How to Make an American Bully’s Head Grow Bigger

Although American look scary and have a terrible reputation, they are one of the most adorable and loving dog breeds. And many owners want to make their American Bully’s head grow bigger to make them look “Bullier.”

One of the significant and outlying features of the American Bully is its head, and some people worry whether or not their bully puppy’s head will grow any bigger and, if so, what they can do to help. In this article, I discuss how to make your bully’s head grow.

Make an American Bully’s Head Grow Bigger

If you want to make your American Bully head grow bigger, here are five tips to help you develop an American Bull’s head.

1. Give Your American Bully the Right Vitamins

Vitamins are an important part of life. So, if you think you need them, they are just as vital to your Bully. For an American Bully, vitamins are crucial for growth, especially the head.

While genetics lead to developing a Bully, the correct vitamins and nutrients are just as important.

Vitamins are important for your young American Bully puppy; however, you should also continue giving them to your adult bully. The primary vitamins include vitamin A, D, and B complex. Let’s talk about them:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps in enhancing eyesight. One easy way to increase the intake of vitamin A by your American Bully is to add carrots to their diets.

Vitamin A will improve good eyesight, hair, and skin, but it also helps in body and head growth, fetal development, cell function, and the immune system. Therefore, making your American Bully take a lot of vitamin A is necessary.

Vitamin D

Our bodies can absorb vitamin D by sitting in the sun. While this vitamin is responsible for a dog’s health, Vitamin D is also responsible for normal bone growth. Absorbing Vitamin D into the body helps the Bully balance minerals such as phosphorous and calcium.

Without proper vitamin D in your American Bully’s diet, it can’t grow its muscles and bone properly.

So, your growing Bully puppy must get a good amount of vitamin D so its bones and muscles grow to their fullest potential, including its head.

Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B complex is a grouping of B vitamins comprised of vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and various other helpful vitamins that play a crucial role in maintaining health, including the size of its head.

Vitamin B complex helps enzyme function, nervous system function, metabolism, immune response, and much more.

Vitamin B is required in a dog’s diet to assimilate protein and fat; both are crucial for growth and development in a dog. Hence, an adequate amount of Vitamin B can help grow American Bully’s head.

2. Ensure Your American Bully Gets Adequate Exercise

To live a healthy life, dogs must exercise; some breeds require more exercise than others. American Bully is an active breed and needs at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

It is important to include mental and physical activities in their daily exercise. This means you must take your Bully on walks, jogs, and various games such as fetch or trick games.

Mental and physical exercises such as these help dogs develop physically and mentally. Although you should keep in mind that too much exercise on a small dog can induce injury to its bones and joints.

Therefore, devise a plan to figure out the perfect amount of exercise for your Bully to strengthen his joints and bones. Regular exercise will also help in the head growth of your Bully.

3. Give Your American Bully a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is important for several reasons, and it goes hand-in-hand with ensuring your Bully has all the essential vitamins in its diet.

Supplying your Bully with a well-balanced diet will encourage proper growth and give your bully a chance for maximum head growth. A well-balanced diet includes food that is high in protein and fat.

The food can be either dry kibbles or fresh meat and fruits; it doesn’t matter if it has all the essential nutrients. It is best to talk to your vet for the best advice about food and supplements required explicitly by your Bully.

4. Give Your Pregnant Bully Growth Formula

If you are a breeder and have a pregnant American Bully, and you want your puppies to have the best chance at having a big head, there are supplements you can give your pregnant Bully.

Growth supplements transfer from the mother to her puppies inside the womb and while nursing. Therefore, these supplements will aid the puppy’s growth and development, including its head.

5. Strengthen Your American Bully’s Head and Face Muscles

To get the proper shape of your American Bully’s head, you must strengthen its face and head muscles. One method to do this is to make the jaw muscles more pronounced.

The size of your Bully’s head depends entirely on genetics. So, if either of the parents didn’t have a large head, it’s unlikely that your Bully puppy will.

However, doing this simple thing to help those jaw muscles grow will help towards the appearance of a bigger head.

Strengthening the muscles include many things, such as allowing your Bully to chew on toys or playing tug-of-war are two ways to enhance the jaw muscles of your American Bully.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Dog’s Head Get Bigger?

If your dog’s parents had a bigger head, then your dog will most likely get a bigger head. You can also help by helping with nutrition, exercise, vitamins, and other necessary care.

In the end, genetics decide what size of the head the dog will have.

What Age Does a Dog’s Head Stop Growing?

Your Bully will grow up to 12 months and gain muscles and mass till two years of age. If your dog’s head didn’t grow in this period, it is doubtful it to develop later.

To ensure your dog’s head grows properly, feed him a good diet, adequate exercise, supplements, and vitamins.

Are Dogs with Bigger Heads Smarter?

According to some studies, dogs with bigger heads performed better than those with smaller heads in some intelligence tests. It is, however, not certain that such dogs will always be more intelligent than small-headed dogs.


It is clear after reading this article that your American Bully’s head will only grow if its genetics allow it. All you can do is help with its growth by providing proper care.

A small head shouldn’t bother you as long as you love your Bully, as American Bullies are very kind and adorable dogs. Just do your part in helping your Bully, and nature will do the rest. I hope this helped.

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