When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes: Newborn Lab Pup

It’s tough not to fall head over heels in love with newborn lab puppies. However, many people wonder when they first open their eyes.

Lab puppies usually open their eyes within the first 12-14 days, although it might take up to 16-21 days. Because pups are light-sensitive, it takes a few weeks for them to open their eyes. The first crucial step in a puppy’s growth and development is opening its eyes.

Lab puppies are born with their eyes closed, and all dogs, especially labs, take time to grow and develop. Please continue reading to learn about puppy eyes and their growth.

When Do Lab Puppies Open Their Eyes?

It takes roughly 12-14 days for lab puppies to open their eyes. A lab puppy’s eyes should open between 16 and 21 days.

They are born with their eyes closed and cannot open them until they are roughly two weeks old.

They will begin to make more noise as they become more alert and aware of their environment. This is when pet owners will likely see the first signs that their puppy’s eyes are open.

Remember that every dog is unique. Therefore, these are only guidelines. They may, for example, emit more audible whimpers and squeaks. If you are concerned about the development of your lab, look for signs of eye infection in puppies.

Why Do Lab Puppies Eyes Stay Closed?

Puppies’ eyes will remain closed during the first several weeks of life. When acquired earlier, the lab puppy’s eyes may still be closed, and they will remain closed until they are a couple of weeks old.

This is because puppies are born with their eyelids glued together. This is because their optic nerves have not yet fully developed, and bright lights are too much for them to tolerate.

They are still fragile. They are born into darkness, and the outer world is considerably brighter for them. It takes time for these tiny creatures to acclimate.

As a result, when a lab puppy is born, its eyes are closed. They don’t move much for the first week since they are so small and immature.

How Do A Lab Puppy’s Eyes Develop?

All puppies are born with their eyes closed. The same applies to lab puppies with firmly closed eyelids in their first few days.

Because this is the first genuine exposure to bright lights, the eyes are still sensitive once the eyelids open. The eyeball is blue or grey, and the iris is the same.

At this age, all puppies have the same eye colour. The true eye color of a lab puppy only emerges once the puppy is eight weeks old.

This means that their color will alter as they age and become more pigmented. The iris of the puppy’s eyes will likewise change color from pinkish to darker.

At the same time, the eyeball will develop and become more noticeable. During this stage, the puppy’s eyes are also developing.

Understanding that a lab puppy at 14 days old cannot see well is critical. Their eyesight consists primarily of movement and shapes, with no capacity to see anything precisely.

A lab puppy’s vision is sharp at eight weeks. This is one of the reasons why many dogs are adopted at the age of eight weeks or later.

What If My Lab Puppy Still Hasn’t Opened Its Eyes?

If a lab puppy’s eyes are still closed when they should be, it could indicate something is amiss. Look for signs of puppy eye infections, especially because the lab is so young.

If a lab has gone more than 21 days without opening its eyes, we recommend one of the following options. This is cause for concern, and the best solution is to massage the eyelids, locate swelling, and contact a veterinarian.

Massage Its eyelids.

A litter of lab puppies can be underdeveloped at times. This can happen if the lab is too early.

Their eyes may take longer to open when this happens, but it is still concerning and warrants more investigation. Gently massaging the eyes can help.

We recommend soaking little cotton balls in warm water and gently rubbing the puppy’s eyelids. This can be done once a day to help the puppy’s eye strength and eventually allow it to open its eyes.

Check for Swelling

After the massage technique, check the eye area for signs of infection or swelling. Although it is uncommon, some puppies are born with severe vision problems.

The edema, pus, or anomalies around the eyes can identify potential problems. When this occurs, expert assistance is required to assess the puppy’s health.

Seek Veterinary Attention

Because all puppies develop at different speeds, predicting when a lab puppy’s eyes will open for the first time is impossible. However, if they are still closed after three weeks, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian.

What Age Can You Adopt A Lab Puppy?

Puppies are born with closed eyes. They also have limited mobility and must be closely observed before delivery and for the first 4-6 weeks after birth.

As a result, it is not suggested that anyone adopt a lab puppy under the age of 8 weeks. Anyone can, however, try to adopt a lab puppy sooner, although many breeders would not allow it.

This is because the lab is very likely still needs to be immunized. This increases the pressure on the new owner to be aware of potential health risks while raising the initial price. Caring for a puppy during its first six weeks is also significantly more demanding. Breeders are professionals, and they can handle it better.

What Happens After A Lab Puppy Opens Their Eyes?

Even after a lab puppy opens its eyes, it will not have perfect eyesight. It takes them around eight weeks to establish their adult eyesight talents.

This means that the puppies should grow steadily over the next 3-4 weeks to become more at ease with their surroundings. They should not be put in any hazardous conditions with extremely bright illumination.

By eight weeks, the lab puppy has matured, been drugged, and is capable of much more. This is also the time when potential owners can begin to adopt.

Lab pups develop more in other areas before they are eight weeks old and adopted. This involves learning to climb in the first 3-4 weeks and confidently walk, run, and play by week four.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How old are Lab puppies when their eyes open?

When lab puppies are about two weeks old, they open their eyes. Labrador puppies’ eyes will be fully open by this time, and most will be partially open. At this moment, your puppy’s ears will also open, and he will begin to hear.

What to expect from 2-week-old puppies?

Puppies should be attentive and attempt to stand on their own by two weeks of age. They usually try to get out of their box at three weeks. All puppies should be able to walk, run, and play for four weeks. “At four weeks, all puppies should be able to walk, run, and play.”

Do newborn puppies need sunlight?

Because their eyes are extremely light-sensitive, they should be kept out of direct sunlight until they are four weeks old.


Labrador puppies normally open their eyes around the age of two weeks. During this time, they will undergo many changes, including learning to utilize their eyes and ears, getting puppy teeth, and learning to walk and run!

Observing newborn Labrador puppies develop and mature as they prepare for a future life in a loving household may be a fascinating adventure.

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