Best Food For French Bulldog With Skin Allergies

Popular dog breeds like French Bulldogs are renowned for having friendly and lively attitudes. Sadly, they are also susceptible to skin allergies, which may be upsetting and uncomfortable. Feeding them food designed especially for dogs with skin allergies is one strategy to reduce these symptoms. The finest dog food for a French bulldog with skin allergies will be discussed next.

Best Food For French Bulldog With Skin Allergies

We appreciate the significance of giving our canine companions the greatest nutrition possible since we are dog owners. Finding the ideal diet, though, can be difficult when our dogs have skin allergies.

Due to their propensity for skin allergies, French Bulldogs may scratch excessively and experience other skin irritations. For this reason, we’ve done our homework and compiled a list of the top dog foods for French Bulldogs with skin allergies. Products on our list are designed to treat skin conditions while giving your dog a balanced diet.

1. Healthy Breeds Omega HP Soft Chews

The Healthy Breeds Omega HP Soft Chews are a comprehensive combination of necessary fatty acids that can promote the health of your French Bulldog’s skin and coat.


  • These soft chews are inspected for purity and prepared with the finest ingredients.
  • Your dog’s skin, hair, joints, heart, immune system, bone formation, brain, and eye function are all supported by the high potency, veterinarian-recommended essential fatty acid blend.
  • You can buy confidently since Healthy Breeds Omega HP Soft Chews are created in the USA. Additionally, the company has a wonderful return policy and customer service.


  • Even though many dogs seem to enjoy the taste of these soft chews, some finicky eaters might not.
  • A few customers claimed that their dog’s health or coat didn’t seem to have improved despite using this treatment.
  • According to some consumers, the chews can occasionally be messy and crumbly to manage.

For our French Bulldog, who has been dealing with dry, itchy skin, we recently tried Healthy Breeds Omega HP Soft Chews. We were relieved to discover that these chews were simple to use and that our dog liked the flavor. We are optimistic that the high-intensity blend of essential fatty acids will give him the assistance he needs, even if it is too soon to tell if they have significantly improved the health of his skin and coat.

Overall, we advise trying Healthy Breeds Omega HP Soft Chews if you’re seeking a high-quality supplement to promote the health of your French Bulldog’s skin and coat.

They provide a complete blend of necessary fatty acids to promote your dog’s general health and well-being and are created with the freshest ingredients, which have been tested for purity.

1. Natural Dog Company Skin & Coat Chews

The Natural Dog Company Skin & Coat Chews are unquestionably a product to consider if you’re seeking a supplement that will improve the health of your pet’s skin and coat.


  • These chews are simple to give to our dogs as a reward because they enjoy the taste.
  • After giving these chews to our dogs for a few weeks, we saw a noticeable increase in the health and gloss of their coats.
  • These chews are a flexible choice for any pup because they are appropriate for dogs of all sizes and ages.


  • While these chews work, constant use is necessary to observe effects over time.
  • After giving these chews to their dogs, some consumers claimed that their pets developed stomach discomfort or diarrhea.
  • Dogs with particular dietary allergies or sensitivities may be unable to consume these chews.

We’ve been giving our pups Natural Dog Company Skin & Coat Chews for a few months now, and we’ve been quite pleased with the results. The dry, itchy skin and dull coats that have plagued our dogs have improved greatly due to our regular use of these chews.

Our dogs truly like chewing on these treats, which is what we love most about them. They come in an appealing salmon and peas flavor, which makes it simple to give them as a treat or incentive.

Effectiveness-wise, there is unquestionably a discernible improvement in the health and sheen of our dogs’ coats. Now that they have grown, their coats are more manageable, lustrous, and velvety. Additionally, we’ve seen decreased scratching and itching, which is a tremendous relief for our dogs.

Of course, constant use of these chews over time is necessary to observe results, just like with any supplement. Depending on your dog’s size, we advise giving him 1-3 chews every day and continuing with it for at least a few weeks to reap the rewards.

One thing to keep in mind is that some consumers have mentioned that their dogs had diarrhea or upset stomachs after ingesting these chews. Although we didn’t personally encounter this, it’s crucial to watch your dog’s behavior and consult your veterinarian if you have any worries.

2. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Dog Food

We recommend Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Dog Food to keep your French Bulldog healthy and content.


  • The first component is nutrient-dense salmon, a superior source of protein.
  • The formula is highly digestible and feeds the good bacteria in your dog’s intestines
  • Fish oil supports flexible joints and healthy bones.


  • Some dogs might not enjoy the taste of salmon.
  • A little more costly than alternative dog foods
  • can upset your dog’s stomach if they have a sensitive stomach.

Since we started feeding our French Bulldog Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Dog Food, we have noticed a considerable improvement in his skin and coat. Dogs with skin allergies can benefit greatly from the salmon and rice mix because it is soft on the stomach and simple to digest.

We appreciate that it is enriched with guaranteed live probiotics for immune and digestive health because our dog enjoys the taste. Real salmon is the first ingredient in the high-protein mix, keeping our dog full and content.

The fish oil in the formula has also helped our dog’s joints and movement, which we’ve observed. Vitamin A and omega-6 fatty acids also nourish his skin and keep his coat looking healthy.

3. Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for the best dog food for your French Bulldog with skin allergies.


  • Given their short muzzles and underbites, French Bulldogs can pick up and chew their meal easily thanks to the specialized custom kibble.
  • L-carnitine and the appropriate protein ratio support strong muscles.
  • For good skin and to prevent wrinkles, the vital elements in meals strengthen the skin barrier.


  • The price of the food may be higher than that of other dog food brands.
  • Some dog owners may find the bag size insufficient.
  • The flavor of the meal might not appeal to all dogs.

Our French Bulldog has skin allergies, and we’ve had fantastic success feeding him Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food. Our dog can easily consume the meal, which has supported their muscle tone. Since consuming this diet, we’ve also seen an improvement in their skin condition.

This food stands out for its unique, specially formulated kibble, which is created to fulfill the unique nutritional requirements of French Bulldogs. The correct protein content and L-carnitine for Frenchies prone to muscle problems also maintain healthy muscles.

The meal is worth the expenditure because it offers many health benefits, even though it may be more expensive than other brands. Although the 17-pound bag may not be big enough for some dog owners, it lasts a fair amount of time.

4. Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement for Dogs

We highly recommend the Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement for Dogs if you seek a powerful supplement to boost your French Bulldog’s immune system and treat skin allergies.


  • The top-selling dog supplement brand in America on Amazon
  • enhanced with Epicor Pets to help the body’s defenses against infection
  • Omega 3 fatty acids from salmon fish oil are included to help the skin and immune system.


  • Some canines might not enjoy the flavor of lamb.
  • Up to 30 days may pass before seeing effects.
  • Comparatively more expensive than other supplements

The skin allergies in our French Bulldog have improved much since we started using this vitamin a few months ago. Our dog adores the taste of the soft chews, which are simple to administer. We value that the dietary supplement has a potent five-strain Probiotic with 250 million cfu of good bacteria, improving pets’ digestive and immunological health. Epicor Pets, which has been clinically shown to help the body’s natural immune systems and keep your dog healthy, is added to the supplement to make it more potent.

5. Ollie Fresh Dog Food Delivery Service

We highly recommend Ollie Lamb Recipe for most French Bulldogs with allergies. Only a few ingredients are used to make it, with lamb serving as the primary element. Since chicken and beef are the two most common dog allergies, lamb is a novel protein for many. Therefore, this lamb meal can be smart if your dog feeds on a different protein.

It is also free of grains. Although they are uncommon, French Bulldogs can develop grain allergies. Additionally, this meal lacks soy and other fillers, which some Frenchies may find problematic. Additionally, there are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

We adore the addition of probiotics and omega-fatty acids to this supplement. These can improve the digestion, skin, and coat of your dog. This is unquestionably the greatest food for French Bulldogs with allergies for the causes above.


  • not containing common allergens
  • without fillers
  • the primary ingredient being lamb
  • Omega fatty acids were present.
  • a lot of protein


  • needs to be subscribed to

6. Dr. Pol’s High-Energy Chicken Recipe

Chicken is a common allergy, and Dr. Pol’s High-Energy Chicken Recipe uses it as its main ingredient. However, not all allergic Frenchies are allergic to chicken, particularly if their owners always have severe allergies. However, the only source of protein in this dish is chicken. Grain, vegetables, and fruit make up the remainder.

This meal is a wonderful choice if your dog is allergic to something other than chicken. For many dogs, being grain-inclusive is a fantastic alternative. Grain sensitivity in dogs is uncommon, and the FDA has linked some health issues with grain-free diets.

Additionally, the prebiotics and probiotics in this mix may aid your dog’s overall digestion. Additionally, it costs a lot less than other available solutions. As a result, this recipe is the most cost-effective dog food for French Bulldogs with allergies.


  • The main source of meat is chicken.
  • Grain-inclusive
  • made without soy or wheat
  • added prebiotics and probiotics


  • contains significant pea content

7. Royal Canin Veterinary Adult HP Dry Dog Food

You might require Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Adult Hydrolyzed Protein HP Dry Dog Food if your dog has severe allergies. It is a brand of veterinary-strength formula. Consequently, a prescription is needed. Although you can purchase it online, a prescription is still necessary.

Since the protein in this formula has been hydrolyzed, allergic responses cannot be triggered. As a result, it is excellent for dogs that are allergic to almost anything. However, the price is high. As a result, it is typically reserved for last-ditch situations. This is normally what your veterinarian will advise unless your dog cannot consume any other food.

Since dogs normally don’t have food allergies, this formula contains a lot of rice and vegetables. Only the proteins have been hydrolyzed. A blend of fiber and prebiotics is beneficial to guarantee that your dog’s digestion functions properly, which is sometimes a concern with Frenchies.


  • a hydrolyzed protein
  • advised by a veterinarian
  • Prebiotics are among
  • may lessen skin issues and GI sensitivities


  • pricey
  • calls for a prescription

Choosing the Best Dog Food for French Bulldogs with Allergies: A Buyer’s Guide

The task of finding food for your dog can be difficult. It can be more challenging if your dog has allergies, especially to common proteins like chicken or beef. Fortunately, dog food manufacturers are aware that many dogs suffer from allergies. Thus, most of their brands offer an allergy-friendly range to cater to these dogs.

Even with these solutions, allergies can be a problem.

What Are Dog Allergies?

Dog allergies result when a dog’s immune system reacts needlessly to an allergen. These allergens are typically proteins present in various foods, plants, animals, and even insects. Dogs can react badly to nearly anything since nearly everything contains proteins.

Allergies typically develop when the dog has been exposed frequently over a long period, such as months or years. After eating the same food for a while, dogs frequently develop allergies, which confuses dog owners. Dog allergies are different from human allergies in this way. Usually, dogs do not inherit their allergies at birth.

Allergies can be challenging to control because of their complicated immune responses. Typically, staying away from your dog’s allergens is the best way to prevent allergy symptoms.

Allergy symptoms in dogs

The symptoms of a dog allergy are not often what you would anticipate. Dogs frequently experience itching, which may be localized or generalized. The paws, legs, and tail are typical “itchy” areas. Technically, it could be any place.

Similar to the symptoms humans frequently experience, respiratory difficulties might occasionally also appear. There may be coughing, sneezing, and wheezing. Although it’s unusual, this can occasionally be very serious. Allergies in dogs are rarely fatal.

Sadly, allergies can happen to dogs of any breed. They typically do not appear in puppies but rather in older pets. Dogs typically start not being sensitive to anything and subsequently acquire allergies, mainly to foods or substances they are frequently exposed to or eat. Over two-year-old canines are most commonly impacted. These allergies take some time to manifest.

Why Do Frenchies Frequently Develop Allergies?

There is unquestionably a genetic component to Frenchies’ allergies. Most Frenchies have a hereditary tendency to allergies, even though this isn’t entirely to fault. Additionally, this isn’t just a basic inheritance issue. In other words, none of these dogs have a single gene predisposing them to allergies. This heredity is, therefore, very challenging to “breed out.”

It is not a guarantee that your Frenchie will develop food allergies, even though it is likely that they did. A longer period of exposure to the same proteins increases the likelihood that an allergy may eventually form. You might be unable to locate a protein your dog isn’t allergic to if you alter proteins too frequently.

The reason Frenchies develop food allergies more frequently than other breeds is unknown. But it’s probably due to a quality they inherited long ago. Food allergies appear to be a very old feature because they are common in Bulldogs.

How Are Food Allergies Treated?

Dietary changes are the mainstay of food allergy treatment. Dogs typically develop allergies to a single protein or carbohydrate in a diet. Dogs, however, can develop allergies to a wide range of proteins and carbohydrates, eventually leaving them with very little to eat.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the underlying source of your dog’s allergies if they are multiple. An elimination diet is typically advised. For example, it is normally advised to transition to food without chicken if your dog is already eating food with chicken. If the symptoms disappear, it is thought that the dog is allergic to chicken and that protein should be avoided.

Food allergies are notoriously challenging to treat without medication. Antihistamines and other comparable treatments are available, although they typically don’t work well. As a result, diet is typically the best course of action.

A veterinary diet is required when dogs have allergies to various proteins. These diets contain hydrolyzed protein, which “shatters” proteins and renders the immune system unrecognizable. Therefore, even if dogs are allergic to the basic protein, these proteins do not trigger immunological reactions.

The food is highly pricey due to this technique. As a result, it is typically reserved for last-ditch situations. Additionally, a prescription is needed, so your dog must have a confirmed diagnosis of food allergies.


It can be difficult to find food for your allergic dog. In addition to the absence of specific proteins, you frequently want high-quality food and everything else you typically search for in dog food. We hope that our reviews were helpful in your search for the ideal dog food.

Ollie Fresh Lamb, one of our favorite foods, should suit most Frenchies with allergies. As the name implies, this protein solely contains lamb, a rare allergy. The majority of dogs should therefore benefit from it. Ollie is a premium brand that produces entirely fresh food without the use of fillers.

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