10 Best Harness For French Bulldog

A good harness is essential for your Frenchie. It would help if you found a harness that works for this breed because they have a somewhat unusual body shape and tend to pull when aroused. Discover our reviews of the top ten harnesses for Frenchies by reading on.

Best Harness For French Bulldog

So, exactly what kind of harness is suitable for a French Bulldog? We conducted the investigation and discovered a wide range of choices. The options listed below are the ones that our independent panel of experts and we firmly believe to be the best.

1. Best Pet Supplies Voyager

The Best Pet Products Voyager is the greatest harness overall for French bulldogs for several important factors. First, the harness will hug your Frenchie just snugly enough to keep them secure while still feeling pleasant against their skin, thanks to the soft and breathable mesh fabric used in its construction.

The harness is really lightweight and will keep your Frenchie cool when you go for walks because of the mesh fabric.

If your dog dislikes dragging a harness over his head, the step-in design of the harness is ideal. Additional security is provided by the snap-in buckle, and the fastening strap on the rear of the harness enables fit customization.

2. Frisco Back Clip Dog Harness

The Frisco Back Clip Harness is the greatest harness for French Bulldogs for the money because it is so reasonably priced. This harness is nevertheless of great quality and usefulness despite its modest price.

This product’s over-the-head design makes putting on and removing your Frenchie simple. Thanks to a second feature called a fast-release buckle, you can swiftly get your dog in and out of it. The stomach strap has an adjustable slide that will allow you to find the ideal fit to keep your dog safe and secure.

The breathable cloth used to make this harness will keep your dog comfortable even on extended walks. Thanks to the mesh material, he won’t overheat too quickly in warmer weather.

3. Julius K9 Powerharness for Dogs

The Julius K9 is ideal if money is no object and you want the greatest harness for your French bulldog. Numerous features make this strong and adjustable harness stand out from the competition on our list. It has luminous edges and a side insignia that glows in the dark, making you and your dog visible on nighttime walks.

Your dog will be safe and comfortable on your walks thanks to the skin-friendly fabrics and chest strap intended to keep pressure off his neck.

The harness’s outside is water-repellent. Combining that characteristic with the robust design of the harnesses results in a product that will hold up well during all of your outdoor adventures.

4. Frisco Padded Dog Harness

Your Frenchie puppy will love the no-pull style of Frisco’s Padded Harness. Two buckles are on either side of the belly of this over-the-head harness. With this function, wiggly young puppies can easily put it on and remove it. Thanks to the adjustable slides on the belly and shoulder straps, you may find a secure and pleasant fit for your dog.

The cushioned chest piece is composed of mesh material to keep your dog cool. Puppies can be discouraged from pulling by using the O-ring attachment, which does not strain their necks.

5. Puppia Mountaineer II

If you frequently explore the outdoors with your French bulldog during the cooler months of the year, you might want to invest in a harness that doubles as a jacket. The Puppia Mountaineer II coat is a stylish harness that doubles as a winter vest.

It has a waterproof outer shell and lining made of 100% polyester to keep your Frenchie warm and dry on your winter walks. The backside zipper makes putting on and removing this harness simple. If your dog hates having anything pulled over his head, you and your dog will appreciate the step-in functionality of this harness.

6. Chai’s Choice

If you routinely take your dog on late-night walks, you should get him a harness so that he can be seen. Even under very low lighting conditions, the 3M reflective material used in the Chai’s Choice Harness will keep your dog visible.

The padded belly and chest straps of the harness evenly distribute pressure, keeping your Frenchie safe and at ease. These straps’ placement ensures that your dog won’t feel undue neck pressure. The straps can be modified to accommodate the particular body type of your Frenchie.

In order to get the ideal fit for your dog’s uniqueness, this harness is offered in five sizes and nine colors.

7. Blueberry Pet 3M Dog Harness

The Chai’s Choice harness we reviewed and the Blueberry Pet Harness are very similar. It is likewise constructed of the same materials and incorporates reflective strips for nighttime safety. The dual vest design of the Blueberry harness allows for excellent weight distribution and pull control, keeping your dog comfortable. This harness can help you get more control if your Frenchie tends to pull a little.

The outside layer is made of an Oxford textile for durability, and the inner layer is constructed of a lightweight mesh material for comfort.

8. Kurgo Tru-Fit

Both walks, and car journeys are excellent uses for the Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness. Your Frenchie will be safe during car travels if you use the included seat belt loop rope to secure it to your vehicle’s seat belt system. The business has tested dogs weighing up to 75 pounds in crashes.

There are leash attachment points on the back of the harness. Steel buckles increase the harness’s overall durability. This harness is not an over-the-head or a step-in model. On both sides, there are clips at the top.

9. Puppia Back Clip

100% polyester was used to make this Puppia harness. The quick-release buckles on its chest belt are simple to use and adaptable. Your Frenchie won’t find putting it on or wearing it uncomfortable because the neck opening is padded.

Plastic buckles that are lightweight and strong are featured on the harness. Since they are the same buckles seen on mountaineering gear, you can be sure they are durable and sturdy.

We consider the fact that this harness is machine washable a plus, albeit the maker does advise air drying it. This product is available from Puppia in five colors and sizes.

10. Mighty Paw Padded Harness

With the dual clip design of the Mighty Paw Padded Harness, you can attach the leash to the front or the back. The front attachment is perfect for pulling dogs, and the rear attachment is great for jogging or car usage.

During his walks and runs, your dog’s shoulders can move naturally, thanks to the non-restrictive design of this item. It has quick-release buckles that make it simple to put it on and take it off your Frenchie. It also has adjustable straps so you can find the perfect fit for the size of your dog.

Features to Take into Account When Selecting a French Bulldog Harness

With the appropriate French Bulldog harness, keeping your Frenchie secure and at ease during walks and other activities is simple. If you choose the incorrect one, your dog may escape from it or decide not to wear it. To choose the ideal French Bulldog harness for your dog, keep these points in mind when searching for harnesses:

1. Materials

The comfort level of the harness depends on the material utilized to make it. As a result, only French Bulldog harnesses constructed from premium materials like cotton, nylon, and leather should be considered. You might need to experiment with several materials to select the most comfortable for your dog.

2. Breathability

Frenchies are more prone to breathing issues and, thus, overheating than other dog breeds because of the anatomy of their flat face. When selecting the ideal one for your French Bulldog, get a harness with plenty of airflow. As a result, there is no chance your dog may experience heatstroke.

3. Adjustability

A harness that cannot be altered to meet the unique characteristics of the French Bulldog may be overly tight or loose. You won’t have to pay extra because an adjustable harness can accommodate variations in your dog’s body size or form brought on by growth or weight loss.

4. Durability

When choosing the best harness for your Frenchie, durability is a must, not just because you’ll save money over time by not having to replace it as frequently but also because it ensures your dog’s safety.

5. Padding

Due to the peculiar shape of its body, the French Bulldog is vulnerable to chafing from improperly fitted harnesses. To provide your dog with more comfort and safety, consider purchasing a harness with lots of padding, especially around the chest and belly. Inadequate padding lessens the chance of injuries and pain when wearing the harness by preventing rubbing or digging into the skin.

6. Points of attachment

Leash attachment points can be found on the harness’s front, back, or both sides. The location of the leash attachment points on the best French Bulldog harness is important because it affects how much control you will have when walking your dog. More control is available with front leash attachment harnesses than back leash attachment harnesses.

7. Reflective features

This is optional but highly advised if you plan to take your French bulldog for a nighttime walk. Reflective elements on a harness, like stripes or stitching, make your dog visible to drivers, bikers, and pedestrians in low light, lowering the risk of accidents.

How to Get Your French Bulldog Used to Wear a Harness

Due to their stubborn temperament, teaching a French Bulldog to wear a harness can be difficult. However, it is a crucial component of their entire care and instruction. Here are some pointers you may use to make this procedure go as smoothly as possible:

1. Slowly introducing

Harnesses may be frightening to some French Bulldogs, and they may not want to interact with them. If your Frenchie is one of these dogs, introducing the harness gradually will help them feel more at ease. Before you put the harness on them, give them a chance to sniff and examine it.

2. Complimentary treatment

Positive reinforcement is one of the best methods for teaching French Bulldogs appropriate behavior. When your Frenchie shows interest in or interacts with the harness, spoil them with goodies, attention, and praise. Put the harness on them gradually, and praise them when they wear it without complaining.

3. Consistency and patience

Your Frenchie might not enjoy wearing a harness and even become upset. However, you shouldn’t let this discourage you or make you give up on their training. Instead, take baby steps every day and keep praising good conduct.

4. Safety considerations

Check your dog’s body frequently to ensure the harness is on correctly and isn’t irritating or chafing their skin. This is crucial because your dog would naturally object to wearing a harness if they felt pain anytime they wore it. The harness must also be checked for damage, and if necessary, it must be changed.

How to Make Your Dog Harness Fitted?

You must take the necessary measures to ensure the harness you choose will fit your Frenchie before clicking “Add to Cart” on any of the harnesses above. If you pick a size that is too large, your puppy may be able to get out. If you buy a too-tiny one, your dog can feel uncomfortable and experience skin irritation.

Here are some general measurements parameters for your Frenchie’s new harness.

Step One: Take a Chest Measurement:

Measure the Frenchie’s chest at its widest point with a cotton tape measure. A few inches should separate this from his front legs. Add a few inches to this measurement to account for growth and movement.

Step 2: Measure the Neck:

Wrap the measuring tape around his neck just below the narrowest area. If he wears a collar, this should be where it rests.

Step 3: Read the Size Chart:

Every retailer of dog harnesses will have a unique sizing chart. Choose the right size for your Frenchie based on the measurements you took.


How often should I replace my French Bulldog’s harness?

It would be recommended to check the harness on your French Bulldog for damage frequently. Replace them as soon as you see any damage indications. Switching out your dog’s harness every six to twelve months is a good idea.

Can a French Bulldog wear a collar and a harness simultaneously?

However, remember that French Bulldogs have particular physical characteristics, including short snouts and tiny tracheas. They are more likely to choke as a result than other dog breeds. As a result, harnesses are more appropriate for them than collars since they offer more support for their bodies and maintain the ideal position for their necks.

What if my French Bulldog doesn’t like wearing a harness?

If your French Bulldog doesn’t enjoy wearing a harness, you may need to experiment with several styles to discover one that they do, or you can go for a professional trainer’s help.


With its cozy, safe fit and premium craftsmanship, the Best Pet Supplies Voyager dog harness is the best overall dog harness for Frenchies. Due to its inexpensive pricing and simple design, the Frisco Back Clip wins the award for best value. The Julius K9 Harness would be the hands-down winner if money were no object because of its numerous safety features and highly customizable design.

You can choose the ideal harness for your Frenchie based on his needs, size, and personality now that you’ve read our reviews.

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