Why Exotic Bully Are Expensive?

Exotic Bullies are really rare and even harder to breed. On top of that, they are in high demand thanks to their personality and looks, making it all a perfect recipe to be expensive.

We will talk in detail about the reasons that make Exotic Bullies expensive.

Why Are Exotic Bully Expensive?

As I said above, there isn’t just one reason Exotic Bullies are so expensive. A combination of reasons puts an expensive tag on these adorable dogs. On average, an Exotic Bully will fetch a price between $5000 to $20,000.

The reasons for such a high price include bloodline, breeding costs, stud fees, colors, size, and many more. Here is a detailed look at some of the reasons why Exotic Bullies are so expensive than others.

Market and Demand Supply

Exotic Bullies are a very new breed that only came into existence in 2008, but they quickly gained popularity thanks to their out-of-the-ordinary looks. If you want to adopt an Exotic Bully, you will have to search around the entire country or globally to find the correct breeder.

There are a few breeders that produce quality Exotic Bullies, and they ship in the U.S. and internationally. But the number of these breeders is so low they cannot keep up with the demand.

The demand and surge in popularity have made the prices go higher for these exotic dogs, especially in the last few years as more households have become pet friendly since the pandemic.

This sudden surge in demand for pets that could fit small apartments or houses and had low maintenance requirements made Exotic Bullies the perfect choice.  While it also happened for other dogs, thanks to their small size and adorable looks, Exotic Bullies topped the charts for in-demand dogs.

This leads me to my next point:

Breeder Reputation and Expertise

As more and more people started looking for dogs that could be a great vibe to their houses and fit into their small apartments while they worked from home, the breeders felt the push.

While Exotic Bullies did become popular and in demand, no one wanted a low-quality dog, so breeders used their expertise and reputation to jack up the prices.

While it is reasonable that a famous breeder will take extra measures to ensure a dog with a quality pedigree and bloodline, it still got out of hand when some breeders had an asking price of $50,000!

To most people, it is worth the extra price as an expert and reputable breeder will give a healthy Bully that will live with its owner for a long time. On top of ensuring the puppies’ quality is great, breeders also have to pay a hefty price for stud services.

Stud Service Fees

For a Bully to qualify as an Exotic Bully, the breeder has to follow set breeding standards. One of the standards is to have a quality stud as a father.

Hence it’s common for some stud services to charge over $10,000! It is also not easy to just order a stud service from a known breeder. You have to make sure that the stud is in great health, its bloodline, appearance, and a proven ability to produce quality litter in the past.

If a stud can pass all these checkmarks, then it is worth having that stud as the father of your new puppies. And stud service agencies know all these qualities, and that’s why they charge accordingly.

Extra Care of the Pregnant Mother

Exotic Bullies are muscular, and they often have respiratory system problems. Add that to a pregnant dog with the same type of puppies in its body, and you will understand how hard it is for the mother.

During pregnancy, the breeder must take extra care of the Exotic Bully female and often take the dog to the vet. And when it comes to delivery, the female Exotic Bullies cannot give birth naturally and have to do it by c-section because the babies are muscular too and could die in the process or kill the mother.

Coat Color

And finally, the appearance. The newborn puppy’s coat color will determine its final price. If the color is common among Bullies, then it would hardly fetch any price higher than the average. But if the color is rare, like Blue, Merle, Tri-color, or maybe a Lilac, then rest assured the puppy will sell for a premium price that only a few can afford.

One great thing about Bullies is that they can come in any color; it’s just that some are a little bit rare than others.

Black, gray, brown, red, and liver are common colors and often cost about $5000 to $6000. Whereas the most sought-after color is the Lilac coat; as you can guess, it is the most expensive and rarest.

A Lilac Exotic Bully puppy will cost around $15,000 to $20,000!


In the end, it comes to you to decide if you want an Exotic Bully or not and if they are worth the investment. Well, as it turns out, they are worth it because Exotic Bullies are small and compact and take up only a small space in your house.

These dogs’ temperament and goofy nature make them highly loveable, and everyone wants to cuddle them. If you ever feel sad, these dogs will be there to cheer you up with their goofy attitude.

Thanks to their looks, you can also use them as conversation starters, as they are often the center of attention.

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