Should You Let Your Pitbull Sleep With You?

Many people in America and Europe let their dogs sleep with them. It has been shown in movies for a long time. But the question arises whether or not you should let your dog sleep with you, especially a pitbull.

Answering this question can be difficult because many people favor this while just as many are against it. To answer your question, I have collected data from others and from personal experience to help you decide what you should do.

Should You Let Your Pitbull Sleep With You?

Well, the answer depends on you. Do you want your dog to sleep with you? If the answer is yes, you can do so, but be sure to train him first. You can’t just let your dog sleep with you in the same bed because he wants to.

You must make the decision. Most of us can attest to the following. Some behaviors are simply more challenging to break than others!

It may not be reassuring to hear that your dog is sleeping in your bed because it could harm your health, especially if it has become a habit for you and your dog. Sadly, this behavior can be one of those unhealthy habits.

Risks Of Letting Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed

The last thing anyone needs to hear is that your strong relationship with your dog could harm our health. It is not detrimental to our health, which is a terrible reality. Additionally, this tendency could be detrimental to our interpersonal relationships. Even worse, allowing your dog to share your bed with you could damage your bond with the animal.

Restless Nights And Tough Times

As I said before, sleeping with your pitbull eventually becomes a habit. So you may not be disturbed immediately by any movement or noises your dog makes, especially if you are a heavy sleeper.

But take a moment to think about how you feel when you wake up after sleeping next to your pitbull. Ask yourself if you get enough sleep or not. If so, did you feel fresh and ready for the day?

If your answer is yes, you are doing better than most people. But if you said no, then it means your sleep was interrupted at night.

Another possibility is that you were uncomfortable all night, which is possible when sleeping with a clingy dog. Another question you can ask yourself is how your body felt when you woke up. Did you feel achy or rigid to get moving without pain?

If yes, you are either getting old like the rest of us or maybe your dog is a bed hog. Sleeping with your pitbull has this effect, and you must avoid it at all costs.

If you feel uncomfortable after waking up, you may have restless nights.

Allergies Overflow

Your pitbull may bring a friend to bed with him that isn’t welcome by anyone. This friend is called allergens. Now you might argue that no one is allergic to their dog; if they are, they can take lots of medicine.

The problem in this scenario is not yo being allergic to your dog but the content it carries on it after a long day of playing. Especially if your dog is outside all day; even if not, it still carries the risk of diseases.

Your dog is taking those allergies to bed with you unless you bathe them every night.

Anyone who suffers from allergies knows how miserable they can be, from the cough to the runny nose. Allergies can occasionally cause severe flare-ups. You may get allergies that make you feel like an elephant spent the night on your chest. Naturally, you aren’t allergic to your adorable dog. However, you can be allergic to whatever they bring into the bed with them.

Problem Between You and Your Partner

Everyone has different sleeping arrangements, but no matter how big your bed is, if you and your partner are sleeping together and your dog jumps in, it could cause space issues.

Nobody wants to sleep in a bed all cramped up, and to avoid that, you shouldn’t allow your dog on the bed. In addition, dogs can fart some nasty gas, and one of you could blame it on the other.

There are so many ways your dog sleeping in bed can cause relationship problems. So it is best to avoid them entirely by keeping your pitbull away at night.

Letting Your Dog Sleep In The Bed With You Is A Hard Habit To Break

No matter how your bed is set up, your pitbull will love how comfy it is. This is especially true if your dog does not have a bed. Laying on a hard floor, even a carpet, is always uncomfortable.

So between choosing to sleep on a hard surface and sleeping comfortably with you on the bed, your pitbull will choose your bed. This may seem cute initially, but it can become a bad habit if you no longer want your dog on your bed.

Your dog will also get attached to cuddling you all night and develop separation anxiety. All of these reasons can develop a bad habit, and you won’t be able to get rid of it.

Get Your Pitbull His Bed

You don’t have to deprive your pitbull of the comfort of sleep if you decide to kick him out of your bed. You should get one now if you don’t already have a dog bed for your puppy.

You must provide your dog with a comfortable alternative to help break the habit. There are several high-quality dog beds available to choose from. In my opinion, only a memory foam dog bed can replace the comfort of your bed.

Tips For Sleeping With A Pitbull In Your Bed

When I brought home my pitbull, I believed sharing a bed was an obvious choice. After a few nights, I realized I hadn’t given a lot of things any thought. I needed to give the concept a more thorough review. My tiny Pitbull eventually sleeps next to me, but only after using some of the following tips.

Start At The Appropriate Age

Starting too early is one of the biggest blunders you may make if you allow your Pitbull to join you in bed. Up to six months, puppies’ bladders are exceedingly frail. It can already be difficult enough to avoid having an accident throughout the night. Having the accident happen in your bed is just awful.

Before letting your puppy into your bed, give them time to become toilet trained. Before a Pitbull puppy can spend the night in bed, it must be at least six months old and have a good run of accidents-free days.

Crate training your puppy is highly advised. I’ve potty-trained both Pitbulls in crates, and it’s done wonders for their comfort and separation anxiety. Consider inviting your dogs into bed once trained to use crates.

Bedtime Is Not Playtime

Keep the area around your bed off-limits for playing. Getting your Pitbull to sleep will be more challenging if you teach them that the bed is a play area. Teach your dog to sleep and rest in the bed. This will help your Pitbull settle in for the night more quickly and allow you both to rest.

Keep It Clean

Dogs can enter a home carrying a variety of dust, pests, and allergens. Make sure your Pitbull is clean before going to bed. Usually, after our final bathroom stop, I give my dog a good wipe down on their feet, tummy, body, butt, and face. Not always in that particular order.

A mild, hypoallergenic dog wipe can help eliminate any dust, allergies, and potential pests your Pitbull may have brought inside. Knowing that your pet is cleaner and that you are, as a result, can help you sleep better.

Size of the Pitbull Will Matter

You must consider their future size when breaking your Pitbull puppy’s sleeping habits in your bed. Pitbull adults may be enormous, so you could have a severe issue if they have always slept on your bed with you.

A large Pitbull sleeping in your bed may not be a huge deal for you, but it could seriously interfere with your ability to sleep. Decide in advance if sharing your bed with your dog is best for you by considering how big they will be when fully grown.

Be The Bedtime Boss, Set Rules

Whether you want to share your bed with your pitbull or not is your decision. Establishing rules around the house and the bed is your job as a leader.

Setting rules and commanding your dog to bed are integral to sleeping together. Your dog must understand that you are in control of the household at all times. You should ask your dog to move to a different position on the bed without hassle.

Set A Routine

Dogs are routine and habit-driven animals. The entire process of becoming comfortable and having a good night’s rest will be made possible by establishing a schedule for bedtime with your Pitbull. Without a schedule, your dog may want to take over your bed, have trouble unwinding, and cause general disruptions in the early morning.

My pit bull knows she must wait until after I get into bed. She will doze off, nap, and sleep somewhere else until I start our sleeping routine.

She was aware at a young age that she must be invited into bed each night. She knows that before she can do the same, she must wait for me to settle down and feel comfortable.

Be Aware Of Health Issues

Your dog shouldn’t share your bed with you mainly because of health-related reasons. Your Pitbull should not share your bed if you have allergies to them or to allergens they may have brought in from outside.

This will lead to poor sleep and worsening allergy symptoms. Other reasons to prevent your Pitbull from sleeping in your bed include sleep-related problems, including insomnia or generally having light sleep. Dogs shift, move, and snore.

This can be highly disruptive for those with difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep.

In the same way, if your dog has medical problems, it shouldn’t be sharing your bed with you. Pitbulls who frequently get tummy aches, irritable bowel syndrome, or joint pain shouldn’t sleep in your bed.

The potential for nasty incidents at midnight and the risk of injuries from leaping from the bed while you sleep should be avoided. For both of you to get a good night’s sleep, it is essential to make your Pitbull comfortable in its room.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Should you let your pitbull sleep in your bed?

If you can get a comfortable sleep with your pitbull in your bed, then you should. But be careful, as there can be several problems with letting your pitbull sleep in your bed.

One of the problems is terrible sleep, and the other is the loss of your authority over your dog.

Why does my pitbull want to sleep with me?

Pitbulls are loyal, affectionate, and clingy dogs who always want to stick by their owner. It is the instinct of dogs to follow around and stick to their owner.

Pitbulls have this instinct far more significant than other dogs, so naturally, they would want to sleep with you.

Is it healthy to let your dog sleep with you?

Studies have shown that letting your dog sleep with you help improves your lifespan. But on the other hand, they can also cause various diseases by carrying dirt and germs onto your bed.

In any case, it is best to make your dog sleep in his separate dog bed. But if you let your dog sleep in your bed, take the abovementioned precautions.


Letting your pitbull sleep with you may not be a great idea in the long term, especially when they grow up to be heavy. A heavy dog can crush you or injure you with its claw accidentally.

So many things can go wrong in this situation, so it is best not to let your dog into your bed. This can also become a bad habit when you have a partner to share your bed with, and your pitbull does not move off the bed.

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