Exotic French Bulldog – Things You Need to Know

The French Bulldog is a French companion dog breed known as the toy dog. It first appeared in the mid-19th century resulting from the crossbreeding of Toy Bulldogs from England and local Parisian Ratters.

The French Bulldog became a hit in households, especially royalties, and it began gaining popularity. Soon people got breeding them in exotic colors and started naming them Exotic French Bulldogs. Let’s talk about Exotic Bulldogs in detail.

What is an Exotic French Bulldog?

An Exotic French Bulldog is a name used for Frenchies that don’t fit into the breed standard. These can sometimes be called Fad colors and encompass many unique-looking French Bulldogs.

In simple words, these are rare French Bulldogs that look unique and intriguing. A French Bulldog is an adorable small beautiful dog that loves cuddling with its owner.

Characteristics of Exotic French Bulldog

Let’s discuss the characteristics of Exotic French Bulldogs better to understand the difference between Exotic and Standard French Bulldogs.

1. General Appearance

The Exotic French Bulldog is a compact, medium-sized dog with substantial bones, a sleek coat, and active muscles. The adorable puppy always seems to be attentive and displays an expression of alertness and curiosity.

Short and muscular, broad at the shoulders and contracting at the loins, the back is bowed with a slight fall immediately behind the shoulders. The physique is well-rounded and short. The tummy is tucked up, and the chest is deep, comprehensive, and complete.

The tail is often straight or occasionally twisted (but never curled), short, hung low, with a deep root and fine tip. Any modification, aside from the removal of dewclaws, is regarded as mutilation and unnatural.

2. Size and weight

The height of an Exotic French Bulldog is the same as standard Frenchies. The males usually grow from 10 inches (27 cm) to 13.7 inches (35 cm), whereas the females grow from 9 inches (24 cm) to 12 inches (32 cm).

The weight is also the same as the standard French Bulldogs. The males weigh 20 to 30 pounds, and the females weigh 17 to 28. Bone density is the reason for such a high weight in a small body. French Bulldogs have dense bones that make them weigh down.

3. Coat and Colors

Exotic French Bulldogs have short, moderately fine, brilliant, and smooth. The skin is soft and loose, especially between the head and shoulders, forming wrinkles.

Exotic Frenchie has rare colors compared to standard and common colors. The Exotic French Bulldog comes in.

  • Blue
  • Blue Merle
  • Blue Brindle
  • Blue Fluffy
  • Blue Tri-Color
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate Merle
  • Chocolate Brindle
  • Chocolate Fluffy
  • Chocolate Tri-Color
  • Lilac
  • Lilac Merle
  • Isabella

4. Facial Characteristics of Exotic French Bulldogs

The head of the exotic Frenchie is broad and square. Bright eyes that are widely spaced, positioned farther from the ears on the skull, round in shape, of moderate size, and neither sunken nor protruding. Blue, black, or brown eyes are familiar, and either one or both eyes may be unusual.

When facing forward, no haw or white of the eye is visible. Exotic French Bulldogs have what are known as “bat ears,” which are positioned apart from one another on top of the head, carried erect with the orifice to the front, and are broad at the base, elongated, with a round top but not sharp.

The ear’s skin is delicate and sensitive. Between the ears, the top of the skull is flat, and the forehead is not flat but somewhat rounded. The cheek muscles are well-developed and broad, deep, and well-relaxed.

With deep wrinkles creating a soft roll over the incredibly short nose and a well-defined stop, the stop creates a hollow groove between the eyes. The nostrils are significant, with a well-defined line between them.

Except for lighter-colored dogs, where a lighter-colored nose is permitted but undesirable, a nose that is not black is a disqualification.

A black, broad, and thick covering that hangs over the lower jaw at the sides meets the underlip in front and hides the teeth when the mouth is closed. The underjaw is broad, undershot, square, deep, and well-turned up. The throat has loose skin and a thick, well-arched neck.

5. Personality and Temperament of Exotic French Bulldogs

Exotic French Bulldogs are generally well-mannered, friendly dogs, and their worst temperamental flaw is that they can be a little headstrong at times. They are naturally kind and don’t lash out quickly, and their separation anxiety solely results from how much they like their owners.

Like its personality, a French Bulldog’s temperament is greatly influenced by its early years, breeding, and parents. Let’s start by highlighting the positives. First off, Frenchies are generally calm canines that are simple to train. Despite their often short attention spans, they can learn things rapidly and remain calm throughout their puppy years.

What is the Cost of an Exotic French Bulldog?

An Exotic French Bulldog costs more than a typical French Bulldog. A standard French Bulldog costs around $3000+, so you can expect to pay more for an Exotic French Bulldog.

The rarer the color, the more costly the puppy. The final cost depends not only on the color but also on the breeder’s reputation, the quality of the breeding parents, health, and size.

Usually, dogs from reputable breeders have the best health and the most cost, but it is worth every penny. For an Exotic French Bulldog, you can expect to pay between $4500 to $11,000+. Here is a list of the cost of Exotic French Bulldogs:

Color Cost
Full Black $4,500
Blue $6,500
Blue Fawn $6,500+
Chocolate $6,500
Fawn Brindle $4,500
Grey & White $5,000
Isabella $6,500+
Lilac $6,500
Merle $6,500
Fluffy $11,000+

Most of these Eoxtic Frechies are expensive despite needing to be recognized by the AKC. The reason for rejection is the association of health issues with these dogs’ color dilution genes.

If you are looking to buy an Exotic French Bulldog, always do your research and ask for references. Ensure you are not buying from a puppy mill and that the breeder is recognized nationally.

Always ask to meet the parents and ask for the pedigree. Doing all this will ensure the puppy is healthy and lives happily.

The Lifespan of Exotic French Bulldog

The lifespan of an Exotic French Bulldog is 10 to 12 years, but with proper care, they tend to live up to 15 years. French Bulldogs are sensitive dogs and are only meant to be pet dogs, not guard or working dogs.

Refrain from expecting your Frenchie to do heavy work or hunting. They are built to cuddle you on the couch and play with your children.

Diet & Food for Exotic French Bulldog

Exotic Frenchies consume the same food as a standard Frenchie. Exotic French Bulldog requires two meals per day that are strong in protein. The diet also needs a small amount of fiber, fat, and vitamins.

While muscles require protein to develop and maintain themselves, the immune system requires fats. Minerals and vitamins are also necessary for the body to function correctly.

You can feed your Frenchie dry kibbles or any other food your vet suggests. Stay in touch with your vet at all times.

Pros and Cons of Having an Exotic French Bulldog

Here are some pros and cons you should know before getting an Exotic French Bulldog:

Pros of Exotic French Bulldog

  1. Being Exotic, not everyone has such a dog that you will have a unique one.
  2. The wide range of colors makes choosing any color you want your dog to be possible.
  3. Being the odd ones out does not change their upbeat personalities, so you don’t have to worry about them acting out.
  4. French Bulldogs are lazy and low-maintenance dogs, so that you can leave for work without worry.
  5. Being small means they don’t eat much, so that’s one less expense. They can also adjust to tiny houses easily.

Cons of Exotic French Bulldog

  1. Exotic French Bulldogs are expensive and rare, so getting a purebred puppy can be difficult.
  2. Exotic Frenchies fart a lot, and not only that; their farts stink too much.
  3. Being non-standard, the dogs are not guaranteed to be pure, and you cannot even get AKC certification.
  4. Exotic Frennchies are attention cravers, so they become clingy.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Exotic French Bulldog

Some people think the right way to keep your pup is different, which may be true for their situation, but here are some tips that might help you and your Exotic Frenchie grow stronger and healthier than any other dog.

Give Them a Proper Diet

Three meals a day of dog chow does not constitute a proper diet. It denotes a meal rich in all the nutrients needed to nourish the dog’s body.

Your Exotic Frenchie needs to eat food high in protein, low in fat and carbohydrates, and fortified with vitamins and minerals. Additionally, since dogs are typically lazy and lounge around the house, feeding them only twice daily will suffice.

Maintain Your Dog’s Health

Although French Bulldogs don’t require much maintenance, you should always be vigilant. Visit the vet for your Exotic French Bulldog every six months. But if you notice anything odd, you should immediately head over to the bet.

Ensure you promptly vaccinate your puppy and have all the most recent immunizations. The most recent vaccinations will maintain its immune system’s boost.

Frenchies Don’t Need Much Exercise

If you just brought home a tiny puppy Exotic French bulldog, exercise is the finest form of training. Your dog won’t get bored this way, and you two will become closer.

However, be cautious because small puppies can’t keep up with you for long. A French bulldog adult should only exercise for a total of thirty minutes.

Frenchies are indolent dogs, so you must be interested and imaginative to get them to exercise. Play sports and buy them some toys. Many chew toys are available of high-quality that is suitable for your Frenchie.

Train Your Dog For Discipline

If you cherish your Exotic French Bulldog and take ownership seriously, you should know the significance of obedience.

You can begin as soon as you bring your puppy home. They must understand that you are the head of the household.

Teach your puppy the fundamental commands of go, come, stand, sit, and stay so that it will understand when you are speaking. You can socialize your dog and teach him more complex commands following basic instructions.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Considered an Exotic French Bulldog?

Any French Bulldog with a rare color that the AKC does not recognize is called an Exotic French Bulldog. Exotic colors include Blue, Bue Tri, Blue Brindle, Full Black, Merle, Chocolate, Lilac, Isabella, and other rare colors.

How Much Are Exotic Frenchies Worth?

Exotic French Bulldogs are worth between $4500 to $11,000. However, the price can alter depending on the breeder, the quality of the parents, and the color you choose.

What is the Most Expensive Color of A French Bulldog?

Although Lilac is very rare, it is not the most expensive Frenchie. The title of the most costly French Bulldog color goes to Isabella color.


Exotic French Bulldogs are no different than normal Frenchies except for their color. Exotic Frenchie is a fantastic pet dog and makes excellent friends. You will be happy to have one in your home.

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