Does the American Bully Shed? – Facts You Must Know

One thing to remember while buying an American Bully is how much they shed and if they are hypoallergenic.

Some Bullies might shed more than average, and it’s essential to understand why your dog is shedding so much, especially if they have allergies.

Overview of Shedding in Dogs

Different canine types shed hair in different quantities. Some shed only seasonally, while others shed all year round. Shedding depends on the kind of fur your puppy has.

A Golden Retriever, for example, has a thicker double fur coat, which makes it more likely to shed year-round. For dogs that shed seasonally, you will notice that maximum shedding occurs in the spring and fall.

Your dog’s fur will come lighter in the spring to prepare for summer. Likewise, in preparation for cold weather in the fall, you will see a change in your dog’s fur and an advanced prevalence of shedding.

For dogs that shed frequently, brush them twice a week or daily during heavy shedding.

Indeed if your puppy isn’t a big shedder, it’s still essential to clean and brush them regularly, but how frequently you brush them depends on your dog’s coat.

The American Bully isn’t a big shedder. On average, a Bully will shed less than most dogs, so much so that you rarely notice it.

American Bully is also a seasonal shedder and only sheds in spring and fall. If your American Bully is shedding excessively, then you have a problem.

Why Do American Bullies Shed So Much?

There could be several reasons your Bully is shedding so much, but none are related to the breed. Your pet American Bully might be shedding so much because of its coat type and natural shedding cycle.

Other reasons Bullies shed include dehydration, poor diet, allergies, stress, skin problems, hormonal changes, and parasites. American Bullies, overall, shed relatively little.

If combed weekly, only a few hairs may come off. Many dogs will shed in a season, so you may notice more loose hair in summer. American Bullies are not the type of dogs that will shed dog hair all over your clothes and furniture.

If you keep your dog’s grooming routine consistent, the shedding will be scarcely perceptible. The “amount” of shedding is not a good way to determine whether your American Bully sheds excessively because every dog is different.

If you see bald spots developing on your dog’s coat or a lot of hair all over the home, your dog may have a skin condition that is causing excessive shedding.

In these circumstances, other symptoms and signs of a more serious underlying issue should be present, and you should be able to identify them fairly quickly.

American Bully Shedding Patterns

Usually, American Bullies shed very little hair, which is almost unnoticeable. The American Bully puppy will shed its first puppy coat at 4 – 6 months. Shedding occurs to remove the fluffy baby hair on the coat and get the thick and stiff adult coat.

The baby or puppy’s coat is a soft, light, fluffy coat that the newborns need to regulate their body temperature. Puppy coat naturally gives way to their adult coat, which is usually thicker and stiffer.

Afterward, American Bullies will only shed a minimal amount of dead hair, which is not a big deal. They only shed hair in spring and fall to adjust to daylight changes.

During this period, the Bully will shed more than usual, and you will notice hair around the house. You don’t have to worry about anything as long as it’s excessive hair.

But if you see lumps of hair coming off the Bully or may be red spots on t skin, contact your vet immediately.

Factors that Can Affect Shedding

If you’re worried that your dog is shedding too much, you should figure out why and do something to solve the issue.

As was previously said, the reason why your American Bully sheds so much is typical because of an underlying issue. Knowing the causes of your dog’s shedding will help you control it.

Here are the top ten reasons why American Bullies shed so much, in more detail:

Type of Coat

Everyone is familiar with the American Bully’s single-layer coat and how it varies from other kinds of skin. They regularly renew the hairs on their smooth, shining coats to keep that smooth, glossy surface.

Normally, the strands fall to the ground instead of being tangled in their coats. All dogs go through a cycle of regular shedding in order to get rid of any hair that is unhealthy or outdated.

Bullies consistently shed throughout the year, but they shed the most in the spring and fall.

These peaks enable the dog to develop lighter summer coats that improve their comfort in warm weather and thicker winter coats that are essential because bullies don’t perform well in cold climates.


Atopy, an immune system disorder that raises the likelihood of skin allergies in American Bullies, is a risk factor for them. Shedding may be the first sign you notice, which is the start of skin allergies.

 Other symptoms of allergies include:

  • Itchiness and dryness in the skin
  • Red, swollen, or irritated areas
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Runny nose, sneezing, or coughing
  • Eyes that are red, swollen, or watery

Here, you can learn about more causes of Bullies’ dry skin (and other skin issues).


Your American Bully could shed excessive hair if they don’t get enough regular water. In addition, it could cause overheating, dry skin, and other health issues.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes may affect how much oil is produced by a dog’s skin, which increases the frequency of shedding.

Due to hormonal changes brought on by recently giving birth or being pregnant, your American Bully may be losing more hair than usual.

Similarly, if your Bully has been spayed or neutered lately, their body will adapt to the hormonal changes that might increase the quantity they are shedding.

Poor Diet

Your American Bully must consume balanced food on a regular basis in order to maintain and build their bodies and coats.

If your dog suddenly starts losing hair after you recently altered their diet or introduced a new reward, you might want to return to the previous diet or stop giving them the treat.

While some diets may sound fantastic, they are terrible for your dog.


You might be surprised to find that a bully’s profuse shedding is frequently brought on by stress.
Separation anxiety is one of the main causes of stress in dogs.

Therefore, to prevent excessive shedding, ensure you spend enough time with your Bully and never leave it alone for an extended period.

Bullies should not live outside or be left alone for extended periods of time because, despite their hard exterior and rugged appearance, they are prone to separation anxiety.

Excessive shedding is just the beginning of the issues brought on by concerns.

Skin Problems

American Bullies have susceptible skin that’s prone to developing various problems. Dehydrated dogs may develop itchy skin, which can lead to excessive shedding and the development of bald patches on the dog’s skin.

Overbathing or using inferior grooming products that are unsuitable for the dog’s coat and skin type can lead to dry skin.

Other issues like sunburns, infections, rashes, seasonal alopecia, and black hair follicular dysplasia could irritate the dog’s skin and make it shed more.

Take your dog to the vet immediately if you detect any symptoms so they can diagnose the condition and administer the appropriate care.


Not all red, itchy areas on your American Bully result from an allergy. Your dog may become itchy for a number of reasons and shed more as a result.

Due to their short coats, bullies are particularly vulnerable to parasites like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other bothersome insects.

Grooming and Shedding Management

Proper grooming and skin care are as crucial as any other component of caring for an American Bully. Here are some pointers for taking care of your American Bully.


American bullies have shorter coats, so it’s simpler to see loose hairs and rough spots when you pet them. If you don’t frequently brush them, you’ll find loose hairs on your pet’s food, furniture, clothing, and other possessions.

Thus, a regular brushing routine is essential as it minimizes shedding and improves skin. You should brush your American Bully at least once a week.

Brushing will reduce dirt, debris (pollen, food, etc.), dander, and lice buildup/growth. Regular brushing will help your dog secrete natural protective oils to minimize itching and scratching.

Nutrition and Hydration

Proper nutrition is the secret to preserving your American Bully’s overall health, not just its coat and skin. As a result, you must make sure it receives the proper macronutrients, particularly high-quality proteins.

It would be preferable to ask your veterinarian to suggest the top dog food brands regarding nutrients, meal kinds, and minerals.

Second, you must ensure your Bully is well hydrated because dehydration frequently results in dry, flaky skin, which irritates the skin and causes other issues. Therefore, ensure that it has access to clean water nearby.

Control their Temperature

American Bullies typically shed more frequently in the summer, like most dogs. Therefore, keeping them cold at all times is one clever technique to prevent shedding.

Of course, doing so requires keeping children indoors for extended periods of time in a climate-controlled environment, which may reduce their ability to play and engage in other activities.

To compensate for this lost time, take them outside in cooler hours, such as before sunrise or after sunset.

Regular Vet Visit

As previously discussed, American Bullies are quite prone to acquiring skin conditions brought on by dietary or environmental allergies. American Bullies thus shed more and lose more hair than usual.

In order to identify the underlying cause of your dog’s allergy, you need proactively see your veterinarian. You can then decide which animal proteins, carbohydrates, or macronutrients to avoid.

For instance, you can choose beef if your dog has a chicken allergy. Additionally, you can prepare ahead of time by keeping your dog’s allergy and skin medications in your medicine cabinet for self-administration/application.

Stress and Anxiety Management

If you aren’t aware, stressed, or frightened, pets are more likely to shed excessively. Boredom, worry, and distress are the most frequent causes.

For instance, your American Bully can begin to shed if you move into a new house. They might get more worried if their daily routine is altered by limiting their playing or exercise because of their school or work schedules.

Appropriate Bathing Shampoo and Timetable

American Bullies don’t need to be washed as often as long-haired breeds. Too much bathing could reverse impact their skin and coat health by removing the natural moisturizing oils from their skin, promoting dryness, dander, and itching.

Therefore, you should only bathe Bullies once a month during summer and after 2-3 months during the colder season. Secondly, inappropriate shampoo can also lead to shedding and skin issues.

Many American bullies suffer from allergies and sensitive skin. They need hypoallergenic shampoos as a result. Therefore, consult your veterinarian to determine the ideal shampoo for your dog.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do American Bullies Shed a Lot of Hair?

An American bully does not shed more than normal as they have a single-layered, short, and smooth coat that is easy to maintain. American Bully is also excellent for people who have allergies to dog hair.

Is American Bully High Maintenance?

American Bullies are considered a low-maintenance breed. They have short coats and are average shedders, so brushing them a few times a week with a firm bristle brush can help keep their coats healthy and your home less hairy.

Do American Bullies Overheat Easily?

American Bullies, as a whole, could be more efficient at regulating heat and will overheat in warm weather quickly.

When temperatures reach 85° F/30°C, keeping your American Bully indoors as much as possible is best. Avoid strenuous exercise of any kind during hot weather.

What Are American Bully Shedding Seasons?

An American Bully will shed in spring before summer and in fall before winter to accommodate for the change in temperature and daylight. During this time, you must groom your Bully properly to avoid messes.


In the end, American Bullies are amazing dogs. They are low maintenance and easy to groom and train. They shed less than other dog breeds.

You have to ensure their needs are met and the supplies you use for their grooming and bathing are not irritating. Just keep a positive mindset and patience, and you will go far.

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