How Much Do Pocket Bullies Cost? – Detailed Guide

You have probably researched the Pocket Bully and fallen in love; I mean, who wouldn’t? But you are now wondering about the costs such as buying, maintaining, and living costs of the Pocket Bully.

Well, you are in luck because I have all your answers here. So let’s dive deep into it:

How Much Does a Pocket Bully Cost?

The simple answer to this question is that Pocket Bullies cost between $3000 to $8000 for each puppy. But the exact answer depends on many reasons: you will never find these puppies at a constant price.

Pocket Bullies are more expensive than Standard American Bullies because they are harder to breed. The smaller size makes it exotic and attractive and hence more expensive.

There are many factors affecting the price of the Pocket Bullies that you should know about before you buy a Pocket Bully.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Pocket Bully

The reasons for such a high price include bloodline, breeding costs, stud fees, colors, size, and many more. Here is a detailed look at some of the reasons why Pocket Bullies are so expensive than others.

Market and Demand Supply

Pocket Bullies are a very new breed that only came into existence in the 1990s, but they quickly gained popularity thanks to their out-of-the-ordinary looks. If you want to adopt a Pocket Bully, search the entire country or globally to find the correct breeder.

A few breeders produce quality Pocket Bullies, which ship in the U.S. and internationally. But the number of these breeders is so low they cannot meet the demand.

The demand and surge in popularity have increased the prices for these exotic dogs, especially in the last few years, as more households have become pet friendly since the pandemic.

This sudden surge in demand for pets that could fit small apartments or houses and had low maintenance requirements made Pocket Bullies the perfect choice. While it also happened for other dogs, thanks to their small size and adorable looks, Pocket Bullies topped the charts for in-demand dogs.

This leads me to my next point:

Breeder Reputation and Expertise

As more and more people started looking for dogs that could be a great vibe to their houses and fit into their small apartments while they worked from home, the breeders felt the push.

While Pocket Bullies did become popular and in demand, no one wanted a low-quality dog, so breeders used their expertise and reputation to jack up the prices.

While it is reasonable that a famous breeder will take extra measures to ensure a dog with a quality pedigree and bloodline, it still got out of hand when some breeders had an asking price of $50,000!

To most people, it is worth the extra price as an expert and reputable breeder will give a healthy Bully that will live with its owner for a long time.

On top of ensuring the puppies’ quality is great, breeders also have to pay a hefty price for stud services.

Stud Service Fees

To qualify as a Pocket Bully, the breeder has to follow set breeding standards. One of the standards is to have a quality stud as a father. Hence it’s common for some stud services to charge over $10,000! Ordering a stud service from a known breeder is also not easy.

You have to make sure that the stud is in great health, its bloodline, appearance, and a proven ability to produce quality litter in the past.

If a stud can pass all these checkmarks, having that stud as the father of your new puppies is worth it. And stud service agencies know all these qualities, so they charge accordingly.

Extra Care of the Pregnant Mother

Pocket Bullies are muscular, and they often have respiratory system problems. Add that to a pregnant dog with the same type of puppies, and you will understand how hard it is for the mother.

During pregnancy, the breeder must take extra care of the Pocket Bully female and often take the dog to the vet. And when it comes to delivery, the female Pocket Bullies cannot give birth naturally and have to do it by c-section because the babies are muscular too and could die or kill the mother.

Coat Color

And finally, the appearance. The newborn puppy’s coat color will determine its final price. If the color is common among Bullies, it would hardly fetch any price higher than the average.

But if the color is rare, like Blue, Merle, Tri-color, or maybe a Lilac, then rest assured the puppy will sell for a premium price that only a few can afford. One great thing about Bullies is that they can come in any color; it’s just that some are a little bit rare than others.

Usually, the Pocket Bully has one solid coat color with white markings found over their chest, face, and legs.

Types of Pocket Bully & Their Cost

Pocket Bullies can come in the following colors:

1. Blue

A Pocket American Bully is not blue; it is silver-gray and looks blue. The Blue shade is the result of a recessive dilution gene that is present in Pocket Bullies.

Also, note that not all Blue Pocket Bullies will look the same, as the intensity of the color differs from puppy to puppy. Some Pocket Bullie will have a light blue coat, whereas others might exhibit a steel blue coat color. Here are a few blue color combinations in Pocket Bullies.

The average cost of a Blue Pocket Bully is between $6000 to $8000.

2. Blue Fawn

A blue fawn pocket bully usually has a combination of light brown and light to dark blue coats. Some of them may also have some brindle makings.

Blue brindle:  A blue Brindle Bully stands out due to its tiger-like stripes or, as some call it, a brindle pattern. These Brindle stripes have a touch of gray that looks like blue.

A Blue Fawn Pocket Bully costs about $5000 to $6000.

3. Black

A Black Pocket Bully features a shiny black coat on most of his body. A Black Pocket Bully commonly has white markings on its face, chest, and paws. The Black Bully coat is the result of excessive eumelanin that is present in his skin. Excess eumelanin is responsible for producing black pigment.

A common Black Pocket Bully costs about $2000, whereas a full Black Pocket Bully, called a Panther Bully, will cost around $4000.

4. Black and White

A black and white Pocket Bully has only two colors, black and white. Not all Pocket Bullies will look the same; some Bullies have a higher proportion of white, whereas others have less white scattered around their bodies.

A Black white Pocket Bully is very common and will cost $1500 to $2000.

5. White

A white Pocket Bully has a primarily white coat with some markings of black and tan. Some have spots of different colors on their body, usually called piebald white Bullies, and others have albinism.

Albino white Pocket Bullies have a genetic condition wherein the pigmentation in the coat, skin, and eyes is absent. White Pocket Bullies costs $4500 to $5000.

6. Brown

An American Brown Pocket Bully has a light brown or dark brown primary coat with white markings on the face, chest, and legs. Brown is even more common than Black Pocket Bully and usually costs around $2000.

7. Fawn

A fawn Pocket Bully could be described as having a light cream to reddish-brown coat, resulting from agouti and black genes. A typical Fawn Pocket Bully costs around $3000.

8. Grey

Grey Pocket Bully is distinguished by having a lighter shade of Black for the base coat and a few other color patches, such as white and tan. A Grey Pocket Bullies sometimes give a shade similar to Blue, but it is less pricey.

A Grey Pocket Bully will usually cost around $3000 to $3500.

9. Chocolate

A chocolate American Pocket Bully can exhibit a dark brown chocolate coat or a chocolate fawn coat. Chocolate Pocket Bullies are uncommon and are highly sought after by American Bully lovers.

A Pocket Bully in chocolate will cost around $3500.

10. Red Pocket Bully

A red Pocket Bully has a reddish to copper-rust shade coat color. They will also have white patches on the face, chest, and other body parts.

A Red Pocket Bully costs about $3000.

11. Tan Pocket Bully

Unlike the chocolate Pocket Bully, a tan Pocket Bully has a light brown shade with white markings on the legs, chest, and neck. Tan and Red Pocket Bullies have the same prices, around $3000.

12. Champagne Pocket Bully

A champagne Pocket Bully is distinguished by a recessive red gene mutation that causes the coat to be in the color range of cream, pearl, and light yellow. Nose color could be blue to red, depending on the total genotype.

Champagne is one the rarest colors in Pocket Bullies and costs around $6000.

13. Lilac Pocket Bully

A Lilac American Pocket Bully has a faded-looking coat. It is a diluted black; hence, it looks faded. What makes an American Bully Pocket lilac unique is that a lilac Pocket Bully puppy has twice the dilution of the color black, almost like diluted chocolate. Thus, the coat looks faded black to purplish or grayish.

A Lilac Pocket Bully will cost you around $6000+ from a reputable breeder.

14. Tri-Colored Pocket Bully

A tri-colored Pocket Bully is one of the remarkable color variations of the pocket Bully dog breed. A Tri Pocket Bully has three colors on a coat that are easily set apart, not mixed like a merle.

Tri-colored Pocket Bullies have many color combinations with any of these colors as base coats: Blue, Black, Lilac, and Chocolate.

All Tri-colored Pocket Bullies cost between $4500 to $6000. The different Tricolor combinations are

Blue TriColor Bully: The tri Pocket Bullies are challenging to produce due to recessive and rare genes. Tri Pocket Bully is mostly blue, with white and tan patches on his chest, legs, and face.

Black Tri Pocket Bully: A black Tri Pocket Bully will have a shiny black base coat with tan and white markings near their eyes, muzzle, and chest.

Tri-Chocolate Bully: A Tri-chocolate Pocket Bully has a shiny chocolate coat with markings of tan on the legs, chest, and face. White color can also be seen in some neck and chest areas.

Lilac Tri Pocket Bully: Among the tri colors of Pocket Bullies, the lilac Tri Pocket Bully is the rarest. Those with this coat color have a solid lilac base color with markings of tan on the ears, legs, snout, and paws. The white markings are typically seen around their necks.

15. Merle Pocket Bullies

Merle Pocket Bullies have three colors on their coats that are in mottled patterns. The patches are faded in color with a few dots that almost resembles a Dalmation.

Both parents must have recessive merle alleles to produce a Merle Pocket Bully. If only one parent has a recessive gene and the other has a dominant gene, the resulting puppy will have the dominant color coat.

Keep in mind Merle Bullies are not registered by any kennel club due to health concerns related to the genetic makeup of Merle Bullies.

The most common Merle coat combination is Blue Merle, but it can come in other colors too.

Blue Merle: A Merle Blue Pocket Bully has irregular patches of blue scattered around their body. A Blue Merle Bully often has a grayish base coat with blue dots and white or black patches. A Blue merle Pocket Bully costs around $5500.

Lilac Merle: A Lilac Merle Pocket Bully has faded black as the base color with lilac spots scattered across the body. There are some white spots on the body, and they usually have blue or white eyes. Lilac is rare, and Lilac Merle is even harder to find, and it costs up to $8000 if you can find it.

Initial Cost of Pocket Bully Ownership

If you decide to get a Pocket Bully, you might wonder how much you must prepare. Aside from the Pocket Bully dog price, buying some essential things for your new furry friend would be best.

Some items you need to purchase before you bring home your Pocket Bully puppy are:

Food and Treats

There are many options for high-quality dog food for Pocket Bully. You should pick the right one for their age and activity level. On the same note, choose a treat made of natural ingredients.

Also, check your puppy to determine if they have a food allergy. A large pack of dog food for your Pocket Bully and some treats will cost you about $80 to $120.

Food and Water Bowls

A set of bowls for food and water for a Pocket Bully usually ranges from $10 to $35. Ensure to get one that is safe for food and easy to clean. Preferably, go for stainless steel bowls since they last longer than plastic ones.


Investing in a durable and comfortable bed for your Pocket Bully dog is recommended, reducing their risk of bone and muscle issues in the future. A standard quality bed will cost you at least $40 to $200.


Like other dog breeds, a crate is necessary for your Pocket Bully if you want it to stay away from the house, especially with visitors. It helps prevent aggressive behavior and provides your Pocket Bully with security.

Crates are also crucial for obedience training if you want your Bully to be a perfect family dog. A sturdy crate will cost you about $50 to $500.

Leashes and Collars

Leash and collars typically come in sets and cost around $20 to $25. There are some customizable options where you can put your puppy’s name and contact details, but they will cost more. Leashes and collars are essential to bringing your dog for walks in the community and proper training.

Chew Toys

Pocket Bullys love chewing on items, especially when they are still young puppies. They would certainly appreciate some chew toys. You should also provide them with mentally refreshing toys like puzzles and bricks. Usually, chew toys can cost around $30 to $50.

Grooming Products

Despite being medium-sized dogs with outstanding physical features, Pocket Bullys need minimal grooming amongst dogs. You can groom them at home with the necessary supplies like dog shampoo, brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, and nail clippers. Altogether, these items will cost you $40 to $180.

Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications

Treat your dog with fleas or ticks immediately to avoid skin diseases. The same goes for internal parasites. You can get rid of them through deworming. Over-the-counter medications for these parasite problems will cost approximately $50 to $200.

Initial Vet Visits

Even though the breeder claims they have already vetted your Pocket Bully, you should still bring the puppy to a trusted veterinarian. Doing so will verify that the dog is free from health issues and that the breeder didn’t scam you. Vet visits can cost $100 to $300.

Initial Vaccination

Quality breeders vaccinate their pups, but if they fail, you must bring your Pocket Bully to the vet for up-to-date shots. The core vaccines for puppies are against parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, and rabies shot. These vaccines cost approximately $75 to $200 in total.

Spaying or Neutering

Depending on the age of your Pocket Bully, he may or may not be neutered by the time you bring him home. You should save around $200-$250 for neutering or spaying.

Dog License

A dog License can help animal shelters identify them if your dog gets lost. They’ll be kept in the shelter safely, and the rescue organization will contact you. The license proves your dog ownership and will cost around $10 to $20.


Like a dog license, a microchip can help identify your dog. The vet will insert a chip the size of a rice grain into your Pocket Bully’s shoulders via a non-invasive process. This microchip can be scanned for the identification of your dog. The price range of a microchip is around $40 to $60.

Miscellaneous Supplies

Like other dog breeds, allocating money on miscellaneous supplies like potty pads, poop scoopers, urine cleaners, etc., is also ideal. These extra items may cost around $15 to $30.

Here is a summary of all the items you need to purchase initially for your American Pocket Bully  :

Expense type Cost
Treats and Food $80 – $120
Food and Water Bowls $10 – $35
Bed $40 – $200
Create $50 – $500
Leashes and Collars $15 – $50
Toys $30 – $50
Grooming Essentials $40 – $180
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications $50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits $100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots $75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying $50 – $500
Dog License $10 – $20
Microchip $40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies $15 – $30
Total Initial Cost $605 – $2,445

If you own a pet, you might already have some items around the house. In that case, you can save money.

Annual Cost of Owning a Pocket Bully

It is necessary to know what to expect shortly regarding Pocket Bully-related expenses. Therefore, this section is dedicated to the nitty-gritty details of your annual costs as a Pocket Bully owner.

Typically, you would need some services on top of the restocking for your Pocket Bully’s treats, food, and medications.

Here’s a table to summarize the annual expenses of a Pocket Bully dog:

Type of Expense Annual Cost Estimate
Treats and Food $480 – $1,200
New toys $25 – $150
Crate and Bed $120 – $500
Collars and Leashes $25 – $50
Grooming items $150 – $500
Parasites (fleas, worms & ticks) Medications $150 – $250
Routine Vet checkup $200 – $400
Dog Insurance $500 – $1,500
Essential Vaccination $80 – $250
Miscellaneous Reserves $30 – $50
Annual Total $1,760 – $4,850
Average Monthly Cost $147 – $404

Other Potential Expenses

So far, this article has only focused on the cost of the basic needs of an American Pocket Bully and the average price. Let’s talk about other potential expenses that may become necessary.

Some potential expenses you may need for your Pocket Bully puppy:

Daycare Services

If you need someone to watch your American Pocket Bully when you’re not around, daycare services are for you. For about $15 to $20, you can drop your pet off at a daycare service to keep them company.

Pet Walking Services

If you are a busy pet owner, you will need the service of professional pet walkers to ensure your dog remains active. Expect to pay $10 to $15 for a dependable pet walker.

Medical Treatment

Like other dogs, some health problems are unavoidable for Pocket Bullys, brought about by age. That said, depending on your Pocket Bully’s health issue, you may need to spend $100 to $10,000 for treatment.

Kennel Club Registration

Register your Pocket Bully in American Kennel Club for $80 to $90. An AKC-registered dog will have its heritage documented. Plus, your Pocket Bully will also be eligible to join dog competitions.

Grooming Services

If you like to have your pet professionally groomed now and then, you must prepare extra cash. Depending on the size of your Pocket Bully and the length of its hair, grooming services will cost you anywhere between $20 and $50.

You can avail of all the services above at your preference except for emergency medical care. If you have the extra cash, there’s nothing wrong with splurging for your Pocket Bully sometimes.


If you want to buy a Pocket Bully but can’t afford the prices of reputable breeders, you can always opt to adopt. Rescue centers and animal shelters often have American Bullies waiting for a new home.

You can get a Pocket Bully from these places for about $200 to $500. However, the quality of the puppy will not be top-of-the-line, and such puppies often develop health issues that come with bad breeding.

If you want a disease-free Pocket Bully puppy, I suggest you buy from a top breeder such as Venom line. Whatever you choose, I hope you give your dog the best life possible.

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