How Long Do Micro Bullies Live? – Ultimate Guide

A stigma is associated with small dogs, such as Micro Bullies, that they are unhealthy and do not live long lives. That is not entirely true.

Smaller dogs live longer than large dogs and are healthier as they are easier to maintain. Especially with Micro Bullies, people are skeptical of it, yet it has proven to live a long life.

How Long Do Micro Bullies Live?

Micro bullies are a very healthy breed and live long and happy lives. Micro Bully can live up to 11-13 years. But this is only true for dogs produced with high quality and by a reputable breeder.

The type of home they live in can affect the life expectancy of the Micro Bully; if the owner is compassionate and caring enough, his Micro Bully will surely live a long life and be happy as he will nicely take care of it.

Some Micro Bullies live a shorter life because the breeder did something unethical while breeding the Micro Bully, but this is true for any dog resulting from low-quality breeding. In all fairness, the full life lived by the dog, any dog, will depend on the owner if the owner takes good care of the dog.

If you feed him well, exercise a lot, teach discipline, socialize the dog, and take the necessary measures for the health of Micro Bully, rest assured your Micro Bully will live long and happy.

The Lifespan of Bully Dogs

The lifespan of Bully dogs is 12-13 years. When you decide to get a Bully dog, you need to learn all about its health issues to detect and diagnose them quickly when they arise.

If you take good care of your pet dog and have complete knowledge of its health issues, you can resolve them head-on and not leave it up to fate. Doing this will ensure the long life of your bully dog.

Not only that, but by nature, Micro Bullies are very loyal dogs, and they will keep on becoming more reliable when they sense that you are taking care of them and feel the presence of your love.

You can lead and show them the way; they will follow if you indicate that you love them. That makes them happy; a happy dog is a healthy dog that can live long.

Tips to Make Your Micro Bully Live Longer

When you buy an expensive puppy, you want it to live longer, not just for the money you invested but also for the love and effort you put into it. You will do everything you can to ensure they live longer lives, and I have a few tips to help you with that.

Breeders with Reputation

If you are looking to buy a Micro Bully and want it to live a long life, you first need to make sure you are buying it from a well-known breeder who would not compromise on the quality of the breeding method and provide you with a healthy pup.

A linebred Micro Bully has little to know health issues and has all the necessary traits that help them live longer.


You need to feed your Miro Bully a good amount of necessary food. Make sure it’s high-quality and rich with high protein and fat to help maintain that signature physique.

In addition, ensure you follow a diet chart to keep alternating between feeds and nutrients. Consult your vet when necessary or confused.


Micro Bullies are social butterflies who need simulation and socialization to maintain a healthy mindset. Minimum 30 minutes of exercise is necessary to keep their bodies healthy.

Take them to dog parks and training classes to make new friends and avoid social awkwardness and isolation-related aggressiveness.


Health care is vital to keep your Micro Bully living longer. So, ensure timely vaccination and treatment for parasites such as worms and fleas. Get regular vet checkups and give calcium supplements to keep strong bones.

Your Micro Bully will live a perfect life if you follow these tips and take extra care of them to create a special bond between you and the Bully.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What 2 Breeds Make Micro Bully?

American Bully and Patterdale Terrier are crossbred to make Micro Bully, done to produce a dog with the looks and physique of an American Bully with the height of a Patterdale Terrier.

How Much is a Micro Bully Worth?

The average cost of a Micro Bully is $5000, but that can significantly vary depending on whom you are buying.

A Micro Bully pup of high-quality linebred will cost you an average of $8000. It can go up to $25000. The most famous Micro Bully, Venom, is worth $ 2 millioBuBuyinglow-quality breed from an unknown local breed; it y costs $600-$2500. I strongly recommend doing research and buying from a reputable breeder.

Does AKC Recognize Micro Bully?

The AKC does not recognize Micro Bullies as a registered breed of bullies.

Are Micro Bullies Considered Pit Bulls?

Pit Bulls are a pure breed completely different from Micro Bullies. Micro Bully is a  mixed breed resulting from American Bully and Patterdale Terriers.

WhatIsize Considered a Micro Bully?

An adult Micro Bully is no less than 11 inches and no more than 14 inches. They are the smaller-size Pocket Bullies taller than 14 inches but have the same genetic makeup.


If you want your Micro Bully to live longer, take extra care. Show love, spend time with them, and feed them to their heart’s desire.

Following the suggestions above, you are bound to keep your cute friend for a long time which I am sure will make you happy, as well as the Micro Bully.

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