How Often Do Pitbulls Go into Heat?

Female Pitbulls will keep going into heat once they first experience it. It can be challenging to handle your female pitbull during its heat cycle.

To avoid any complications or difficulties, you should understand how the heat cycles of pitbull work. In this article, I will share every detail about the heat cycles of pit bulls and what you can expect during this time.

How Often Do Pitbulls Go Into Heat?

Female Pitbulls go into heat for the first time when they are around six months of age. The time can vary from dog to dog, but most will have their first heat around this age.

Some dogs might even have their first heat when they are only four months old, but larger breeds tend to have it at six months.

After your dog’s first heat, it will have a heat cycle every six months. The exact time between every cycle may vary slightly, but six months is the average.

Some small breeds can have up to three heat cycles in a year, but your pitbull will go into heat every six months.

How Long Do Pitbulls Stay in Heat?

All dog breeds stay in heat from two to four weeks on average. The female is most fertile for four to five days after, about a week and a half after the heat has started.

The rest of the time, they will only display heat symptoms but bear a low pregnancy chance. So if you want to breed your pitbull, it is best to mate them during the fertile time.

How Can I Tell if My Pitbull is Going Into Heat?

If you notice the symptoms, you can tell your pitbull is in a heat cycle. Pitbulls usually display clear signs of heat, but only in rare cases do they have calm heat cycles.

The most noticeable symptoms during your pitbull’s heat will be a change in appetite, menstrual blood, and an extra show of interest in male dogs.

The pitbull display heat symptoms according to the stage of their heat cycle. These heat stages are:


This is the first stage of the heat cycle and can last from a few days to nearly three weeks, depending on the dog. You will notice that the dog’s vulva is swollen or puffy, and menstrual blood is visible. Your dog may lick its private parts excessively.

I used doggy diapers during this stage to avoid blood stains on the carpet and furniture. Your dog might also become shy of other dogs for a while. The dog’s appetite might decrease, and your pitbull might tuck its tail between its legs.


This Pitbull’s heat stage can last up to two weeks, during which the dog may get pregnant. The menstrual blood flow will become less. Your dog may get more hungry and develop an interest in male dogs.

Your Pitbull may attempt to hump or mount other dogs and act aggressively against female dogs.


The third stage is marked by the end of menstruation and a decline in interest in male dogs. The dog’s appetite and behavior ought to start returning to normal.


This is the end of the heat cycle and is calm for months until the heat cycle starts again.

How Do I Care For My Pitbull During Heat?

Give your dog additional time and affection because the heat may make it grumpy. During this phase, some dogs become more needy and want more of your attention.

Make sure your pet gets adequate food and water, and take it outside often because dogs in heat often require more frequent pee breaks.

Way To Prevent My Dog From Going Into Heat

By having your dog spayed before her first heat, you can stop her from going into heat. After eight weeks, dogs can be spayed by a veterinarian. The best time to treat it is before a heat cycle because puppies heal quickly after spaying.

Although it’s easier for them to recuperate from the procedure when they’re puppies, you should still spay dogs with one or more heat cycles behind them to prevent conception.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times Does a Pitbull Go Into Heat?

A pitbull will go into heat every six months for the rest of its life. You can expect your dog to go into heat at least twice a year.

How Do Female Pit Bulls Act when In Heat?

Lower energy levels, more aggressive behavior, variations in how a female dog urinates, urinating more frequently than usual, and even running away from home indicate she is in heat.

How Often Do Female Pit Bulls Bleed?

Her vulva may also be significant, red, or swollen, with some bleeding or discharge with a bloody hue. Only about half of the entire cycle, usually 7 to 10 days, will be experienced by your dog.


When your dog is about six months old, you can anticipate seeing her go through her first menstruation cycle.

I hope knowing about your Pitbull’s heat cycle will spare you the anxiety of wondering if there’s something wrong with your dog. Knowing what to anticipate allows you to prepare and improve the experience for you and your dog

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