American Bully Coat and Colors: Detailed Guide

All dog breeds have something that sets them apart from other breeds, whether their physical attributes or personality.

The American Bully is no different, as it is known for its unique muscular physique and various coat colors. Today we will explore all the favorite American Bully colors so you can choose the one you like most.

Importance of Coat Color in American Bully

The type of coat color is very important in American Bullies as it is one of the ways that set them apart from other Bulldog-type dogs. American Bully comes in various colors, some very common and others extremely rare.

Breed Quality

The color of the coat also tells us a lot about the breed itself; for example, we can tell by looking if a dog is purebred or a mix bred and if there is a chance of it having any genetic disorders.

Suppose one breeder can produce a consistent bloodline with the same coat colors. In that case, it strongly indicates that his Bullies are purebred and have a perfect genetic makeup that won’t is affected by diseases very often.

If a dog has recessive genes such as the Merle gene, it is prone to different health issues and would have difficulty living a healthy life.

Affect on Price

The coat color will also affect the final price of the American Bully puppy; the rare the color, the higher the price. American Bullies are expensive, and to add to that, some rare colored Bullies can go for a bucket load of money.

As I said, the Merle coat results from a recessive gene that affects its health, but it is one of American Bullies’ rarest and most beautiful coats. Despite being under a ban, Merle Bullies can go for a hefty price.

All these colors are the result of gene combinations, so let’s talk about that a bit:

American Bully Genes And Color Combination

I am going to break it down into simple words for you. There are only two basic color pigmentations, Eumelanin, and pheomelanin. Eumelanin produces black and brown colors, and reddish, yellow, or cream colors are made by pheomelanin.

The coat of an American Bully might be all one solid color or have several different color markings. The popular coat colors are white, fawn, red, brindle, blue, black, and merle.

The American Bully coat may have markings in the form of:

  • The mask is different from the base color around the Bully’s eyes.
  • Ticking: tiny points of color on a solid body coat of another color.

And like other breeds, recessive genes can affect the coat color of the American Bullies. For instance, the lilac color gene is recessive; two-parent dogs must possess the lilac color to pass it on to their litter.

Therefore, it takes two Bullies with the correct coat color and genes to produce a brighter or solid coat color. Each dog’s recessive gene increases the chances that a puppy will have the desired coat color.

Let’s take a closer look at the colors of American Bullies.

American Bully Coat Colors Groups

The American Bully comes in all sorts of colors, making it one of the most diverse breeds. These coat colors can be divided into primary groups: solid, mixed, and rare.

Depending on how common or rare these colors occur, these Bully coat colors can be tagged as rare or common.

Common American Bully Coat Colors

The common American Bully coat colors include black, red, brown, brindle, fawn, and some white color combinations.

Let’s talk about these colors.

1. Black Coat Color

The American Bully’s black pigment is produced by a surplus of Eumelanin in the puppy’s coat.

Black American Bully has a dominant gene, so it would take only one parent to have a predominant black gene for their puppies to inherit a black coat. The three variations of black American Bullies are a full solid black coat, black nose, and black brindle.

2. Brindle Coat Color

The brindle coat is produced by combining black and red genes. The brindle pattern can vary from light to profound, and predicting how much brindle your dog will be may be challenging.

A recessive brindle gene causes the brindle coat; many dog breeds can have this color combination. The variety of brindle dogs can be red, black, white, and blue. Blue is a scarce color.

3. Fawn Coat Color

Fawn is one of the most common coat colors in the American Bully breed. The fawn color is like a tan with a yellow reflection that may resemble caramel brown. You can find this color in many of the ancestor breeds of the American Bully.

4. Red and Brown Coat Color

Red and brown go hand in hand as they are just the same with a little difference. Brown is one of the most ordinary colors in dogs, and it is the same with American Bullies.

Rare American Bully Coat Colors

American Bully is famous for its variety of colors as a breed. Some of these colors are rare, even in all dog breeds, making American Bullies a bit superior in this case.

The rare colors of American Bullies are:

1. Blue Coat Color

Blue is a unique color in nature and among animals of all sorts. American Bully has the privilege of having color combinations of Blue.

The blue color in American Bully is deceiving as it is a diluted black in the form of light grey that gives off a blue look under the light. This color coat is produced by a recessive gene that dilutes the black pigmentation into a silver-gray.

The blue Bully coat can come in solid Blue, Brindle Blue, and Tricolor blue. The price for a Blue American Bully is higher than other bullies.

2. Merle Coat Color

Merle Bullies are stunning and rare as a rare, recessive gene causes this coat color. A bully is merle Bully when they have patches of color that differ from the rest of the coat.

Merle coat is not registered as an official color of the American Bully breed by the ABKC, as the gene responsible for this color is associated with several health issues.

However, despite the ban by ABKC, the Merle Bullies are in high demand and very pricey just because they look phenomenal.

3. White Coat color

The white color in American Bullies is not a color but a combination of irregular color patterns. White Bullies get this coat from interfering with the genes that control colors.

The tan point gene induces the dog to have a white coat with patches of paint on the face, ears, and legs. These Bullies can have any color of eyes, but blue is very common.

There are three types of white coat colors:


White Bullies that do not have patches of color are called albino Bullies. Albino Bullies are very rare, and they usually have blue eyes. If a white Bully has patches of other colors, they do not have albinism.


The piebald coat is when a white Bully has patches of color on a white main coat. The most common color combinations for the piebald coat are black and white, brindle and white, blue and white, red and white, and fawn and white.

The piebald coat is distinguishable from the merle coat as the patches of color are not a different hue than the rest of the coat.

Irish Marked

The Irish-marked coat bully has a white chest and legs, while the rest of the body can be any color. The Irish-marked coat is different from the piebald coat because the Bully does not get patches of color on its body.

4. Tri-Color Coat

The Tri-color Bully is produced by rare genetics from the Agouti series gene locus, which is a recessive gene. Among American Bullies, Tricolor is rare, and only a select few breeders produce this type of coat.

Tricolor Bullies exhibit color combinations such as tri black, white, brindle, choco, blue, and Lilac.

5. Lilac or Champagne Coat Color

Lilac Coat Bullies have a coat whose color is almost like champagne, and they have a soft chocolate tone in the darker shade.

What sets them apart is the peculiarity that their pigmentation, nose, and eyelids are always the same tone as the coat. Their eyes can go from amber to yellow, and it is easy for blue tones to appear with those lighter dogs within the champagne family.

A Lilac Bully only appears once in generations of a bloodline, and any breeder would be lucky to have this puppy in his litter. A Lilac or Champagne colored American Bully puppy can go for $8000 to $12000; some may go even higher.

Do note that these colors come in all the different size classes of the American Bullies, and the prices will be accordingly.

Factors Affecting Coat Color

Genetic makeup is the only factor that can affect an American Bully’s coat color. If a gene is present in a Bully to produce a specific color, it will be that way no matter what.

Recessive genes

The most common colors in American Bullies are black, fawn, and brown. These colors are a result of normal dominant genes that are responsible for these colors.

Along with these genes, some dogs may carry a recessive gene that affects these pigmentations and produce rare shades such as blue, merle, and white.

Recessive genes can only be dominant if both parents have these genes and the resulting puppy has one from each parent.

Pigment Dilution

Eumelanin and pheomelanin are two pigmentations that produce colors in dogs. Eumelanin is responsible for dark colors, and pheomelanin is responsible for light colors like yellow and cream.

When diluted or mixed, these pigments produce different colors, such as black, brown, white, blue, and brindle.

When the ratio of either pigment is increased or decreased and mixed with other combinations, they make beautiful combinations like tri-colors and merle bullies.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Rarest American Bully Colors?

American Bully comes in various colors, from standard black and fawn to albino white and blue. But the rarest American Bully color is Lilac, which resembles champagne.

Lilac is a shiny, clear color that is soft on the eyes, making it highly sought after and pricey. Depending on the breeder, a Lilac American Bully can cost between $8,000 to $12,000 or more.

What is the Most Popular Bully Color?

Lilac is scarce, but it is still not the most popular as that crown goes to Blue. Blue Bullies have a unique look uncommon in the breed and animal kingdom.

Blue bullies attract the eye, and many people looking for American Bully tend to search for Blue Bully. A Blue Bully can cost you between $6000 to $12,000.

What Colors Does ABKC Accept for American Bullies?

The ABKC accepts American Bullies based on their height and weight, but there are known colors that ABKC accepts and rejects others for various reasons.

ABKC accepts the colors Black, Blue, White, Fawn, red, brown, all the Tri-colors, Lilac, and brindle. The only color not accepted is merle, which is associated with various health disorders due to the recessive gene.

So, you can register that almost all colors of American Bullies accept the Merle coat and its combination.


Ultimately, I will say that American Bullies come in all shades of color, and not many breeds can compete with that.

No matter what color coat of American Bullies you choose, your Bully will be the same loving, gentle, and goofy dog that is family oriented.

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