Best Food For French Bulldog Puppy

Are you captivated by your cute French Bulldog puppy? These adorable young ones enrich our lives with so much joy and love. Responsible dog owners must give their pets the greatest nourishment to encourage their development and general health. In this post, we’ll go into the world of feeding your French Bulldog puppy premium, protein-rich foods to help you keep up a balanced diet and avoid weight problems. Ensure your animal friend eats enough for a long and healthy life!

Best Food For French Bulldog Puppy

According to veterinarians and French Bulldog specialists in the US, the optimal bulldog diet should include an equal amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats for brain capacity and vitality.

Choosing higher quality selections is critical when picking the best food for your French Bulldog puppy. These best options are ideal since they have fewer pointless fillers and more nutrients essential for your dog’s growth and development.

While buying cheap dog food for your Frenchie puppy may be tempting, it’s vital to remember that these choices frequently have disadvantages. Most of the time, these inexpensive options cause allergies and worsen other health issues. Common brands like Iams, Alpo, Purina, and Pedigree have received poor reviews and are not advised for the delicate stomachs of French bulldog puppies.


We fed Fira the same food our breeder fed her puppies until she was 6 months old. NutriSource is a fantastic option for pups because it received the best reviews!

The company’s distinctive “Good 4 Life” system, which supports digestive health and nutrition absorption, uses probiotics, prebiotics, and natural fiber. Contains all the nutrients your pet needs for maximum health. Contains no whole corn, chemical additives, preservatives, or animal byproducts.


The availability of both grain-free and non-grain-free types, in addition to the fact that they nearly all include the needed nutrients, is fantastic. Fresh Wisconsin duck, fresh chicken, fresh lamb, whole eggs, and real cheese are also included. Probiotics and salmon oil have been added to aid digestion and advance overall health. Neither wheat nor corn.

Indulge in the Wild

Taste of the Wild is another well-liked option, and many dogs prefer it since it is a grain-free, all-natural alternative.

Made with a combination of

  • minerals
  • Berries
  • roasted venison

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Puppy

Blue Buffalo offers outstanding mid-range premium puppy chow to provide your little Frenchie with a well-balanced diet full of nutrients for maximum growth and development. It is enhanced with Blue Buffalo LifeSource Bits, an antioxidant, vitamin, and chelated mineral combination created by animal nutritionists, especially for small-breed puppies. The smaller kibble size is also ideal for the tiny jaws of Frenchies.

Real meat is the first component in this recipe, indicating high-quality dog food. Probiotics and whole grains are excellent for the occasionally sensitive stomachs of Frenchies. Additionally, it contains many fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries, cranberries, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

Some customers claimed it gave their dogs diarrhea, but the majority gushed about this puppy food.

Wellness Core Small Breed Puppy (Grain-Free)

This Wellness Core formula has lots of protein and calories to sustain your busy child. Even though it’s costly, it’s fortified with a ton of extra nutrients for development and whole-body wellness. This small-breed dog food’s first component is turkey, and the kibbles are small.

With no maize, wheat, or soy, this meal is grain-free and contains superfoods, including broccoli, carrots, kale, spinach, blueberries, bananas, and sweet potatoes. It might be a suitable option if your puppy has a delicate stomach, though some customers have complained that it makes them feel bloated.

Small and medium breed puppies by Diamond Naturals, grain-free

We adore the company Diamond Naturals for its reasonably priced food that doesn’t compromise on nutritional value or high-quality ingredients. Real cage-free chicken is the first component in this specifically formulated food for tiny and medium-breed puppies, and the kibble is smaller to accommodate their small jaws.

It will keep your Frenchie nourished all day because of its balanced calorie, protein, fat composition, and healthy grains. Additionally, it is loaded with nutrients from sources including chia seeds, kale, pumpkin, blueberries, oranges, coconut, spinach, and carrots. As with most puppy foods, some people on this diet experienced flatulence and diarrhea, but most customers adore this formula and its fantastic price.

What Should You Keep In Mind While Selecting Dog Food For Your Frenchie?

When selecting dog food for your French Bulldog puppy, ensure it meets all their nutritional needs while being mindful of their calorie intake.

A few more pounds on your puppy may not seem like a big deal, but since French Bulldogs are prone to obesity, it can quickly become a serious health concern.

Since Frenchies are petite dogs, their digestive system is particularly vulnerable. Make sure you choose a formula that satisfies the following criteria when you go formula shopping for your Frenchie:

  • healthy ingredients
  • high-quality protein derived from meat and seafood from animals
  • Low-fat composition
  • low-calorie intake
  • complete in nutrients

Moreover, avoid feeding your dog any food that includes:

  • too many proteins
  • artificial additives or byproducts of animals.
  • Allergens (depending on what makes your Frenchie allergic)
  • BHA, BHT ethoxyquin, and sodium selenite are examples of toxins.

Feeding Schedule For A French Bulldog Puppy

Puppies typically consume more food than adult French Bulldogs. It is typical to feed them three to four times every day. Not every Frenchie, though, needs the same amount of food. The quantity and timing of your French Bulldog puppy’s meals should be adjusted based on its weight.

Following the portion recommendations listed on the label of the dog food brand usually works nicely.

How To Switch Dog Food Without Getting Your Frenchie Sick?

Your puppy’s nutritional requirements will fluctuate as it grows. It would help if you kept it in mind because Frenchies continue to grow until they are between 9 and 12 months old. It can be detrimental to expose kids to adult cuisine too early.

They may experience gastrointestinal problems like vomiting, diarrhea, and a loss of appetite if their diet is drastically altered. As a result, give your French Bulldog puppy’s system enough time to adjust to the shift before feeding them adult food after they reach the one-year mark.

By blending the new diet with the dog’s current food, introduce it gradually. Change the ratio gradually, increasing the proportion of adult food to puppy food. Your puppy will finish the transition in a week.

Of course, dogs come in various temperaments, tastes, and behaviors. So it’s fine if your dog needs additional time to adjust to a new diet! It is best to visit a veterinarian if your dog exhibits any symptoms of illness even after you have finished the transition so they can determine the cause and offer treatments.


Do French bulldogs need to eat special dog food?

No. The FDA and AAFCO3 have not created specific nutritional criteria for French bulldogs. Nevertheless, choosing a dog food that adheres to the standards set by the pet food business and is appropriate for YOUR specific Frenchie’s life stage (puppy, adult, or senior) is crucial.

Is chicken good for French Bulldog puppies?

Chicken is a wonderful source of protein and vitamins. Remove the skin and any bones before giving it to your French bulldog. Vegetables are a fantastic source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The finest vegetables for Frenchies include broccoli, green beans, and carrots.

What do French Bulldog puppies drink?

When pups are born, their mothers’ milk provides them with the necessary nutrition. By three to four weeks, breeders usually begin weaning the puppies off of their mothers’ milk, and by six weeks, they are eating kibble.


It’s pretty rewarding to raise a French Bulldog puppy. This little species has a big personality for its small size. It’s like living a life of perpetual adventure living with them.

As dog owners, giving your French Bulldog puppy the proper nutrition may be the best gift you can offer because it will keep your pet in top health and allow it to live a full life.

Therefore, choose the greatest food possible for a French Bulldog puppy and watch as they develop into healthy, content adults.

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