How to Introduce a Pitbull to Other Dogs?

Pit Bulls can be among the loveliest and most pleasant dogs out there. Many years of specific laws and media have given them a bad reputation. As a pitbull owner, there are some points for you to remember because the breed is prone to mistrusting other dogs.

All Pitbulls dont have this sort of behavior. This behavior may result from fear or direct aggression. What is the cause? It can be challenging for a pitbull to hang around with another dog.

As an owner, it depends on you how you would train your dog and make him feel comfortable with other dogs. In this article, we will discuss some methods to help you keep your dog calm and relaxed while hanging out with other dogs.

Importance of Introducing Pitbulls to Other Dogs

The introduction of other dogs and your Pitbull is essential for socializing. If a Pitbull is not accustomed to other dogs, it can develop aggression and social anxiety. It can also teach your Pitbull how to behave in unfamiliar situations.

Here is a breakdown of why you should socialize your Pitbull with other dogs.

Strength And Speed

Pitbulls are undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy dog breeds in the world. The Pitbull breed can do the most damage in the shortest time to any enemy, either an animal or a human.

Just like all large and robust breeds that can harm and inflict a lot of damage on others very quickly, Pitbull owners must look out for the safety of others.

Tendency Toward Dog Aggression

Not all Pitbulls will be dog aggressive, but the potential is more significant than in many other breeds. Pitbulls are not alone in being dog aggressive; their image burdens the owners with a great responsibility to protect others.

Breed Reputation

Imagine your Corgi attacks the neighbor’s Chihuahua, or your dog from any other breed takes a bite out of a shoe; chances are no one will immediately begin asking you to euthanize your dog. And no one will successfully utilize one incident to start a worldwide movement to eradicate Corgis or Cocker Spaniels.

But Pitbull owners have to worry about calls to “put down” Pitbulls even when they are not the aggressors in a given situation. There’s already a worldwide campaign to eliminate the Pitbull breed.

Even aggressive looks can add to the toxic perception of the whole Pitbull breed or put your dog in a nasty situation. Put all these problems together, and it’s easier to understand why it’s so crucial to socialize with your Pitbull.

Teaching Social Manners

Your Pitbull must be socialized as it helps your Pit learn social manners and cues such as:

  • You are teaching them about the world around them. Much like you would a human child. They learn from experiences.
  • You teach them about specific places, people, and things such as cars, trains, bicycles, and strange noises. They learn about these things every time you take them out.
  • Most dog bites in the United States are from loose or chained-up dogs. In short, they should have been appropriately socialized.

Preparing for The Introduction

Before introducing your Pitbull to another dog, you must be prepared to handle any uncomfortable situation.

1. Use a Strong Leash

If any aggression occurs, you may need a strong leash to pull your dog back. With a strong leash, you can easily control your dog.

2. Vaccinate Your Pitbull

Before introducing your pitbull to another dog, it’s essential to vaccinate your dog to avoid any chance of spreading disease.

3. Train Your Dog to Follow Your Instructions

Before socializing or introducing your dog to a new dog, it’s essential to train it. You should train your dog to listen to you, like when you say sit; your dog should do so.

This clear understanding will allow you to control your dog in an uncertain situation more easily. You can enroll your dog in obedience classes.

Methods of Introducing a Pitbull to Another Dog

Now that you understand what to do before introducing your Pitbull to another dog, you must know some important methods of introducing a Pitbull to another dog.

1. Start with Calm Dogs

You can choose your friend’s dog, which is calm. By this, calm dogs will not show aggressive behavior towards your Pitbull, and it will make it easy to understand for you on first-time about your Pitbull behavior and take action accordingly.

2. Socialize Your Dog at An Early Age

An old dog is tough to handle and train according to your preference, so it is essential to socialize your pitbull at an early age rather than old age.

Early age dogs usually learn things faster and easier than old dogs because the old dog has used too much of its previous habit for so long that now it’s very challenging to make a Pitbull leave terrible habits.

3. Understand and Help Your Pitbull

When your pitbull is introduced to the new dog for the first time, if he shows signs of fear and aggression, Pull him out of the situation to calm him down if he starts showing those behaviors.

4. Vary the Experiences

You can start with your dog to see dogs other than your home. It could be a road or any public place to make him feel normal around other dogs gradually.

5. Keep Distance Between Dogs

Initially, you can keep a distance between your dog and another dog to avoid mishaps and gradually make them come closer.

6. Consult a Behaviorist

It would be best if you accepted your dog’s personality. If your Pitbull is uncomfortable with another dog, don’t punish your dog. Try to be kind and seek help from a qualified behaviorist because they have expertise in their field training different dogs. It will surely help you out.

7. A Long Walk or Run

Pitbulls are energetic and robust. Before introducing it to another dog, take a pitbull on a long walk or running session. It will make them calm by releasing more energy and controlling their behavior. A long walk can help eliminate stress.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pitbull Get Along with Other Dogs.?

Most pitbull breeds can not get along with small dogs for reasons like wildness, lack of training, and high energy level, but you can adequately train Pitbulls to get comfortable with other dogs. It can take some time.

Are Pitbulls Friendly to Other Dogs?

Some Pitbulls have poor greeting behavior. Some will be good with other dogs, and some will not work with another dog, but you can certainly train your pitbull and try to train at an early age. Old dog is difficult to train and handle.

Why Is My Pitbull so Aggressive Toward Other Dogs?

It depends upon how your dog is trained at his puppy age. If your Pitbull socializes with dogs, he will not be that aggressive, but if he is not, he will not get along with other dogs. Another reason is the experience of your dog, like abuse and neglect.

Do Pitbulls Get Jealous of Other Dogs?

Like humans, dogs also have physical and emotional needs. The dog is a very loyal pet and loves attention from his owner, and sometimes they get jealous due to the entry of a new dog or pet in the house or if the owner is paying more attention to the new dog or pet.


Pitbulls can find it hard to get along with other dogs due to their worst past experiences like abuse and negligence. If your pitbull is socialized and trained correctly at puppy age, he can hang around with other dogs.

Still, if your dog is taught from the beginning, it will be easier for him to get comfortable with another dog, but old-aged dogs will not get along with other dogs because of aggression.

First, you must socialize with your dog and introduce it to new dogs while talking for a long. Walk note that there should be a distance between dogs first, and you should use a strong leash to pull your dog back quickly if any mishap occurs.

You can first introduce your dog to a calm dog to see your dog’s reaction because calm dogs are friendly, and this experiment will show your dog’s behavior. You can also reward your pitbull for showing good gestures with other dogs and pets.

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