How To Get Your American Bully to Grow Thicker

American Bullies are designed to be muscular and stand out from the competition.

American Bully is easily recognizable from its parent breed, the Pitbull, with its large stocky head and muscles that stretch from every part of its body.

You have come to the right place if you are a Bully owner and want your American Bully puppy to grow muscles.

Importance of Thickness in The Breed Standard

All breeds of dogs need to maintain strength at all times because strength and stability are important factors that affect their overall health, which depends on the muscle condition.

Bullies suffering from muscle loss become weaker, healing from injuries and illnesses, and their immune system weakens.

Muscle loss can happen for many reasons, such as loss of muscle in damage or loss with age, and it can also occur with a lazy lifestyle.

Muscle on a Bully

Taking your Bully on regular walks and playing with them is necessary to strengthen his joints and muscles to reduce fatigue and injuries.

Building necessary muscles are essential for an American Bully because of it:

  • Rebuilds muscle mass lost due to any injuries
  • Help an underweight dog gain the proper size and weight
  • Condition the Bully for performance activities such as pulling weights and agility
  • Increase metabolism and fat loss

It is noteworthy to remember that there are different standards of necessary muscles for all breeds of dogs. Different dogs can carry different levels of muscle mass.

Even in the American Bully breed, every class of Bully needs to gain only the required amount of muscles that it can sustain for its size and not more.

How To Get Your American Bully To Grow Thicker?

To get your American Bully to gain muscles and grow thicker, you first need to understand whether or not the dog has the genetic ability to grow muscles.

Look at its parents to get a clear idea of how your Bully will turn out. Most American Bullies grow to become the muscular dogs they were intended to become.

All you have to do is take good care of them to ensure they have everything to achieve that.

Here are a few things that you can do to help your American Bully grow thicker:

1. Nutrition

The American Bully puppy will need a proper diet of high-quality nutrients to grow healthy and muscular dogs. Dog food is a big industry, with several famous brands producing food for the American Bully.

You must always consult with the vet to select the correct and best nutrients for your American Bully. Your vet may also prescribe any supplements, if necessary, at any point.

Protein Rich

Your American Bully need to start developing those muscles early in their lives. So, it would be best to give them enough protein to grow muscle.

The most suitable dog food contains at least 30% protein content. Ensure the Bully diet has a lot of meat, such as goose, duck, fish, beef, lamb, etc.

Only Essential Fats

In addition to proteins, your Bully also needs essential fats. Fat is crucial to maintain body activity and health. High-quantity fat will help your Bully in day-to-day activities and help break down protein nutrients easily. Ensure that the food you buy has at least 20% fat.

Carbohydrates for Energy

Carbs are as vital to a Bully as proteins. It is clear that an American Bully needs protein, but they are not enough. The body requires carbs for the daily dose of energy, which your puppy will need to perform all those exercises.

About 50% of the nutrients in the food should be carbs, and the rest be proteins and fats. To ensure you get the correct type of food, read the packaging for information regarding the contents and nutrients.

You can go to any local pet store near you and read the contents on the packaging. Another thing to remember is to buy premium brand food you can find in supermarkets.

Get Hypoallergenic Food

If your American Bully has allergies, you need to be careful with the brand of food you buy. There are many hypoallergenic dog food brands available that your vet can prescribe to meet the needs and situation of your Bully.

Precautionary Supplements

Many breeders have started using all sorts of supplements available to fatten up and put on some weight on their Bullies to give them a “bullier” look. But there is a difference between a fat Bully and a bone and muscle mass Bully.

Eating all these supplements for no reason will affect the health of your Bully. You won’t need supplements if your Bully carries the genes to become muscular.

If you decide to feed your Bully some supplements, it is best to consult your vet beforehand. Your vet will give you the best advice and prescribe you the supplements you need for your Bully.

Water for Refreshment

Your Bully will play a lot outside all day; with those muscles, his body will surely get exhausted with heat. Keep water always available for him to ensure your Bully doesn’t overheat and have a stroke.

Keep a bowl full of water for him after he has played, and let him have his fill. After he is done, dump the water and only give him water after a meal or exercise.

Disposing of the water is necessary to avoid ingesting bacteria and insects that may accumulate on day-old water.

Food Scheduling

From 12 weeks to 6 months, your American Bully puppy should get three meals a day. Give your Bully small enough proportions to gain the required nutrients without stuffing themselves. After six months, feed them only two meals per day.

Scheduling meals is necessary to avoid overeating and undereating. A growing Bully needs the right amount of nutrients to grow muscular; anything less or more will affect his growth.

2. Training and Exercise

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand with each other. You cannot expect your Bully to gain muscles if you only keep feeding him and don’t do exercise and training. Your Bully will only fatten up and become lazy if you don’t give him any exercise.

Exercise Helps Build Muscles

Sparing only 30 minutes of your day to play with your American Bully is a great way to help build muscles. Play fetch with him to make him run around. You can also have your Bully pull weights to support the process further.

Some people and breeders will recommend using a flirt pole, which is a great way to exercise, but playing simple fetch is the cheapest and best method of all.

Your Bully can also gain core strength by running up and down and jumping around. As with all exercises, ensure your Bully does these with effort but without pain. You can also take your American Bully puppy on walks across the sand if you live near a beach.

Rest and Recovery

Rest and recovery are important parts of the exercise. Let your American Bully rest and recover during exercises and after the whole routine. Resting will help the tears in the muscles heal and allow them to grow thicker and stronger.

3. Grooming is Important

Proper skin care and grooming are as important as caring for an American Bully. Bullies have short, stiff coats but are still susceptible to skin problems, such as eczema, ichthyosis, fungal infections, skin mites, and more, causing them to itch and scratch regularly.

As an owner, you have to proceed with extra care. Here are a few tips to prevent issues and keep your dog relaxed and happy.

Brushing Regularly

Since American Bullies have short coats, it’s easier to notice loose hairs and rough patches when you per them.

Even though American Bullies don’t shed too much, if you don’t brush them regularly, you will find hair on clothes, furniture, food, and anything your Bully comes in contact with.

Thus, brushing your Bully’s coat regularly helps keep his skin healthy, keeping him healthy overall.

Proper Nutrition

As I said above, nutrition is necessary to keep your belly healthy. Proper nutrition will help your Bully keep healthy skin, avoid any allergies and keep the overall health of your Bully.

Temperature Control

American Bullies have a lot of muscle mass and can easily get overheated, especially during summertime. During this period, they will lose more hair to keep their body cool, resulting in a Bully with empty patches all over it.

To avoid this, keep brushing your Bully regularly and keep their body temperature under control. Don’t let your Bully play in the sun, and make sure they are fully hydrated.

Vet Consultations for Skin Allergies

As I mentioned above, American Bullies are prone to skin diseases caused by food or environmental reasons. As a result, American Bullies experience more shedding than usual.

To avoid this, you should regularly consult your vet and determine the roots of allergies or prevent them altogether.

Bathing Shampoo and Schedule

American Bullies don’t need to bathe as frequently as long-haired breeds. Too much bathing can hurt their skin and coat. Therefore, you should wash your Bully once every month during summer and once every 2-3 months during cooler months.

4. Genetics

Genetics plays the most crucial role in the end structure of an American Bully. You may feed your Bully all sorts of foods and supplements and do every type of exercise, but if the genes don’t have it, you can’t do anything about it.

Genes determine how your Bully will look from birth to adulthood, so the best way to know how your American Bully will turn out is to look at its parents.

Some people will tell you about its pedigree, and while that is important, a dog will have many famous names in its pedigree, but if the parents are different from what you are looking for, the puppy is never going to turn out different.

There are a ton of Venomline dogs that look nothing like Venom. It won’t matter how good the pedigree is on paper, look at the two dogs in front of you, and you will know. Without genes, there will be no muscles.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Fatten Up My American Bully?

With a lot of protein and fat diet, look for food with at least 30% protein and 20% fat. High-protein and fatty foods such as beef, chicken, lamb, or salmon are all good options.

Can I Feed My Bully Raw Meat?

Absolutely. Meat contains the essential proteins that your Bully needs to grow muscles. Just ensure the meat is clean, healthy, and free from contaminants.

How Do I Bulk up My Dogs’ Muscles?

To bulk your dog’s muscles, feed him lots of protein and fat-rich food such as salmon, chicken, beef, and lamb with essential carbs. Always buy premium food brands and consult your vet for any supplements.

What Meat Builds Muscle for Dogs?

You must feed him meat high in protein and fat to build your Bully’s muscles. Raw meat such as chicken, beef, salmon, and lamb are the richest in protein and fats. You can also add supplements to the diet only after consulting your vet.


If you own an American Bully, it is bound to get muscular because it is in the genes of its breed. You must put in some effort to get your American Bully to grow thicker, such as good food and exercise, to ensure your Bully reaches his full potential.

Make the daily activities a bit more challenging to make it more effortless for your dog to exercise while playing around.

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