Best Crate For French Bulldog: Which one to Choose?

With a huge following worldwide, French Bulldogs are currently among the most well-liked canines on the planet. These tiny canines enjoy plenty of outdoor play and adventures but are also perfect for apartment living.

So, which crates are ideal for French Bulldogs? What unique characteristics should you search for in a dog kennel for your French Bulldog? What size crate is best for a French Bulldog, and why?

Read this article for reviews and a buyer’s guide on the top crates for French Bulldogs.

Best Crate For French Bulldog

One of the dog crates we’ve evaluated here will be ideal for you and your furry friend if you’re looking for one for your new French Bulldog puppy.

1. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

The ideal dog kennel for a French Bulldog is the Diggs Revol! The crate is made with premium, corrosion-resistant materials and is collapsible for simple storage and portability. It is designed with your pet’s safety in mind.

The broad, diamond-shaped mesh and sturdy, one-piece frame of the Diggs Revol crate, in contrast to other common types of cages, are specifically made to stop your French Bulldog from squeezing his nose and paws and to provide plenty of ventilation.

A convenient ceiling hatch also allows you to reach your dog, if necessary, quickly. The supplied puppy partition panel makes it simple to utilize the crate for potty training a puppy.

The side entrance on the crate makes it simple for an older dog to enter and exit. The versatile crate can be transported with wheels and a carrying handle. When taking your canine partner on vacation, you can put the crate into a compact place, such as your car, condo, or RV; assembly only takes a few seconds.

Because many campsites have an on-leash or containment policy, this kennel is the perfect box for camping excursions when you want somewhere secure to keep your French Bulldog. For quick and simple cleanup, a removable plastic tray is also provided.

2. Merry Products 2-In-1 Configurable Single Door Furniture Style Dog Crate

This stylish dog crate is designed to double as a stylish piece of furniture that fits most interior design themes.

You can be assured that your Frenchie won’t escape while you’re not there to watch over him because the box is well-ventilated but also quite safe.

This odd container has a gate that can be adjusted to block off doorways, hallways, and other areas you’d want your pet not to enter. Simply unfold the container and position it in your area by its dimensions.

The crate’s smooth, wood-effect veneer surface makes it a beautiful, functional end or side table. The crate is easy to assemble. Simply slide the wooden panels together to make a kennel, then use the little pins to set up the structure as a four-panel fence without using tools or other hardware.

3. Aspen Pet Porter Kennel

Many French Bulldog owners enjoy taking their animals on vacation with them, which occasionally entails flying. If you and your dog like traveling, the Aspen Pet Porter airline travel crate is ideal!

These pet carriers are manufactured well, with sturdy metal and durable plastic. However, they are also very well-ventilated, with great airflow to all four sides. That’s important for a French Bulldog because they are considered “brachycephalic” canines.

These flat-faced breeds can occasionally have trouble breathing when confined to a box or in extremely warm, muggy weather. Therefore, unhindered ventilation is crucial, and this container provides that.

This reasonably priced box may be collapsed for simple transportation and compact storage. Cleaning up is quite simple and easy, and assembly is incredibly fast. You must wash the crate well after each use to make it comfortable for your dog.

4. Frisco 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

If you like to travel light, this Frisco soft-sided dog cage is the best option for you and your pet.

With no additional tools required, assembling the container is quick and easy. The container also folds fully flat for simple, convenient storage. Your Frenchie will have easy access through the three zippered doors wherever you place the crate.

The cage doors have locking clips to keep your dog safely inside the crate. The side mesh doors have straps to hold them open when you roll them up and offer excellent ventilation.

The crate is made of a strong, solid steel frame, has a water-resistant foundation, and is covered in a tough fabric that you can hand-wash to keep sanitary and clean. A carrying handle makes it simple to move the carton around.

5. Midwest Homes For Pets Icrate

The Midwest Homes for Pets iCrate is a top seller in its category. Due to its adorable pink finish, this wire dog crate is a huge success for children. The crate is of good quality and delivers fantastic value, as you would expect from Midwest.

The crate comes with a removable, composite plastic waste tray that is simple to clean in the case of an accident and can be assembled without the need for tools.

Two carrying handles on the container make it easy to move around. The box may simply be folded up and carried around like luggage. The kennel includes detachable wheels so you can simply move it about your home and comes with a complimentary divider for potty training your dog.

This vibrant crate comes in single and double-door options, depending on where you want to place it in your house and what your Frenchie prefers. This kennel is a great option for crate training your French Bulldog, even though it is not the most affordable cage on the market.

The aluminum dog crate from MidWest Homes includes a one-year customer satisfaction warranty.

6. Kindtail Pawd Collapsible Crate

Unlike many wooden crates, the KindTail Pawd Design Dog Crate collapses, making it simple to store when not in use.

All four sides of this lovely dog crate end table have patterned holes. In addition to giving the crate a very appealing appearance, doing so guarantees that your dog will have adequate airflow through the crate and a wide-angle view of his surroundings. For dogs who struggle with separation anxiety, that is a crucial factor to consider.

Again, unlike most wooden dog crate end table options, this one is available in three colors, allowing you to select the one that works best with your home’s interior design.

The open style of this crate end table allows your French Bulldog to enter and leave as he pleases. Even though the crate cannot be used for travel, it does have a carry handle, so you may move it as needed within your home.

7. Ovation Folding Metal Crate

The Ovation wire dog crate is distinctive in that it has an “Up and Away Door” that makes putting and removing your dog from the cage simple and convenient.

The door on the Ovation box is made to stow away, in contrast to the hinged doors you find on most comparable crates. This allows you to save a ton of space and makes placing the box in your house much simpler. To open the door, lift it using the comfort-grip handle and set it on the container.

The box may be folded flat for simple storage without the need for any additional tools. A removable plastic tray is provided as part of the package, which is convenient for quick cleanup during mishaps.

The container contains plastic carrying handles for simple portability and rubber feet to guard against scratches and damage to your flooring. The last item you receive is a puppy divider panel, perfect for potty training your Frenchie puppy.


I sincerely hope you liked reading this article and our reviews of the top dog cages for French Bulldogs. If you thought the information in the post was helpful, please remember to spread the word to other Frenchie aficionados!

Our favorite dog crate among those we looked at is the Diggs Revol Dog Crate. The safety and comfort of your pet were top priorities while designing and manufacturing this exceptional box. When toilet training a new French Bulldog pup, the detachable plastic tray and puppy divider with the kennel comes in handy.

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