What is the Bite Force of an American Bully?

One of the ways to find if a dog is strong is to measure how strong their bite force is. All dogs have strong bites, and American Bullies have one of the strongest bite forces.

It is necessary to know the bite force of a dog before you buy them. And thankfully, we can do that through scientific methods.

In this article, I will explain the Bite Force of dogs, why it matters, and how much an American Bully’s bite force is.

What is Bite Force and Why It is Important?

The bite force is the power exerted by a dog’s jaw on a point. The bite force is measured in PSI which stands for “Pounds per Square Inch” or “Pound – force per Square Inch”.

PSI is a calculated result of all the pressure applied over one square inch. It is a very commonly used measurement. An example of PSI is a tire with a general pressure of 32psi, whereas humans have a bite force of 120psi.

Compared to these, a dog’s bite on average is around 180psi, which is a lot more than a human and they can rip us apart.

Understanding how strong a dog’s bite is, is very important as it gives us insight into how strong the dog is and what could happen if they turn on us.

When people understand a dog’s strength, they don’t want to mess with them. This also helps in caring for the dog, as a strong dog should not be neglected because if he becomes aggressive, he will hurt you.

Factors that Affect the Bite Force

The bite force of an American Bully is around 305 psi on average. It is one of the highest bite forces of all dogs. There are only a few factors that affect the bite force of a dog.

They are mostly all biological. The amount of bite force an American Bully exerts depends on its skull, jaw, muscles, and behavior. Many dogs have different bite forces, which play a significant role in that bite force.

1. Skull

A dog that has a bigger skull will naturally have an immense bite force. A big skull also adds more weight which helps in an immense bite force. An American Bully has a broad wide skull that gives them a bigger bite.

2. Jaws

The size of the jaws is another factor and also a critical factor. The stronger and bigger the jaw is of any dog, the bigger the bite force is of that dog.

This also explains why bigger dogs such as Kangal and Mastiffs have a bigger bite force. The American Bully has one of the dogs’ biggest jaws and the strongest bite force.

3. Size of the Dog

The dog’s size is another obvious factor affecting the bite force. Smaller dogs cannot bite hard enough. The bigger dogs have a more extensive and meaner bite, naturally putting them ahead of the competition.

4. Muscles

American Bullies have some of the most muscular builds, and these muscles extend from every point, including their jaws. The extra muscles on their jaw help them bite hard.

5. Behavior

A dog’s behavior is fundamental in exerting a lot of bite force. If a dog plays around with you, he will not bite with full force. But the bite force exerted would be much higher if the dog has become aggressive and volatile.

The reason for this is the intention to hurt. If a Bully doesn’t want to hurt you and only plays around with you, the bit won’t hurt you. But if you have made him mad, then you are in trouble as they are out to get you and intend to kill.

The Kangal has the strongest bite force of all time and is a guard dog in Turkey for farming. Its behavior is to protect and hunt other predators, so it intends to kill, making its bite the strongest.

Measurement of Bite Force

The bite force is measured in PSI, as I mentioned above. It is the total amount of pressure applied on a single square inch. PSI stands for “Pounds per Square Inch.”

The Nile Crocodiles have one the strongest biteforce at around 5000 psi. Researchers use digital bite meters to quantify.

There are many methods to research canine bite force. Based on their skulls’ breed size and shape, they are divided into nine groups.

The amount of pressure a dog applies at any particular time is measured in PSI. It’s a common assessment method that’s even used to check car tire pressure! PSI is simple enough for even those without a background in science to comprehend.

Depending on what they are biting, a dog’s jaws will discharge different amounts of force. Therefore, a dog chewing on a toy wouldn’t release as much pressure as it would in a defensive scenario.

Several studies have been done to measure the bite force of dogs. Many dogs far surpass the American Bully in terms of bite force, which is given below.

Bit Force in Different Dog Bred

Bred      Bite Strength (psi)
Kangal 734
English Mastiff 556
Rottweiler 328
American Bulldog 305
American Bully 300
German Shepherd 238

Importance of Bite Force in American Bullies

American Bullies do bite. However, they will not bite without reason, as they’re not a naturally aggressive breed. Their tendency to bite will depend on various factors related to age, health, training, and overall living conditions.

Dog biting is a typical and natural behavior among all dog breeds, not just American Bullies. Every dog owner has to deal with their dog’s biting habits early on. Luckily, there are several tested and true methods to train your dog to be softer and stop biting.

Why Does American Bully Bite?

To start training your American Bully to control the power of their biting, you need to understand why dogs bite in the first place. Whether your dog is a small puppy or a full-fledged adult, dogs rarely bite for no reason.

So, let’s break down some reasons your American Bully might be biting you.

1. They’re Soothing Their Gums

When small puppies are teething, their gums hurt a lot. In this case, they will probably resolve to bite anything they can get their little paws on.

Exerting pressure with their jaws helps them relieve some of the pain. That’s why we need to teach them to do it safely instead of telling them to stop. You can also get them a chew toy that helps them relieve the pain.

2. Scared

American bullies can also resolve biting if they feel scared. Even though some dogs might look strong or a bit aggressive, they still get nervous in new environments and situations.

American bullies can use biting to channel their emotions or protect themselves when they feel threatened.

3. Startled

American Bullies, like most dogs, have excellent hearing and a sense of space. This means on the rare occasion of them getting startled, they might react hard, and that reaction can very well be biting.

Dogs can get easily startled when they hear loud noises such as fireworks or thunder and if you wake them up too quickly or are old.

4. Protecting Something

A very expected use of biting is when your American Bully feels protective over something or someone.

If the dog feels threatened or someone is trying to take away their belongings, such as toys, treats, or sometimes even their favorite human, they might use their best weapon, their teeth, to protect what belongs to them.

5. They’re in Pain

Even if your American Bully is no longer a puppy and is not teething, they might still have some teeth pains.

In addition, when your dog is in pain or injured, it might bite out of frustration. In this case, their increased mouthing activity can be a good sign for you to check for injuries.

6. They’re Just Playing

If none of the above causes apply to your American Bully, they might be just playing with you. Nibbling is a standard playing technique among dogs.

They usually do it affectionately, but they need some training to control the strength of their bite so that they won’t hurt you or your playing buddies.

Ways to Teach Your American Bully

Verbally Express Your Discomfort

Every time your dog bites you too hard, you must yelp loudly and step away from playing.

Even if the bite doesn’t hurt enough for you to yelp or scream, the discomfort you emit will help your dog understand that their bite was too hard and unacceptable.

Use Positive Encouragement

When your dog gets too excited during play and starts to nibble too hard or bite, you must stop playing and ask them to leave it immediately.

The moment they stop, use this time to give them a treat for listening to you. American bullies are intelligent and will consistently understand that the treat is a reward for listening.

Keep Toys Nearby

Throughout the day, your American Bully must exert their biting energy on something.

If you don’t want it to be you or a precious belonging, you must provide them with chew toys they can safely nibble on. Check out this guide for the best chew toys for your Bully.

Everyone in The Household Needs to Take Part

If you live with other people, family, or roommates, everyone in your home must take part in bite inhibition training.

Consistency is vital for the movement to succeed, and if your dog gets mixed signals about what’s acceptable and not, then training will never stick.

Never Punish Your Dog

Punishing your American Bully for biting is like punishing a child for crying.

They might stop doing it now, but they will not understand why you want them to stop, so they will eventually do it again. It’s an easy and quick fix, but it doesn’t work in the long run and can easily backfire.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are American Bullies Strong?

The American Bully is one of the strongest dog breeds. It has a bite force of 300 psi, which is among the strongest of all dogs. American Bully has a big muscular body with a strong jaw.

Which Dog Has the Highest Bite Force?

The Kangal has the highest bite force at 734 psi. This large, powerful breed is used in Turkey to guard against animal predators.

They do it well with any domesticated dog’s most vital bite force. Dogs in this breed are friendly with their family. They are good with children.

How Hard Can American Bully Bite?

American Bully can bite with a force of 300psi. This is different from the case of all their bite, as studies have shown they can bite at 250psi as well. Even at 250psi, their bite is still one of the strongest among dogs.

Is an American Bulldog Stronger than A Pitbull?

American Bulldog has a bite force of 305psi, stronger than the American Pitbull Terrier, which has a bite force of 235psi. This, however, does not mean that Bulldogs are stronger than Pitbull.

Pitbull have killed more people than any dog in America in the past 13 years. Pitbull also have a lower center of gravity, making them good at hunting and attacking.


Dogs possess the power to amputate or kill humans, but that does not mean they will do it. Biting a human unprovoked is not in their nature.

They will never bite you if you train well and socialize them from an early age. It is recommended to research the dog you are willing to buy. The American Bully has one of the most substantial bites.

The goal of this article was to raise your awareness of the American Bully breed’s extraordinary strength. The intent was not to convince you that all American Bullies are aggressive or bad dogs.

That could not be further from the truth, as they are loving, sweet, and loyal dogs. It comes down to their human owners. If trained to be aggressive: they will be.

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