How to Stop Pitbulls from Chewing?

Dogs can bring happiness and joy into our lives, but the dog’s natural ability to chew and bite can cause problems. It is important that you can make your Pitbull stop chewing.

To stop a Pitbull, you must teach your Pitbull or any dog to understand what to bite. This article will explore the reasons for dog chewing and biting behavior and provide practical advice on preventing this.

Understand Why Pitbulls Chew

There are some reasons why your Pitbull chews on things, and as a dog owner, you can not ignore this behavior of your dog, thinking that your dog will stop this after some time, or maybe you are thinking that he may be teething.

First, we need to understand why your dog is chewing things around.

Due to Boredom

Pitbulls are naturally active dogs, and chewing is an excellent activity for the dog to stay active and eliminate boredom. That’s why your dog might bite and chew things around.

It Makes Dogs Feel Naturally Good

Dogs need to chew because they love feeling their teeth, and it cleans them; therefore, it’s tempting for dogs to chew and bite things.

Something Tastes Good to The Dog

We, humans, are naturally different from dogs. Anything that tastes bad for us doesn’t mean your dog will also hate tasting that thing. For example, as humans, it sucks to taste shoe leather, but dogs might love this.

Due to Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is another reason your Pitbull destroys things around you in anger, which is a severe issue, and you need to seek professional help.

Identify Items that Pitbulls Chew

Monitoring your Pitbull chewing activity is very important as the owner must know what your dog is frequently chewing. Identification is essential for problems to solve them.

Dogs usually love to chew shoes, carpets, furniture, or pillows. If you know what your puppy is chewing, you can dog-proof them, put them out of his reach, and even discourage him from chewing them.

By identifying this problem, you can also seek help from professionals about chewing reason and its immediate solution.

Different Methods to Stop Pitbulls from Chewing

Now that you have understood the causes of your Pitbull chewing, training your dog to stop chewing by doing other positive activities and prevent it from chewing is essential. Remember,  this will take time to prepare, and nothing will happen overnight.

1. Discipline and Training Your Dog

Providing quality training to your dog to stop chewing is very effective. As an owner, the more discipline and training you will provide to your dog then, your dog will gradually become less chewing, and you will experience this by yourself.

2. Removing Chewable Things from Your Pitbull Area

It seems very simple, but removing the chewable things from your dog is mighty effective. You should remove items as much as possible and keep things away from ground level so those things are out of your dog’s reach.

Remember more things you can remove from the dog’s area less chance for the dog to chew.

3. Provide Your Pitbull Chewable Toys

Removing chewable things is effective, but it doesn’t mean you should not give your dog anything to chew. It is natural for dogs to chew because it makes them feel good and cleans their teeth.

An effective way is to provide chewable toys to your Pitbull so that he avoids chewing your shoes or carpet and train your dog in a way that he should only be chewing these toys.

4. Train the Dog on New Things to Avoid Unnecessary Chewing

An effective way to leave bad habits is to spend time learning new things. You can train your dog to remember things like swimming, fetch and running, etc., and to do physical activities will leave no extra energy for the dog to do harmful activities like chewing.

5. Correct Your Dog’s Negative Behavior ASAP

It is essential to catch your Pitbull doing any destructive activity like chewing because it will make him feel that the owner does not like it, and your dog should think of avoiding it before it’s too late. Dogs are loyal to their owner, so positively stopping them will make them top this activity. As a pet, your dog should know what is okay to chew on and what’s not.

6. Love Your Dog and Reward Him

Loving your dog on his positive behavior will stimulate his mind to avoid negative behavior, which his owner doesn’t like, and always try to be a good dog.

You can reward your dog when he stops chewing your shoe or anything unnecessary to make him feel cheerful and stop doing this activity. Note that it is a time taking process, so you must be patient.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Pitbull Chew So Much?

There are reasons why your Pitbull chews on things frequently, such as relieving itself from teething or pain, curing boredom, releasing energy, or exploring its surroundings.

At What Age Do Pitbulls Stop Chewing Everything?

We can predict the time Pitbull stops chewing because it depends on the conditions sometimes, but generally, there are 2 phases of chewing. The first phase is when the puppy is teething, and he will be more likely to chew and bite things in this phase, lasting 5 to 6 months.

The second phase has nothing to do with the teething, but generally, after 8 to 9 months, when the dog is strongly growing, he chews and bites things. In this phase, you can train him smartly not to chew things and provide your dog with chewable toys to chew.

But generally natural chewing period due to teething can last for 5 to 6 months.

Does Pitbulls Outgrow Chewing?

Pitbull can outgrow chewing, but it doesn’t mean they will stop chewing thoroughly. It is natural for dogs to chew because chewing makes their teeth comfortable and cleans them.

After the teething process of 5 to 6 months, when the Pitbull starts growing, we can train our dog to stop chewing and provide chewing toys and mentally train him to chew only toys, not everything.

How Do I Punish a Dog Who Keeps ChewiUp Up Everything?

You can punish your dog, but it is not a good idea. Instead of punishing, you can train your dog to stop chewing everything. You can provide your dog with some attractive, safe chewing toys.

Chewing is natural in dogs because it cleans their teeth and makes them feel good. By providing them training, your dog will stop chewing everything, and they will be smart enough to decide what to chew and what not to


In short, if you are frustrated with your dog chewing everything, you need to provide your dog with proper training to stop this unnecessary chewing because dogs usually bite and chew things when they are teething at 5 to 6 months.

But as time passes, you must adequately train your dog to stop chewing before it’s too late because it is difficult for an old dog to leave bad habits like chewing everything.

You can provide your dog with chewing toys because chewing makes them feel comfortable and cleans their teeth. Providing attractive toys and training will make them competent enough to differentiate between what to chew and what not to.

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