Best Dog Bowls For French Bulldogs

This question has two opposing viewpoints. It involves you in some way. A sturdy, easy-to-clean dish can endure the entire lifetime of your dog. The contour of your Frenchie’s face must also be taken into account. Your dog can find reaching the final delicious bits of food from a deep bowl challenging. That is the drawback of having a brachycephalic or short-muzzled breed.

Your dog is another issue. Unfortunately, numerous breeds are prone to obesity, including the French Bulldog. A smaller dog bowl will remind you to watch how much your dog is being fed. Other considerations are included in our guidance while buying this necessary equipment.

To assist you in making a wise decision, we also offer thorough reviews of the greatest items on the market.

Why do French Bulldogs need special bowls?

I’ll explain. Frenchies may have trouble using typical dog bowls for food and water as a brachycephalic breed with flat cheeks and short necks. They run the risk of bloating and even choking if they end up eating too quickly.

The incorrect French Bulldog food and water bowls, which allow your Frenchie to chew, swallow, and drink too quickly, can exacerbate this. Scroll down to discover my recommendations for the finest food bowls for French Bulldogs, but first, explain why I make the decisions I do.

What food bowls to avoid with your Frenchie

Plastic food bowls are not my preference for a variety of reasons. First of all, they are prone to scratching. Bacteria can grow in plastic scratches and be extremely difficult to remove, even with cleaning.

This poses a potential health risk to your Frenchie, as does the chance that your dog might also experience a plastic allergy. Additionally, because Frenchies have a strong chewing habit, there is a chance that they could damage themselves if they ate from a plastic bowl.

Additionally, the possibility that plastic French Bulldog bowls may leach BPA (Bisphenol A) into the food and water should be considered. Although the FDA claims there is no risk, some study suggests there may be one with this hazardous chemical found in plastic dog bowls.

I’d rather be cautious so I won’t give our Frenchie food in plastic dishes.

What is the best material for a French Bulldog food bowl?

Stainless steel will be used to create the best French Bulldog food bowl. I prefer dishes that are less likely to tip over when your Frenchie steps on them, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant.

I prefer stainless steel food bowls with rubber feet to stay in place while your Frenchie eats and drinks. They are durable and dishwasher-safe.

Ceramic food and water bowls are fine, but they are easily chipped and cracked, which might cause them to break or let bacteria grow in the cracks.

How big of a dish should I buy for my French Bulldog?

It doesn’t matter how big your French Bulldog’s water and food dishes are. We have a sizable stainless steel bowl for drinking water and change daily and a smaller bowl for eating.

Remember that if you have a big feeding bowl, you might be tempted to overfeed your Frenchie. It’s simple enough to do, and studies have shown that larger plates result in larger amounts and obesity in humans. You can use the same reasoning about dog bowls.

How high should the food bowl be off the ground?

Last but not least, many owners of Frenchies advise using raised feeding dishes high off the ground to prevent bloat. This statement on the website is intriguing and suggests that this opinion may shift.

Best Dog Bowls For French Bulldogs

Now that you know a bit more about what makes the greatest French Bulldog bowl, here are a few options that meet all the criteria.

1. Frisco Slanted Stainless Steel Bowl

For owners of French Bulldogs, the Frisco Slanted Stainless Steel Bowl provides numerous solutions. The shape is deep enough for dogs with flat faces, while the slant slows down puppies that gobble their food quickly.

More kibble is retained in your pet’s bowl or stomach than on the floor. Additionally, cleaning the food-grade stainless steel is a breeze. In between meals, you can wash it in the dishwasher.

Two sizes and two colors are offered for the bowl. The bowl part is angled because it is seated within a frame. As a result, the pet may access the kibble. To avoid tipping, it includes a non-skid bottom as well. The negative is that it is expensive.

2. Super Design Mess-Free Slanted Bowl

The Super Design Mess-Free Slanted Bowl is one of the greatest dog bowls for French bulldogs on the market. Its stainless-steel bowl and melamine frame are both present.

Additionally, it is angled for easier access and spill prevention. The whole thing can go in the dishwasher. Additionally, the bottom is weighted to prevent tipping.

There are four sizes and nine color options for the bowl. The latter is particularly useful to match the size of the bowl with your pet’s diet and daily food intake.

The rim is this product’s drawback. If you give your dog canned food, it can be simple for food to become trapped between the stand and the bowl. Larger dogs could also think it’s too short.

3. YMAXGO Elevated Tilted Dog Bowls Set

Pet owners who want to spoil their dogs may select the YMAXGO Elevated Tilted Dog Bowls Set. A plastic stand that is simple to clean is part of the kit. In addition, it contains a microwave-safe ceramic bowl. It’s nice that you may change the height as your pet develops. Additionally, it contains a non-skid pad that secures the entire setup by holding it in place.

The bowl set is offered in two hues. Despite being expensive, the item is well-made and long-lasting. Along with the second non-slip mat on top of the stand, the product’s weight maintains it in place. The fact that there is only one size is our sole complaint.

4. OurPets DuraPet Slow Feed Premium Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

The OurPets DuraPet Slow Feed Premium Stainless Steel Dog Bowl is a great choice for puppies who gulp their food. The design restricts how much they can consume at once to avoid bloat, and GI upset. The basic item is a flat bowl made of stainless steel with a rubber mat surrounding the entire rim.

The bowl is dishwasher-safe and available in three sizes. Even after numerous washings, the finish maintains its quality. Overall, the product is strong and long-lasting thanks to its lifetime warranty. However, this bowl was recalled by the manufacturer in the past due to quality-control difficulties.

5. Mr. Peanut’s Stainless Steel Interactive Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Another item made to limit your pet’s eating to prevent bloat is Mr. Peanut’s Stainless Steel Interactive limit Feed Dog Bowl. It effectively prevents gulping. It has a silicone ring that does a fantastic job of keeping the flat, stainless-steel bowl in place. Additionally, it is hefty to avoid tipping.

The bowl is dishwasher-safe and available in three sizes. It’s important to note that the business supports animal concerns and has a U.S. base. However, the silicone ring and the bowl’s finish have quality control problems. The latter occasionally comes off, which will irritate dog owners.

6. JWPC Bulldog Bowl Anti-Slip

Made of resin, the JWPC Bulldog Bowl Anti-Slip is durable. This makes cleaning simple. Unfortunately, an overly enthusiastic pet may scratch it despite the manufacturer’s claims. It has a stand and an angled design that appeals to owners of French Bulldogs. This one is available in two colors and one size.

The bowl’s stand is movable so that you may position it at your pet’s desired angle. For adult Frenchies, it sits a little low, though. It can avoid toppling over because of its non-skid bottom. Its cost is also reasonable.

7. Dressyougo Double Slanted Dog Bowl

The Dressyougo Double Slanted Dog Bowl is a fantastic value because it offers alternatives for both food and water. The sturdy stand’s rubberized feet keep the bowls firmly in place, preventing them from toppling. We liked that the manufacturer also provides replacement bowls. The bowls are stainless steel, while the stand is made of polypropylene. They are both angled.

Three different colors are available for the item. Even when fully loaded, the stand is lightweight. The rubberized feet are less useful as a result. Additionally, it feels cheap, which makes us wonder how long it will endure. Its height, which is a little low for adult dogs, was our other worry. The bowls appeared to be on the smaller side.

8. ALBOLET French Bulldog Food Bowl

The pet’s owner was considered in the ALBOLET French Bulldog Food Bowl design. The base raises the polypropylene bowl, which also acts as storage for excess food. Although the idea is sound, the implementation is another matter. The stand slips easily, negating the benefit of easy storage. Unsecured, the food bowl rests on top of it.

Although the product is too lightweight, the height and size are sufficient for an adult Frenchie. It seems weak and susceptible to breaking if dropped. Additionally, you stick a piece of double-sided tape to the bottom to create a non-skid surface. It doesn’t give the base any security at all.


The Frisco Slanted Stainless Steel Bowl was the finest item for French Bulldogs in the reviews. Pet owners may have many problems with this breed are addressed by its intelligent design. Even though it’s expensive, investing in something like this will improve your and your dog’s dining experience. The deal-breaker is that it is dishwasher-safe and simple to clean.

Due to its low cost, the Super Design Mess-Free Slanted Bowl entered our list of the best values. We adore the variety of colors available for spoiling our dog. Because of the angled design, eating takes longer to complete. The item is long-lasting and simple to clean. Overall, the product is of outstanding quality, making it a good investment.

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