Can Pitbulls Live in Cold Weather? [Must Known Facts]

Pitbull is a strong and energetic breed, but you may wonder if he can live in cold weather or snow. The short answer to the question is yes, they can, but there are some essential points to remember because you can only leave your dog in the cold with safety measures.

This article will discuss some points for you to remember about your dog living in cold weather.

Can Pitbulls Live in Cold Weather?

Pitbulls are energetic, and as long as they can move around, they can stay in cold or snow. It would help to keep your dog active so that his body heat can keep him warm even in the cold.

However, it would help if you did not let your Pitbull in the snow outside for longer because it can be dangerous for dogs as all dogs can not stay active all day and night.

If you can not keep your dog indoors, you should invest in a warm dog house and buy a warm coat or jacket to keep him even warmer in the snow. A young dog can keep himself warmer compared to old dogs because of the slow metabolism of an old dog.

Old dogs can be less energetic, and their body temperature is low than young, active dogs.

Impact of Cold Weather on Pitbull

Although pitbull are energetic, their body dont have that much fur to resist cold weather.

It doesn’t matter if your Pitbull is black or white. Both of these skin-colored dogs can feel equally cold. They can keep their body warmer temporarily if they are full of energy and constantly moving around.

Several signs, like shivering, acting, sleepy, lethargic, etc., indicate that your puppy faces Hypothermia. These symptoms worsen with a decrease in temperature outside and can kill your puppy.

If your Pitbull stays outside for too long, it can contract cold shock and Hypothermia. Both conditions can be fatal to a dog.

Symptoms of Cold Shock and Hypothermia in Pitbulls

To keep your Pitbull safe from Hypothermia and cold shock, you should first be aware of its symptoms. If you are not aware of what the condition is, then you cannot help your Pitbull.

Here are the symptoms of Hypothermia and cold shock.

  • Shivering and trembling.
  • Lethargic and sleepy dog.
  • Skin and fur feel cold on touching.
  • Low pulse rate and heart rate.
  • Low body temperature.
  • Dilated pupils.
  • Pale gums and inner eyelids.
  • Difficult breathing.
  • Stupor, unconsciousness, and coma.

How to Keep Pitbulls Warm in Cold Weather.?

Keeping your Pit Bull warm in the winter is as simple as keeping yourself warm. Wearing a good coat, sweater, and boots outdoors is a simple way to protect your Pit Bull from the cold.

Any shirt you get for your Pit Bull should cover them from neck to base of the tail and cover their bellies comfortably. Blankets. Pit Bulls love blankets. My Pit Bull loves to curl up on and under a nice warm blanket.

If you have just come inside from a freezing walk, throw your dog’s mantle in the dryer for a few minutes to heat it and make yourself a Pitty Burrito afterward.

A lovely comfortable dog bed that is well-insulated from the floor is another fantastic way to keep your Pit Bull warm in the winter. Keeping a nice cozy bed that they can curl up on and stay warm is something every Pit Bull needs. Bonus points if you have a fireplace they can safely pull their bed close to.

Preparing Pitbulls for Cold Weather

Pitbulls are energetic and robust, but their bodies are unsuitable for low temperatures and cold weather. Their fur is not resistant to the cold, so keeping them in the cold longer is not advised.

You can prepare your dog to stay in the cold for a while but not longer. It also depends upon the physical condition and age of the dog and how he will perform in cold weather.

You can slowly make him stay in the cold for a shorter period to train him. Similarly, keeping your dog active will also make him feel good him cold weather.

Notice that you can prepare your Pitbull to stay in cold weather for a while, but keeping them in the cold is risky because their body doesn’t allow them to remain in the cold for so long, unlike other breeds.

Tips for Keeping Pitbulls Safe and Healthy in Cold Weather

Pitbulls are not suited to keeping in cold weather for long, but you can follow some tips to keep them safe and healthy.

  1. Please keep your dog active and energetic so that his body temperature rises and keeps him warm.
  2. You can play games like throwing the ball to catch to keep your dog warm.
  3. You can teach him tricks, such as spinning in a circle or jumping over you to keep him warm.
  4. You can go for a walk with your dog.

If your Pitbull is alone, you will need more preparation to ensure it remains warm enough.

  1. You can invest in a heated dog bed to keep him warm.
  2. You need to Put up a heated dog house for your dog to keep him away from cold winter winds.
  3. Provide him with water that is not frozen.
  4. You can invest in a cold jacket because a pit bull’s natural body coat is not enough to keep him warm.
  5. You can keep your dog’s paws warm because cold can enter the body from the feet directly and quickly.

Diet plays a vital role, especially in winter, because a dog with an excellent physical condition can be strong enough to survive in winter. Therefore you must keep your dog’s diet good, and it can be helpful to give him a warm-natured diet in winter to keep him warm from the inside.


In short, Pitbulls are not cold-weather lovers. They are strong and energetic, which is why they can live in the cold when they are full of energy because at that time, their body temperature is high, but you cannot leave your Pitbull in the cold for a long time because their skin and fur is not strong enough to keep them warm in the cold like other breeds.

Therefore you need to keep him energetic. If your dog stays outside, you can invest in a warm dog jacket, a warm bed, and a fully covered dog house.

Remember that it is only suitable to keep pitbull in cold weather for longer, especially when you are not there to monitor them.

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