies or chewers should steer clear of this kind.

You should check that the cage has a sturdy structure that won’t tip over or allow your dog to escape. It would help if you chose a strong, high-gauge metal rather than a wire mesh one because wire mesh solutions can increase safety risks.

This will reduce potential injuries, such as paws caught in the wire or the dog escaping the crate, and provide you more peace of mind. Although plastic crates often provide fewer safety issues, you should ensure they are chew-resistant and free of any removable parts that could be ingested or swallowed.


Your dog should be able to stand up, lay down, and stretch out completely without feeling confined in the appropriate crate size. However, because dogs still prefer to feel like they are in a den, make sure the crate isn’t too huge (for instance, a smaller breed shouldn’t be kept in a crate designed for a larger type).

In light of your dog’s size and shape, you should use a dog crate size chart while purchasing a crate. If you have a puppy, you might want to choose a crate with dividing panels so it can grow with your dog and be used for training.


In addition to functional design features like a removable tray—more on that below—you should think about the general appearance of your possible box. After all, you and your family will probably see your dog’s crate frequently.

While a standard wire mesh crate is neutral enough, there are several possibilities if you’re looking for something that will fit in or stand out a little more.

While those with pups or chewers should choose a more robust choice, those with hardwood furniture may use a wooden crate, which is ideal for the living room area. And if you’re looking for something more Instagrammable, pick something like the Diggs Revol Dog Crate, which is useful and fashionable.


Any crates we have discussed will work for you if your Pocket Bully Pup is the lone dog in your home. Pocket Bullys come in many shapes and sizes. This means that the ideal crate will depend on your spending limit and your Pocket Bully’s degree of activity. Please message us in the comments section if we’ve forgotten any models.

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