What is Micro Bully? – Everything You Need To Know

If you are looking for a small family-friendly dog that does not require much maintenance and is fun to be around the kids, I might have the perfect dog for you, a Micro Bully.

It’s a small dog with a lot of energy for its size yet very gentle that will light up your house with happiness and its exuberant cuteness. Without further delay, let’s learn more about this dog.

What is a Micro Bully?

Micro Bully is one of the unofficial classes of the American Bully that the ABKC doesn’t recognize. An unrecognized breed is called a designer breed.

Micro Bully is the result of an effort to make the Pocket Bully even shorter while keeping the standard physique of an American Bully.

The small size is obtained by cross-breeding an American Bully and a Patterdale Terrier. The aim is to keep the genes of Patterdale that affect its height and the gene of American Bully that affects the physical attributes.

To buy one, you must thoroughly research and have complete information about the breeder.

What 2 Breeds Make a Micro Bully?

Micro Bully results from cross-breeding between an American Pocket Bully and the Patterdale Terrier. They don’t display characteristics of a Patterdale except for their height and enthusiasm to have a job.

Micro Bullies are American Bullies, meaning they have all their physical and mental characteristics; the only key difference is their height. They have a broad, square head, short muzzle, and strong muscular body.

Pocket bully is considered the smallest of the American Bullies. Still, by breeding it with a Patterdale Terrier, it has become almost a whole new breed and is now considered a designer dog and highly desired.

The only problem with Micro Bullies is that ABKC or any kennel registry does not officially recognize them, but you can still buy and own them as they are pretty popular.

Lifespan of Micro Bullies

The average lifespan of a Micro Bully is between 11 to 13 years. 13 years is less when you compare it with its ancestors, such as Pitbulls, which can live 15 to 25 years.

Micro Bullies have a short life because they have petite bodies but large, compact muscles with a huge weight. Other than its breed, the lifespan can also be affected by the following factors:

Breeding Practices

Micro Bullies are highly muscular for their size, so they are tough to breed. Several complications can occur during pregnancy, affecting the mother and the puppy.

In addition, the Micro Bullies are very famous and sought after, and some people try to make a quick buck off of this and produce impure Bullies with several health issues that stem from a genetic mutation.

Such Micro Bullies don’t live long and die a painful death. Some breeders overlook these things and continue to breed Micro Bullies to fulfill their greed and end up affecting the lives of these cute little creatures.

To avoid getting a Micro Bully, which results from unethical breeding practices, always buy from a reputable breeder with an established bloodline. Venomline and Kurrupt line are two of the most famous bloodlines.

Dietary Needs

A Micro Bully needs a high-protein and high-fat diet to grow and maintain those beautiful muscles and bones, but unfortunately, owners fail to understand this and lack behind in the nutrients for the dog.

An incomplete diet leads to malnutrition and the puppy’s early death. If you want to avoid that, always consult your vet to devise a dietary plan for your Micro Bully to live a happy and healthy diet.

Care and Grooming

Micro Bullies are low-maintenance breeds, but they still need exercise and grooming. Many people confuse this and think they don’t need exercise or grooming, which is absolutely wrong.

Micro Bullies at least one hour of moderate exercise and needs to bathe once a month. It would be best if you also brushed their teeth once per week.

Health Problems

Due to their unusual height and big muscles, Micro Bullies are more to have health issues than other breeds. Some of the health problems a Micro Bully could have are:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Skin Infections
  • Manage
  • Heart diseases
  • Cataracts

Being prone to and affected by such diseases can shorten their lifespan, and you can lose your furry little friend early.

The Behavior of Micro Bully

Micro Bully, like any other American Bully, is goofy, laidback, playful, and zealous, yet extraordinarily loyal and ever so ready to please. American bullies tolerate children and other dogs, making it a perfect family dog.

Children love such adorable and enthusiastic dogs. However, with the genes of Patterdale Terrier, some Micro Bullies are ever so energetic and in need of stimulation.

Are Micro Bullies Dangerous?

There is a stereotype based on the looks of Micro Bullies that they are dangerous and often bite their owners and strangers. That is incorrect; Micro Bullies are all dog breeds’ most gentle and family-loving dogs.

There is no solid proof that Micro Bullies have ever bitten anyone or attacked strangers. They love to lay on the couch and cuddle up with their owners to please them. Micro Bullies live for the approval of their owners and would do almost anything to win their appraisal.

In some rare cases, if Micro Bullies develop aggressiveness, that results from faulty care by the owners and not the breed. Incompetent owners don’t train or socialize their Micro Bullies, which leads to aggressive behavior.

If you take proper care, socialize, and do good by your Micro Bully, they will never get aggressive or dangerous.

Size, Color & Coat

Size of Micro Bullies

A Micro Bully is very small yet very compact for its size. A male Micro Bully can grow up to 12-14 inches and weigh 20-50lbs, whereas a female dog may grow up to 11-13 inches and weigh around 19-45lbs.

Micro Bully is very compact and heavy for its size compared to other dogs.

Height Weight Muzzles
Male 12-14 inches 20-50lbs 1.5 inches
Female 11-13 inches 19-45lbs 1.5 inches

Both male and female dogs have short yet soft and shiny fur coat that makes them adorable.

Color of Micro Bullies

Micro Bullies come in every color of a regular bully dog, such as white, blue, black, etc.

Color Description
Blue Blue Bullies are not actually blue but slate-gray, giving the illusion of blue.
Fawn A light brown shade, almost like a blonde with a hint of green.
White White is just white but high in demand as it looks more exotic, though some may have hearing and vision imparities.
Black Black in this breed is intense, with white spots at tail tips, paws, or a partial mask. This color is my personal favorite.
Brindle Bindle Bullies are a mixture of fawn, blue, black, and white, with brown being the dominant color most of the time. Some people find this coat exotic, but I find it inferior.

Coat of Micro Bullies

American Bullies, as you read above, come in many colors, and what makes them more impressive is the quality of their coat. Micro-American Bullies have a short, silky, and single-layered coat that is very easy to maintain.

Since they have a single-layer coat, it does not shed a lot, meaning a Micro Bully will not leave hair everywhere they go and sit. Their short hair is easier to brush, and you can easily spot any skin problems under it.

Such good qualities of the coat make Micro Bullies very desirable.

How Much Does a Micro Bully Cost?

The cost of a Micro Bully depends on how reputable the breeder is from whom you are buying and what shade and size you are buying.

Buying a Micro Bully from a well-known breeder will cost you from $8000 to $12000, which excludes the breeder’s fee. Venom is the most expensive Micro Bully with an estimated value of $2 million.

Thankfully with the breed now becoming more widespread, the prices are getting cheaper, almost as low as $3000, but the quality of the breed would be questionable.


Not everyone can afford such hefty prices, and for those looking for a cheaper and more reasonable option, you can always check out shelter houses in your local area.

Some adoption centers charge only $500 for a puppy, so you would be lucky if you could find a Micro Bully in rescue shelters.

However, adopting from a shelter means they do not have the dog’s pedigree, so the quality of the dog’s breed would be questionable. The bright side of this, you are saving a life.

What Can I Feed a Micro Bully?

Just follow a regular American Bully diet. Something with high protein and just enough amount of fat is perfect. I suggest buying high-quality food and feeding them just the right amount as they are prone to obesity.

Keep a balance between feeds and exercise to expand its life span.

Besides the right amount and quality food, ask your vet to suggest a food product that contains all the necessary nutrients required for a healthy bully to grow and sustain health, especially if you are a first-time pet owner.

Sometimes, your veterinarian might add supplements to your Bully’s diet plan.

If you buy food alone, the most important rule is to see a high proportion of meat such as chicken, beef, or duck mixed with rice, oatmeal, potatoes, or peas, sometimes even a little bit of herring.

In addition, the products should also include antioxidants, omega 3, and glucosamine for healthy joints, digestive system, and clean skin and coat.

Difference Between Micro, Exotic, and Pocket Bully

The key differences between a Micro, a pocket, and an Exotic Bully are breed and size.

Exotic Bully Pocket Bully Micro Bully
Breed Mixture American Bully, French Bulldog, Shorty Bull, and English Bulldog. American Bully and Patterdale Terrier Pocket Bully and Patterdale Terrier
Size 17-20inches 14-17inches 11-14inches
Weight 30-50lbs 15-30lbs 20-50lbs
Color Black, Red, white, brittle, and brown. Red, black, white, brittle, and brown. Red, black, white, brittle, and brown.
Cost $1500-$2500 $1500-$3000 $8000-$12000


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are Micro Bullies Worth?

A Micro Bully can cost somewhere between $8000 to $12000.

How Long Does a Micro Bully Live?

Almost between 11- 13 years. Depending on the breeder’s breeding practices and the dog’s care throughout its life.

How Do You Train a Micro Bully?

Micro Bullies are one the easiest breeds to train. So, keep calm like you would with any other breed and slowly teach him a few basic tricks by offering some treats.

Wash him only if necessary and trim his nails just once a month. Brushing daily with toothpaste can help maintain oral hygiene. Micro Bullies are very low-maintenance dogs and don’t need much looking after.

How Many Times a Day Do You Feed a Micro Bully?

If the pup is 8-12 weeks old, feed him 4 meals per day and  3 meals a day to an adult Micro Bully.


In conclusion, Micro Bullies are sweet, cute, gentle, yet strong dogs that are perfect as pets. These are gaining popularity very quickly and becoming widespread.

They are suitable for small families and tiny houses. It is a beautiful breed with only scary looking from afar, but you will fall in love once you know it.

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