Why American Bully Dogs Cost So Much?

American Bully dogs are so popular that everyone wants one, and yet they cost so much.

Several factors affect the cost of the Bully, and as an owner of a Micro Bully, I can tell you that they are worth every penny of their price.

They will snuggle you and smother you with love and affection. They are loyal and kind-hearted, a great addition to the family.

Why Do American Bully Dogs Cost So Much?

Multiple people want to adopt an American Bully until they discover they cost more than they thought.

American Bully is a new designer breed, but it has gained popularity so fast that people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for it despite being mixed.

The average cost of an American Bully is between $2000 to $10,000. But don’t be alarmed cause you can find cheap American Bullies. To find out how to buy a cheap American Bully, keep reading until the end.

First things first, why do American Bullies cost so much? Well, the answer is more complex, and several factors increase the price of an American Bully. Let’s read them:

Factors that Affect the Cost of American Bullies

These factors affect the initial cost of the American Bullies, and they adequately justify it.


In any breed of dog, when choosing a puppy, it is crucial to know its history and the blood it carries. The same goes for American Bullies.

Choosing a puppy from an established line will help you choose the right type of Bully puppy. Doing so will let you know what the Bully will look like and what you can expect from its nature.

In American Bullies, bloodlines are important if you want an authentic Bully. That’s because American Bully is a mix of Pitbull and Bulldogs, making it easy for people to con others into selling a mixed American Bully as purebred.

When buying an American Bully, ensure the breeder can provide you with the AKBC Pedigree of the Bully to confirm they are 100% American Bully.

An American Bully from a registered and famous bloodline will cost you between $3000 – $8000.

The Class of the Bully

American Bullies have been divided into four classes based on size. Each Bully class has a different price tag, and a few differences are discussed below:

  • Standard American Bully: Standard American Bullies are medium-sized dogs with a proportionate muscular build and bone structure. The Standard American Bullies are a common comparison for all other Bullies by the AKC. They cost about $2500.
  • Classic American Bully: The Classic Bully is the same as the Standard Bully but has a less prominent bone structure and less body mass. The Classic Bully is the same height as the Standard Bully but has less weight and a broader chest. Just like the Standard Bully, the Classic Bully also costs $2500.
  • XL American Bully: The XL Bully is the largest Bully class. They have the same look as the Standard Bully, except the XL Bully is more prominent, taller, and heavier. XL Bullies can be as tall as 23 inches and cost $5000 to $10,000.
  • Pocket American Bully: Pocket American Bullies are officially the smallest class of the American Bully. Pocket Bullies look like a smaller version of the Standard Bully. Despite being smaller, they are usually more expensive than the Standard Bully and cost between $3000 to $8000.

The Reputation of The Breeder

There are a lot of people that are breeding American Bullies who need to learn how it works. If you want a quality Bully, go for the reputable and registered breeders.

If you buy from a well-known breeder established for quite some time, you will surely get a puppy that will grow into a healthy dog.

There are many breeders, and one is more famous than the other. One breeder sold an American Bully for $250,000.

While you don’t need to go to such lengths to get a high-quality Bully, the reputation and history of the breeder will affect the cost. One way to contact a reputable breeder is to ask for references.

See if you can speak with any clients that have brought an American Bully in the past years and ask how they have turned out. References are an excellent way of checking your breeder’s quality and reputation.

Purebred Certification

While certification of a purebred dog isn’t expensive, finding a dog with all its ABKC documentation in order will give you great satisfaction.

ABKC papers add huge value to a dog for people looking for high-quality American Bully. Also, check both parents’ documents to ensure a high-quality puppy. Getting these certifications will cost more.


Color plays a vital role in the price of any dog. Although the American Bully may come in all sorts of colors, a few are rare.

The rare colors cost significantly more than standard colors. The American Bully comes in Black, red, white, blue, lilac, and tri-colors.

Black and red are very common and hence the cheapest. Red is also usually referred to as brown or liver color. The blue color is rare. The color blue in American Bullies is gray, which looks blue under some light.

Tri-colors have so much variety and an infinite number of color combinations. Tri-colors are also quite expensive than typical Black and red.

The star of the show is the lilac color. Lilac, also known as champagne color, is scarce in American Bully. Any breeder would be lucky to have a lilac-colored Bully in his bloodline.

Lilac color can cost a fortune, some going for as high as $50,000. But unfortunately, this color comes only once in several generations in a bloodline.


Popularity or fame plays a vital role in the final price of an American Bully. Suppose you go on to buy a famous Bully that will cost you more. Even the offspring of famous Bullies cost more than the normal.

The famous Pocket Bully Venom has a bloodline called Venomline. Venom cost $2 million, and a Bully from his bloodline cost at least $8000.

Other than famous bloodlines, some Bullies are show dog famous. They have performed well in dog shows and made a name for themselves.


American Bullies are in demand. The American Bully is a new breed but has rapidly gained popularity. And now everybody wants one, but there is insufficient supply to meet the demand.

The shortage of American Bullies is creating even more hype. The need and interest in these dogs are understandable as they are excellent dogs with good hearts.

They may look solid and extensive, but they are big softies and friendly to adults and kids alike.

The Cost of Show Quality American Bullies

American Bully is a popular dog show breed. If you are looking for a dog to join a competition, you should be prepared to pay more than you would for a pet quality Bully.

If you are looking for a competition-quality American Bully, you should check for the following characteristics in a Bully puppy:

  • Make sure the quality pup stands straight from wither to tail.
  • The rear angulation must be perfect, straight, and not too curved.
  • Look at the dog’s front. You want a straight show, with the feet and toes pointing straight ahead, not left and right when standing.
  • Check the pasterns; they need to be solid and erect. The ideal pastern is straight with a slight angle.
  • Look for tight feet; they are a desirable quality. There should be minimal space between the toes.

A perfect specimen of American Bully with all the characteristics of a show dog comes in a price range of $7000 to $25,000.

The Cost of Pet Quality American Bullies

Unlike a Show Quality American Bully, the Pet Quality American Bullies are cheaper and easier to find. If you want to buy an American Bully to keep as a house pet, you shouldn’t look for the characteristics of a show dog.

It would help to look for other things, such as health and temperament. A calm and healthy dog will live a long life and bring joy to your home.

Pet quality Bullies can be of any shape, size, and color. These Bullies cost between $2000 and $10,000. The things to make sure about these types of bullies is the quality of the bloodline, and you are good to go.

You can always adopt from your local rescue shelter to buy an American Bully cheaply. The cost for adoption is usually between $500 and $800.

The other options are puppy mills and backyard breeders. American Bullies from such places typically cost $200 to $500, and sometimes they give it away for free.

The downside to these options is that they use unethical breeding techniques, and the Bully’s health is compromised.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is so Special About American Bullies?

The American Bully is a highly flexible and trainable breed. They are lapdogs in homes but can do well in sports if the occasion arises. They have almost zero aggression and don’t have many health issues.

Are American Bullies Expensive to Maintain?

American Bullies are low maintenance breed of dog. They are average shedders and pristine health. They can find ways to keep themselves busy, so they require little time of your day.

What Is the Cheapest American Bully?

The Standard and the Classic Bullies cost the lowest at around $2500, but you can adopt a Bully for $500. An adopted Bully could be a mixed breed and have health issues.

Which Bully Costs the Most?

Any Venomline Bully is going to be expensive. The average cost of an American Bully from this Bully will be around $8000. The popular Bully Venom that started this breed is estimated to be worth $2 million.


The reason these dogs are so expensive is simple: they are in demand. Everybody wants one. I have a Micro Bully, and I can’t live without him. American Bullies are the most loyal and loving dogs.

They will snuggle with you and play with your kids. Unfortunately, due to high demand, American Bullies’ price keeps soaring.

With increased demand and price, people have started to breed these dogs unethically, damaging the breed’s reputation.

We must contribute our fair share to stopping such people, and the best way to do it is by not buying from such people or places.

Ultimately, the cost of a quality puppy is justified by its love, and they will return your money through their personality. I hope you find your Bully.

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