How to Stop Pitbull from Jumping? – Easy Methods

Pitbulls are loving and adorable dogs that can lick you to death. They love loving their owners, and sometimes it can be too much or at the wrong time. You Pitbull might jump on you, your guest, or your child. Sometimes they can get so excited that they might jump onto strangers and accidentally harm them.

Let’s discuss how to prevent your Pitbull from jumping at unwanted times.

Why Does My Pit Bull Jump So Much?

To stop your Pitbull from jumping, you must first understand why they jump so much. Here is a breakdown of why they have such behavior.


Pitbulls are incredibly playful and energetic and may show enthusiasm by jumping up. Pitbulls can get happy to see people, lick their faces, smell them, etc. Just by sheer physics, a Pitbull can not lick the beginning of an adult human without jumping up.

Exert Dominance

A Pitbull will get thrilled and want to play with you, but they will also test to see what they can get away with and if you are still the alpha. Your Pitbull jumping up on you can be his way of checking if you will submit to his action, and he may use this to move himself up in the pack.

Behavior you Allowed

Jumping has occurred before, and you should have correctly corrected them then. And now your dog thinks it is just doing what it is allowed to do.

The Pitbull could jump on the couch without being asked and sit or lie down with people. In turn, these people pet the dog or give him a tasty treat which your dog sees as rewarding behavior.

How to Stop Pitbull from Jumping?

Jumping may sometimes be harmless, but it can lead to misbehavior and rebellion in the dog. To stop that from happening, you must learn to control your dog. Here are some methods on how you can prevent your Pitbull from jumping.

1. Orderly Greetings

When you reach home and walk through the door, your Pitbull will get overly excited and probably more than anyone else in the house. If he runs over to you licking, jumping, or sniffing you, politely ignore him. The behavior will most likely continue.

Respectfully walk him back to his spot and tell him to sit. Repeat the command when you are walking away, and he follows you.

After you have settled in the home, invite your Pitbull near you to greet you. Repeating and keeping it consistent will make your Pitbull welcome you properly in no time.

2. Stoop to Their Level

After giving your Pitbull the invitation to greet you, make sure you bend down or sit down to make yourself within reach of him. When your Pitbull sees you in the position, it will teach him that giving you love and affection only in this position is okay.

Additionally, he will not have to jump up to reach you. After he greets you and you stand up, and you see Pitbull following you and jumping up on you, give him the order to get down. After he gets down, don’t pet him.

Petting him will only confuse your Pitbull between which command is positive and which is wrong. If you keep it clear, he will understand it better.

3. Limit Aggressive Play

Pitbulls love playing, and they have the energy to do so, and they will love nothing more than to get into some old-fashioned grappling. Pitbulls enjoy rough types of play, making them enjoy doing it again.

You may find your Pitbull jumping on you when trying to relax, harmlessly initiating play. The Pitbull will be unable to understand when it’s okay to play and when it is not. They must know that you are the only one who can initiate play, and they must wait for your command.

Your Pitbull must also be able to understand when you are tired and when you are active. Playing is okay, but aggression in Pitbulls is not.

4. Train Your Pit Bull with Basic Commands

One of the most straightforward commands you can teach your Pitbull dog is “down” or “sit.” Pitbulls are incredibly stubborn, playful, and goofy, so ensure no leniency when giving this basic order.

After you tell your Pitbull to get down, be sure you or the person he jumped on does not pet him. Your dog will see this as a reward, which will not help him correct his behavior.

When your Pitbull jumps on someone, you must sit down and have him respond accordingly. Ensure he listens to you; otherwise, he will confuse your voice with background noise.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make My Pitbull Obedient?

The best way to make your Pitbull obey you is to make him realize you are the alpha of the house. He will understand this by knowing that good behavior gets him tasty treats, and terrible behavior gets him zero affection.

If you take away your affection from your Pitbull, it will be one of the most significant punishments it can think of, and he will be back to listening to you.

How Do You Correct a Pitbull’s Behavior?

If your Pitbull acts in a manner you do not like, or it’s out of the moment, ignore him, get away from him, withhold your affection, and tell him what to do. Show him how to do it if he does not complete your command.

Even after you show him how to do it, he is not listening or doing what you tell him; walk away and ignore him. Pitbulls love pleasing their owners, so if they see you are upset, they will immediately do what you told them. Please give him a treat and praise as soon as he does what you told him.

How to Stop a Pitbull from Jumping up On Strangers?

To keep your Pitbull from jumping up on strangers, keep him on a leash. You must also teach your dog to be obedient and listen to you. If your dog is disobedient, it will do whatever it pleases, and jumping up on strangers is just one of the destructive behaviors he will pick up.


Pitbulls are full of energy, and they love to play with other dogs and humans. It is necessary to establish with your dog that plays should only be initiated by you and ended when you command him to.

Suppose you encourage destructive behaviors and do not correct them. In that case, they will root deep down into your Pitbull, and removing such behavior from a loving Pitbull will become almost impossible.

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