When Will My XL Bully Stop Growing ?

Every dog owner wants their dog to grow healthy and perfectly at a normal rate. American Bully is a new breed, so unlike other breeds, it is difficult to determine the exact growth rate of this breed.

American XL Bullies grow up to 24 inches, so you have to ensure your puppy reaches that height without complications.

When Will My XL Bully Stop Growing?

Normally, American Bullies stop growing between one and two years of age, but this is just a general estimate, and some puppies keep growing until they are three.

Dogs grow to their full size at different speeds, and smaller breeds develop faster than larger breeds. And within each breed, the male is larger than the female.

XL Bully is a large breed, so it will grow slowly and reach its full size around two years of age or more.

Factors Affecting the Growth of XL Bully

You must consider the following factors to ensure your XL Bully reaches its full size and stops growing at the standard height and shape.

Proper Diet and Nutrition

American Bullies have large muscles that require a protein-rich diet, especially as they grow up. Bully puppies also need a calcium-rich diet to help grow bones and fats, essential energy sources.

If you want to buy food, make sure it contains at least 30% protein and 20% fat; almost all of it should be from animals, along with some fruits and vegetables.

The proper way is to feed your dog 3 times a day, as good nutrition can affect the growth of your XL Bully.

Health upkeep

American Bully is a healthy breed; you should still take your Bully to his vet for regular checkups to prevent any health issues from developing.

Ensure your Bully puppy’s vaccinations are up to date and regularly examined by a trustworthy vet. Ask your vet to prescribe calcium supplements that support cellular, bone, and mental health.

Exercise and Activities

American Bully may be a gentle giant, but it must still release much energy. After the proper vaccination, you should take them to exercise for at least thirty minutes a day.

Games such as fetch can be an ideal way to teach obedience and trust at a young age, and swimming also helps release energy and cool down simultaneously.


Obedience training should start as soon as the puppy arrives at your home. Training your puppy will help him socialize and teach him how to behave around other dogs and people.

Bullies are intelligent and respond nicely to positive reinforcement; therefore, you should consider using treats as a form of motivation throughout the training sessions.

A trained puppy will never get in trouble, so it will remain healthy and grow properly.

Average Growth Rate of XL Bully

To better understand the growth rate of XL American Bullies, we need to understand their growth chart.

American Bully dogs’ body mass and weight may depend on their class. ABKC recognizes American Bully types into four categories.

American Bully Size Classes

1. Standard American Bully

Standard Bully weighs about 60 to 70 pounds and is 17 to 20 inches tall. A Standard American Bully typically stops growing around 18 to 24 months old. Standard bully adult weight is reached by 12 to 18 months.

2. Classic American Bully

Classic Bully weighs 50 to 60 pounds and is 17 to 20 inches tall. A Classic American Bully normally stops growing around 18 to 24 months old.

However, in some cases, they may grow until they are thirty-six months old. Classic Bullies reach their adult weight by 12 to 18 months.

3. Pocket American Bully

Pocket American Bully weighs between 40 to 50 pounds and is 14 to 17 inches tall. Pocket American Bullies stop growing around 18 to 24 months old. They reach their full weight by 12 to 18 months of age.

4. XL American Bully

XL American Bully weighs between 80 to 130 pounds and is 21 to 24 inches. An XL Bully normally stops growing around 24 to 36 months old. They reach their grown-up weight by 18 to 28 months.

American Bully growth and size as a breed may differ depending on their bloodline, dominant ancestral heritage, and class.

American Bully Growth Stages

The XL American Bully typically goes through five stages of growth.

Stage One (Birth to four weeks)

During this stage, American Bully puppies will double their birth weight.

Stage Two (Four to eight weeks)

American Bully puppies will learn to live without their mother’s milk and eat solid food during this stage.

Stage Three (Eight to twelve weeks)

American Bully puppies will start losing their baby teeth and grow their adult teeth during this stage.

Stage Four (Twelve to eighteen weeks)

During this stage, American Bully dogs will start to look like adults.

Stage Five (Eighteen weeks and older)

During this stage, American Bully dogs will be considered adults.

While most XL American Bullies will stop growing by the time they are one year old, some may resume growing until they are three years old. Observing your American Bully’s weight and height is important to ensure they are within the healthy range for their age and size.

American Bully XL Growth Rate

The XL American Bully Puppies growth chart allows us to understand the growth of our American Bully pups. American Bully puppies have a quick growth rate during their first four months.

XL Bully puppies will gain around five to ten pounds every month during this time. From four to twelve months, Bully puppy’s growth speed will decrease, and they will gain two to five pounds each month.

When your XL American Bully is one year old, he should be close to his adult weight.

How to Determine if an XL Bully Has Stopped Growing?

American Bully normally stops developing at 12 months old. However, a Bully can take less or longer to fill out, depending on size.

Larger American Bullies, such as XL Bullies, will continue growing in bone size and height, expanding the growing time to 24 months.

Although each American Bully class has an average standard size, the final size may vary as some Bullies have a slightly larger body frame than others. Therefore, their skeletal structure defines how tall your four-legged family member will grow.

Puppies’ legs have long bones that grow at their soft growth plates. The growth plates are where new bone tissues form, often soft before hardening gradually as the Bully grows. Maximum bone size is reached when the growth plates stop producing new tissue and are “calcified” or “closed.”

Typically, medium and small-sized puppy breeds mature faster than larger breeds, with small breeds reaching adulthood when they’re between 6 to 8 months old.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Food Should I Feed My XL Bully Puppy?

Feed your XL American Bully three meals daily with protein and essential nutrients. The exact amount of food per serving differs depending on the size and age of your XL Bully.

Ask your vet for proper guidance at different growth stages.

How Tall Should an XL Bully Be?

An adult XL Bully is at least 20 inches tall and a maximum of 24 inches. If your XL Bully is shorter or taller than this figure, you should contact your vet immediately, but remember that XL Bullies can keep growing until three years.

How Big is a Fully-Grown XL Bully?

A fully-grown XL Bully is 24 inches tall and weighs around 80 to 130 pounds. It has a big, strong head, wide jaw, and short muzzle. You can tell the muscles are running down its legs.

Do XL Bullies Have Lockjaw?

XL Bullies have a wide jaw supported by strong muscles, and it’s built so it does not lock. So, no, XL American Bullies do not have a lockjaw.


American XL Bullies will grow at their own pace if you take good care of them. You can only worry about something if they have grown past three years and still need to reach their full weight and height.

Keep your vet in the loop every step of the way, and you will not have any issues.

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