Creative Ways To Make Money With Your Dog

Your dog can be your business partner in addition to being your best buddy. Did you know that you can make money with your dog? It’s a fact that many pet owners are unaware that earning money with their dogs is easier than most people realize. People adore their pets, and even those without pets adore dogs and cats. Dog videos and images can go viral for any reason. Let’s go into more into on how we can use our pets to generate income.

Before I continue, though, I would like you to refrain from adopting a dog just to get rich. They require attention and love. You cannot let your desire for financial gain dictate how you treat your dog.

1. Start a talking dog TikTok account with your dog using buttons 

Have you watched YouTube videos of dogs pushing buttons and appearing to converse with their owners? When a button is pressed, a word is said. It might say “Food,” “Walk,” “Water,” etc. This is how it appears, and purchasing it from Amazon won’t break the bank. 

Dog owners would teach their pets the meaning of each button and document the canines’ attempts to interact with people. Watching it can be amusing as it gives us humans an insight into the thoughts of dogs. Is it shocking to hear that the majority of dogs are constantly thinking about food?

In just a few months, Bunny the Dog amassed 4 million TikTok fans. The dog owner can use it to gain money because it has an audience of four million people. She has the following options for making money from her TikTok account:

  • Promote recipes for homemade dog food by having her dog push buttons in a video to gauge his approval. 
  • Offer merchandise with the dog’s voice imprinted on it.
  • Dropship canine goods
  • Obtain revenue from the video’s advertisements.

2. Start a talking dog YouTube channel with your dog using texts

Making a talking dog video without any buttons is an additional option. To pique your dog’s interest, you will videotape them and add words to the footage. Even though it’s not your dog talking, it can still be amusing. If you are struggling to get your channel going, you can always from an authentic YouTube SMM panel to help you reach your milestones.

3. Make your dog a celebrity on Instagram 

Instagram has plenty of adorable animals, but what makes some pets stand out from others is the person who owns them.

Successful accounts usually share the following characteristics:

  • Their voice is incredibly caring and animated.
  • They would enjoy and remark on comparable accounts.
  • They would follow up on accounts that haven’t had any posts in a while. 
  • They respond to everyone promptly and frequently come up with captivating tales.
  • After viewing your articles, they respond to them. 
  • They pick up on trends; for example, they create their version of a popular meme.
  • Remarkably, not every one of their photos is well-taken or appealing. 
  • An account’s personality is what moves it from the rear to the forefront. 

I don’t want to spend too much time on Instagram, and even if I did, I wouldn’t want to constantly check my phone to see what the latest buzz was about. I believe it’s horrible to have to constantly be staring at your phone to grow your following, but if you’re already managing your account, then managing your dog’s Instagram account should be a piece of cake. 

Your dog is more likely to become an Instagram celebrity if you are an engaged owner. Additionally, you ought to see a drop in your follower count when you start to become less active.

If you have a large number of Instagram followers, you can make money off of your account by doing the following: 

  • Sell items with a photo of your dog on them. 
  • Promote books written by your “dog” (they can be goofy and funny).
  • Create comics about your experiences with dogs and market them as wall art.
  • A comic book about your life with your dog can be sold.
  • Market handcrafted dog treats

4. Turn your dog into a meme

You have undoubtedly seen this dog before. He currently represents several cryptocurrencies as well. You can earn money in the following ways if you can make your dog into a meme: 

  • Right license photo
  • Host in-person get-togethers
  • Sell calendars with your dog’s face in memes.
  • Sell stuffed animals that resemble your dog.

5. Create treats your dog will love and that other dogs will too.

Dogs have different dietary preferences than people. Certain human foods can kill dogs. For this reason, dogs must be used as test subjects when making dog treats instead of humans.  To develop a dog treat that dogs would enjoy, you can test it on your dog and then promote it on social media.

6. Let your dog paint on the camera

Dogs can indeed paint. You may earn money by having your dog paint objects on camera: 

  • Make money from ads
  • Sell the artwork your dog created.
  • Sell the posters that your dog painted.

7. Start a dogsitting service

You can use apps like Rover to start a dogsitting service, but many people are unaware that the best way to get clients is to include a photo of you playing with your dogs in your profile. This will reassure prospective clients that you are a seasoned professional. 

A background check may be required by dog-sitting services like Rover to ensure that you are not a person with a criminal history who could endanger people’s dogs. Having dogs stay the night can be very profitable.

8. Walk other people’s dogs

Walking dogs for customers brought $200k a year for one woman in New York City. Since many individuals stayed at home during the pandemic, there was a decrease in the need for dog walkers; however, this is starting to change. Walking dogs is in high demand. If you own a dog, share some photos of you and your pet on Rover to draw in customers who would entrust you with their pets.

9. Record your dog’s growing-up journey

People adore canines. You may document your dog’s development, and as time goes on and people get to know your dog, it will be difficult for them to stop watching your recordings.

One may:

  • Offer merchandise
  • Make money with advertising
  • Make money through affiliate marketing 
  • Profit from agreements for sponsorship. 
  • Create original dog toys to market. 

10. Share cute moments of your dog interacting with your baby

People adore infants and pets. Most, that is. A lot of new YouTube channels have emerged that focus on recording children and animals growing up together. Seeing it can be entertaining. You can profit from the advertisements, affiliate partnerships, sponsorship agreements, and sales of your merchandise.

11. Make rescue dog videos

Why not take in a dog from the street if you would adore having one but do not currently own one? Animal rescuing is a popular pastime for many people. You can fund more animal rescues with the money you make.

You can make a donation request. But rather than keeping the money for yourself, you ought to donate it to dog rescue organizations. Of course, your hourly income can make up a portion of the money. You are, after all, dedicating a portion of your day to performing the rescue. Just be sure to let your viewers know about that when you create the videos.

Something along the lines of, “Please consider donating to support our rescue.” Eighty percent of the funds collected are used specifically to provide the rescued dogs with food, shelter, and medical care.

12. Make a video for Dodo

Dodo is a YouTube channel that tells tales of interactions between people and animals. They would give you money if your video was aired on their channel and they have a lot of rescue stories on Dodo.

A few of their rescue movies have raised doubts in the eyes of some. There are many concerns that the rescue was staged to give the rescuers financial gain. 

It wouldn’t hurt to record your interactions with animals if you are doing this out of a genuine want to help them; nevertheless, it wouldn’t be appropriate to rescue or put animals in danger merely for financial gain. 


Undoubtedly, there are numerous opportunities to earn money with your dog that many people have never considered. I hope today has taught you something new. Just a gentle reminder to prioritize your dog’s needs over financial gain. Your dog’s safety and well-being should come first, with profit being your least important consideration. Dogs are compassionate, intelligent animals that require affection. Kindly, be a decent person to your dog.

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