10 Best American Bully Bloodline

The American Bully is a new breed recognized by the American Bully Kennel Club in 2004 and the United Kennel Club in 2013. In other words, the breed is still regarded as being very young. However, it is impossible to dispute the popularity of American Bully lineages.

American Staffordshire Terriers and Pit Bulls are crossed with various bulldog-related breeds to create these amazing companion dogs. Despite their intimidating appearance, these dogs are anything but. They are generally calm, very devoted to their families, and get along well with kids.

What Are Bloodlines?

Some bloodlines are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of the American Bully Breed. Bloodlines are groups of dogs that have been bred together to preserve the breed’s best characteristics.

Although dogs with outstanding pedigrees frequently fetch higher prices, most breeders don’t have a financial problem. Breeders want their lineages to remain healthy and pure for many years.

We’ll look at 10 different American Bully bloodlines in the section below. Although many different lineages exist, these ten are among the most well-known. These bloodlines seek to prove to the world how amazing the American Bully is by breeding one of the strongest breeds they can.

The 10 Best American Bully Bloodlines

1. The Razor’s Edge Bloodline

One of the most well-known Bully breeds is The Razor’s Edge Bloodline, which Dave Wilson developed. This lineage places more emphasis on the Bully line than the terrier line. This produced canines that were extremely robust, thick, and muscular. Breeders of XL and XXL Bullies frequently use this lineage.

2. Remyline Bloodline

Fabian Chichester developed this bloodline in 2004. The original stud in this breed was called Remy, and it is well known for its superior quality. All the dogs in this line have the same appearance because they are descended from the same male breed.

3. Gottiline Pitbull Bloodline

This lineage was founded by Richard Barajas, who acquired a Bully and gave it the moniker Notorious Juan Gotti. Gottiline Pit Bulls were born as a result of his immense stature.

Dogs from this ancestry are renowned for their enthusiastic participation in heavy-lifting activities. Although these canines can have rather frightening appearances, they have a calm and amiable disposition.

4. Colby Pitbull Bloodline

This pedigree, which is over a century old, is noted for producing athletic, powerful dogs who can compete fiercely. Unfortunately, These canines have negative temperaments as well, making them less than ideal for homes.

5. Bully Camp Line

The most well-known member of this breed is Mr. Miagi. Most dogs raised from this bloodline exhibit ideal characteristics and fantastic body structure because of the application of Mr. Miagi. This raises this bloodline to the top of the most coveted ones.

6. Golden Line Bloodline

Most Bully kinds can be found in the Golden Line Bullies. The well-behaved dogs from this family are renowned for having short frames, heavy bones, and wide builds. These dogs have some of the nicest appearances among the Bully breeds and are excellent for homes and families.

7. Kingpin Line

This bloodline, which has been around for a while, is most recognized for the temperament of the animals it produces. Because they are calm and less inclined to become angry, these bullies are considered ideal around youngsters. Most owners of canines from this ancestry claim to like interacting with people.

8. Edge of Gottiline

This Bully lineage is renowned for producing miniature Bullies that the world adores. These little Bullies have sweet personalities, huge chests, big heads, and even bigger hearts. This lineage was created for those who prefer a Bully’s appearance but not their size.

9. Nakamoto Bullies

This bloodline, which specializes in exotic Bullies, was established in 2010. This kennel only uses techniques that have been certified and recommended by veterinarians. This indicates that the dogs raised there are of the finest caliber and much sought after worldwide.

10.Kurupt Bloodline

One of the more recent bloodlines to gain prominence is this one. Bullies from this breed are known for their unnaturally huge size and have loving dispositions despite their intimidating appearance. Although some people do not consider this bloodline American Bully breeders, they are considered moral breeders.

The 5 Classes of the American Bully

The American Bully initially came in four main varieties: Classic, Standard, XL, and Pocket. Since these early days, a fifth breed type—Extreme—has been added, bringing the total to five. Let’s quickly review each one.

1. Standard

As an American Pit Bull Terrier show dog, this bulldog breed was created in the 1990s. Bullies, as a rule, are bulky and muscular.

Their huge heads, broad chests, and compact bodies give them the appearance of a strong dog. The Standard is a kind dog that makes a wonderful companion. However, given these dogs’ strong pain thresholds, families with Standard Bullies should be vigilant for wounds.

2. Classic

The only difference between this Bully type and the Standard is its slimmer build. Because of this, this particular Bully has a more conventional appearance and is more agile than the Standard.

The traits of this class closely resemble those of the Standard. When handled well, they are pleasant toward strangers, terrific with their families, and generally good around kids.

3. XL

Another Bully that violates the Standard is this kind. The XL is the largest of the Bully breeds since it is bigger and stronger than the Standard. However, since these dogs are generally large, breeding XL Bullies can be challenging due to meeting requirements.

4. Pocket

Except for being the shorter breed, the Pocket Bully resembles the Standard and other Bully varieties. Despite being shorter, this kind has the same weight and muscular build as the others. The Pocket Bully was initially developed as a smaller-sized Bully breed for pet owners.

5. Extreme

The Extreme Bully’s highly raised posterior and often tight lips set it apart from other varieties of bullies the most. These dogs have huge skulls, and out-turned hindquarters and are highly muscular and compact.


There are numerous varieties of American Bully lineages. As the breed’s popularity grows, more individuals are attempting to adopt one of these incredible canines as their next best friend. Always make sure the breeder you choose while looking for a purebred dog employs moral practices and looks out for the welfare of their animals. This will guarantee a long and fulfilling life for your American Bully.

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