How Fast Can a Pitbull Run – Are They Good Running Dog?

Pitbulls gained stardom in dog combat tournaments centuries ago. They were developed particularly to be powerful and aggressive.

Pitbulls are common canine companions for people nowadays. Pitbulls that are unoccupied and bored can cause havoc in homes. Many owners are unaware of the remedy, which leads to behaviors ranging from destroying the couch and assaulting other animals to breaking the fence.

Regarding the genetics of Pitbulls, not much has changed. The aggressive behavior is still there, but running is best for your dog to blow steam off instead of fighting.

If you wonder if Pitbulls can make good running partners or how fast they can run, keep reading.

How Fast Can Pitbulls Run? – Pitbull Top Speed

Pitbulls have a stern countenance and an intimidating appearance with muscles that protrude from their bodies. But have you ever observed that their legs are noticeably shorter than other dogs of the same size? This is their well-kept trick for reaching incredible speeds!

Pitbulls can reach speeds of 25 to 30 mph on average. Impressive for a dog, I must say. Due to their unique build, pit bulls have an advantage over other canines.

They distinguish themselves from other dogs and have an advantage over them thanks to physical characteristics like their broad shoulders, powerful abdominal muscles, short legs, and keen eyes.

In addition, the fact that Pitbulls are as mentally tenacious as they are physical helps a lot. Pitbulls’ chest and shoulder muscles are crucial for moving their forelimbs when running.

As a result, the dog can run at great speeds for extended periods without becoming exhausted.
Your pitbull won’t have trouble breathing while running because of physical characteristics like its long nose. These factors work together to explain why a pitbull wins a dog-running competition.

How Many Miles Can a Pitbull Run?

A pitbull typically weighs 35 to 60 pounds. How such a small puppy can run as quickly as possible is amazing. A pitbull can move faster due to its small size, primarily made up of pure muscle. But maintain your attention.

Most Pitbulls can reach their top speeds in seconds but tire easily. Pitbulls are unable to maintain their top pace for very long.

Only one mile can be covered at peak speed by your Pitbull. Avoid underestimating your dog’s power and stamina as a dog owner.

When exercising your dog regularly, select the best route and the appropriate distance. Pushing your Pitbull further than necessary puts him at risk of exhaustion or hurt.

Factors Affecting Pitbull Running Speed

Pitbulls have several qualities that make them excellent runners; therefore, choosing a Pitbull as your jogging partner is a fantastic idea. However, they may not be able to take the top rank for sprinting dogs due to a few traits that you should be aware of.


Pitbulls are a more erratic breed of dog, particularly around other dogs. This could pose a risk to you, your dog, and everyone else you run into.

You might be thrown to the ground or into oncoming traffic if a Pittie suddenly pulls to the side in response to something.

Remember that your Pitbull will be in a different state of mind while running.

Their heart will be racing, breathing heavily, maybe picking up on the stress they feel from the exertion, and maybe in a new environment. These things may make a Pitbull who usually is not reactive more reactive.

Short Snout

The big mouth and short snouts of Pitbulls have drawbacks, even though I adore their enormous, gaping, goofy smiles. Pitbulls’ noses are brachycephalic.

While they do not have the most extreme case as you would see on Pugs or French Bulldogs, they also do not have the long snout best for running as you would find on a Greyhound. The effects of your Pitbull breathing less effectively than a dog with a long snout are threefold.

First, Pitbull cannot oxygenate their blood as quickly as they exert themselves, leading to cramping, muscle soreness, and fatigue faster than other dogs. Second, your Pitbull cannot bring cooling air into their mouths and lungs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Because dogs cannot sweat, they must cool off by panting vigorously, which allows cool air to enter their mouths and bodies.

They won’t be able to cool themselves off as well as other dogs since they breathe less effectively, which will cause them to overheat more quickly. This brings me to the last point:

Not Bred For It

Pitbulls were not developed to run, even though they are great, athletic dogs that will succeed to some extent in practically every activity. Larger paws, superior traction, and shock absorption are characteristics of dogs designed for running.

Their chests are deeper to accommodate their larger lungs, and their hearts are bigger and more effective. And running dogs typically have longer legs, which allows them to take bigger strides.

Due to their comparatively small legs, pit bulls need to take more steps than dogs with longer legs to travel the same distance. When you are on longer runs, this becomes more important.

Pitbulls make excellent companions for light joggers. However, limiting your pitbull’s running distance to 7 miles is advised because of their physical limitations. A Pitbull would be a great choice because that is more than I would ever run in one sitting (hopefully).

But if you’re a much more serious runner than I am, you might want to acquire a dog with long legs and a running frame. Your Pitbull will probably try to follow you, but they risk hurting themselves.

Average Pitbull Running Speed

Running speed is different from the top speed of a breed, which is valid for Pitbull. The fastest a Pitbull can run is 30mph, but on average, a Pitbull can run at 12 to 14 mph.

Usually, Pitbulls do not run at full speed because they will exhaust their stamina quickly, so if you are looking to take your Pitbull for a jog, he will be perfect for you.

A Pitbull will efficiently run with you at an excellent average speed matching your own for quite a distance, making them the perfect jogging partner.

Pitbull Run Compared to Other Dogs?

Looking at the fastest dog breeds, you will notice that many dogs are faster than Pitbull. For example, the Greyhound can reach around 45 miles per hour, while the Labrador Retriever can run 25 miles per hour.

Those are impressive numbers considering that those are some of the fastest dogs. But the Pitbull still has its special advantages. Pitbulls are medium-sized muscular dogs with incredible strength.

The strength and endurance make Pitbulls capable of reaching higher speeds than the more giant breeds. In addition to being faster than other dogs, the Pitbull is stronger than most. The American Pitbull terrier is very powerful thanks to its large muscles.

Your Pitbull will be able to keep up with you no matter what. And since your Pitbull has such great stamina and speed, he won’t tire quickly. So, remember to exercise your Pitbull daily and do plenty of fun activities.

Are Pitbulls Good Running Dogs?

Running with Pitbulls is one of dog owners’ most rewarding bonding moments. Pitbulls are great running partners because they allow you to run as fast as you can without ever being able to outrun them. Pitbulls are remarkably fast!

They don’t tire fast and have the stamina to keep running at your speed. Pitbull dogs make excellent jogging partners because they can accomplish two goals simultaneously. You may work out daily while ensuring your dog receives enough exercise. It keeps you both healthy and active.

Although Pitbulls can keep up with you at normal speed, do not make them run at top speeds for long periods. American Pitbulls can easily exhaust and overheat at full speed, so keeping them at jogging speed is best.

Tips for Improving Pitbull Running Speed

To increase your Pitbull’s running speed, you must train them by increasing its speed slowly over time.

You cannot run as fast as Pitbulls, so use a treadmill at high speeds. You can also add weight to their harness, use a running course and provide a protein-rich diet.

However, if you are training your Pitbull to be a running dog, it is best not to do it as they are built for hunting and fighting but not running. You can use other breeds for running, such as the Greyhound, the fastest dog breed.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Outrun a Pitbull?

The fastest man on earth has a top speed of 27.33 miles per hour, and the speed of a Pitbull is 30 miles per hour.

So you cannot outrun a Pitbull because your full pace is slower than that, as the maximum speed of an average human is 13 mph.

What Is the Fastest Pitbull in The World?

Louie the Bullet is considered the fastest Pitbull of all time. However, all Pitbulls are fast, especially American Pitbull Terriers. The top speed of Pitbulls is 25mph to 30mph.

How Long Can Pitbulls Run?

A Pitbull can run no more than a mile at the top speed, but if you take a Pitbull jogging or trekking and run at a moderate speed, your Pitbull can run for 7 miles which is what a human can run in a jog.

What Dog Can Beat Pitbull?

In a fight, a Rottweiler can defeat a Pitbull; in a speed competition, many dogs can defeat a Pitbull. Pitbulls are the 30th fastest dogs so many dogs can beat a Pitbull.

How Fast Can a Red Nose Pitbull Run?

The color of the nose or the coat does not affect the speed of a Pitbull, so a red nose Pitbull can run as fast as 30mph, the same as any Pitbull.


Pitbulls may not have been bred as running dogs, but they still can run pretty. You can take your Pitbull on jogs for 45 to 60 minutes daily and have a fun run.

Pitbulls love having a job and pleasing their owner no matter what, so it will make you happy if you work out together.

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