Best Travel Crate For Labs And Big Dogs

There is no place like home, and the crate is your dog’s idea of home. The simplest method to help your Labrador feel at home is to ensure you acquire the greatest kennel. Consider the type of material and the size of the crate while making this choice.

Therefore, the ideal crate for Labrador Retriever puppies differs from the ideal crate for adult Labs, mostly in size. For familiarity, you should maintain the same crate material over the life of your Lab. Therefore, choosing the proper crate at first is crucial.

What Kind of Crate is Best for a Labrador Retriever?

Labrador Retrievers can be introduced to their crates as soon as they are placed into your care. While a Lab puppy of 8 weeks old can fit in any box, you must pick a crate that he will feel comfortable using as an adult.

A metal wire-made box is an ideal type for Labrador retrievers. They are the most useful and strong enough to withstand any harm. They also increase visibility and airflow, which helps your Labrador feel less alone. Additionally, most wire boxes fold flat and are simple to clean.

But as you will see from the rest of this post, not all metal boxes are created equal. Each box needs to pass muster in terms of portability, durability, ease of assembly, and lab-friendliness. However, do not worry; I will examine the top solutions below after reviewing these factors.

Depending on the requirements of your Labrador, I’ll also recommend the best crates and playpens, such as the greatest:

  • Soft crate
  • Travel crate
  • Furniture style crate
  • Soft playpen
  • Metal playpen

Let’s first examine the factors you should consider while picking the ideal cage for your Labrador.

What to Look For in a Dog Crate

Picking the ideal crate for your Labrador is not difficult. Wrong! The following are the important characteristics to think about when selecting a metal wire crate for your dog:


Your dog’s crate needs to be big enough for your Labrador to stand up, spin around, and lay down on his side with his paws spread without feeling cramped. Make sure to get a size 42′′ that will fit your Lab perfectly as it grows.


It would help to have a strong metal crate for a huge dog like the Labrador Retriever. If you have tiny children, ensure the edges are rounded.

Style. Pick a double-door model that allows you to place it anywhere in your house. If you already know where to install the door, pick a single one. You’ll also get some money back.


While your Lab puppy is developing, I advise using an adjustable divider. You want to ensure your puppy has enough crate since he might be tempted to use half of it as a potty! If you separate the crate when he is young, he won’t want to pee or poop in his area. A removable plastic tray that is easy to clean should also be included with your crate.

Portable and simple to assemble. Pick a crate that is simple to assemble without the aid of any tools. It must be portable and have a carrying handle that can be folded flat. Some dog crates have roller feet to stop your hard floor from being scratched.

What is the Best Travel Crate For Labs And Big Dogs

The products I review in this post are listed below in brief. I review three well-liked metal wire crates for your Labrador Retriever, but the MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate is by far my favorite and the best, in my opinion. The MidWest iCrate starter kit is closely followed, nevertheless.

Product Crate Type
MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate Metal
New World Pet Products Dog Crate Metal
MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate Starter Kit Metal
Amazon Basics Portable Soft Crate Soft Portable
Petmate Vari Kennel Travel
New Age Pet eco FLEX Dog Crate Furniture Style
Zampa Portable Playpen Soft Playpen
MidWest Homes for Pets Portable Metal Playpen Metal Playpen

Best Metal Wire Crates

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate

Due to its spaciousness and ease of use for the owner, this foldable metal dog crate is perfect for Labs. With a length of 42 inches, the crate has plenty of room for your adult Lab and a divider you can position anywhere inside. Start modest and let the crate expand along with your dog.


The size of this crate is 28 inches broad by 30 inches high. It is perfect for large breeds because of its variable length of 42 inches. When choosing a crate, it is crucial to consider your Labrador’s maximum possible height. Remember that this height is determined by checking up on the largest males of your dog’s breed, not by anticipating yearly growth.

Getting a box made for a male Lab is safer, even if your Lab is a female. The 30-inch height of this crate is more than adequate because most male Labradors can reach heights of up to 24 inches.


Your Labrador won’t feel alone or alone because the structure is surrounded by metal wire material on all sides. In addition, the wire will keep him in place, which is important as he begins to recognize the crate as his haven.

Other Features

Now that the size and material have been discussed let’s examine the additional features that make this crate one of the greatest choices for your Labrador. The device is safer for your dog than standard wire crates because of the patented rounded side clips.

The crate’s safe locking mechanism is also worth mentioning regarding safety because it assures you that your Labrador won’t escape and cause mayhem in the space, especially while you’re away.

It’s completely another tale when you’re here. Because of the two doors and a layout that promotes sight, your Lab can feel socially integrated even in its crate.

This could have the disadvantage of making grounding your dog in his crate less effective because of how much he enjoys it. However, if you are a responsible dog owner, you know there are better methods for training your Labrador.

New World Pet Products Dog Crate

While labs may not be the messiest dogs, all puppies are messy. This spacious breed-appropriate mess-proof dog kennel lets you introduce your pet early without putting in too much work.

With this crate, you may avoid the laborious crate cleaning routine that a regular dog mom might have to follow when crate training a puppy. But first, let’s talk about the product’s dimensions and composition before moving on to its special qualities.


Although this item’s height is slightly lower than the previous one, it still leaves 3 to 4 inches of space for your fully grown Lab to stand. As was already indicated, to ensure that the crate will remain a constant in your dog’s constantly changing environment, you must consider the height of a fully grown male for your puppy’s breed.

This crate is 42 inches long, which may be too much for a puppy. It would help if you had a divider for this kennel to help your puppy feel secure and to hasten your Labrador’s toilet training. Most people assume more space is always better for their pets based on their mentality.


This crate is made of the same metal wireframe material as before but has better reviews. Its average sturdiness rating from more than 18,000 reviews is 4.5 out of 5. But even that isn’t the best feature of this crate; the best feature is that its size is more suited for dog beds.

In other words, the material this object can accommodate, not the material it is built of, is its primary material feature. This crate can accommodate any dog mattress up to 42 inches long and 28 inches wide.

Other Features

You can quickly clean the plastic pan that comes with this dog box by taking it out, washing it, and drying it in a handy location. Considering that you’ll spend time with your dog, getting a suitable product benefits both of you.

When your dog develops the self-control to keep his crate clean, the easy cleanup option can be worthless, but there are other long-term conveniences to consider.

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate Starter Kit

This product fulfills the bill, despite claims from several manufacturers that their crates are more than just that—a dog’s “home” The item is a package, of which the crate is but one component. A crate cover, a dog bed to go inside the crate, and food and water dishes that can be quickly connected to the crate’s inside are all included in this crate set.


The actual container is a metal wire crate that can be collapsed. As you may have read in the beginning, metal is the best material for Labradors so metal will be present in most of the products on this list.

A fleece bed is also included, which keeps your Labrador warm and comfortable inside the crate. A polyester cover that you may use at night to reduce distractions and aid in your Labrador’s ability to go to sleep adds to the comfort.


This crate’s dimensions are not very unusual. The crate’s dimensions are 42 inches long by 28 inches wide, albeit it has a bigger height than the preceding option. With a height of 30 inches, the cage exceeds the standard for most large-breed dog crates and provides a comfortable 6 inches headroom for even the largest Labradors.

Other Features

The crate has a double-door option, albeit it is not particularly uncommon. Since not every product in this post meets this criterion, it is important to state it here. It can also collapse, just like many other metal dog crates. The final selling point of this product is its simple bundling, which also offers excellent value.

The manufacturer’s humanitarian message is highly appealing, and the product’s sales website contains advice for a patient and a gentle introduction to crates so that you may add the brand as a highlight. I can’t help but give a product a few points when the maker advises buyers not to force their dogs into the crate or use it as a punishment.

On a 5-star scale, the product received a 4.8-star rating for durability. This stands out clearly from the praise for other products in this area. Even if a crate is robust, you may want to replace it at some point during the lifespan of your Labrador; thus, it doesn’t rank all that highly.

Best Soft Portable Crate

Amazon Basics Portable Soft Crate

You can use this foldable soft crate for short-distance travel if your Labrador is trained to remain quiet in a covered box.

The only feature of this crate that makes it essential to purchase is its portability, but a travel crate must be simple to move to be a decent travel crate. Let’s examine its size and material before moving on to its distinctive qualities.


This polyester item is perfect for transporting Labrador puppies. Theoretically, as long as your puppy is young, you could use this cage as a dog home, but doing so would make it more difficult for your Labrador to accept a metal box eventually.

The product ultimately depends on your dog and his training. Still, its opacity has advantages because there aren’t many triggers that normally cause your Labrador to become overly hypersensitive or aroused. The PVC used in the harder ingredients of this box is more durable than polyester but is extremely difficult to clean.


With this soft container, size is not an issue; it measures 30 inches tall, the same width as its height, and 42 inches long. But while the best metal crates also exist in similarly spacious variants, more is needed to compensate for the material disadvantage.

Other Features

The product will endure far less than its metal equivalents, yet it still has its benefits. I don’t know if the shorter lifespan is worth it. The main characteristics are a fleece pet bed, lack of stimulus, and the breathability of polyester. It is rather simple to carry, and a strap is included to make this easier.

Best Travel Crate

Petmate Vari Kennel

Unless you often fly on a private plane, you are aware that traveling necessitates giving up room. The space you live in is substantially more “roomy” than any form of mobility. This travel crate defies that rule and offers a roomy option to house your Labrador while on the road. It is comparable to an RV for people.


This metal and plastic crate makes it convenient for travel yet difficult to use at home. A 360-degree wireframe implies that your Lab will become overstimulated by peering at the shifting surroundings in all directions.

Therefore, metal containers aren’t ideal for travel. This excitement is lessened by the opaque plastic on the side, and the metal wire window prevents your dog from feeling confined.


As was already said, one of the main advantages of this product is that you may move your Labrador without actually “caging” him. The crate is 48 inches by 32 inches by 35 inches, making it just as roomy as many metal options. Such a container can be difficult to clean, but because of its size, you will have ample space to reach and scrub the corners.

Other Features

It would be unfair to compare this travel container to ones made of metal. As an alternative, contrast it with other portable solutions. The sides made of plastic are superior to the polyester panels often seen in travel crates.

Airflow should also be considered because dogs may start to feel claustrophobic if they don’t get enough fresh air. Air can flow properly through the metal wire window and ventilation holes at the back.

Best Furniture Style Crate

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Dog Crate

This dog crate is ideal for your Labrador if you don’t care too much about aesthetics and want it to function as an end table. It has a roof, panels, and flooring made of wood and metal bars.


Given the competition between dogs and wooden posts, the product’s inclusion of wood can be troublesome. The material is less scratchable because it is plastic wood, though.

The producer claims that the wood is recyclable and non-toxic. The stainless steel bars are undoubtedly sturdy enough to ensure that the crate borders are real bounds rather than merely suggestions (as they are with travel crates).


The container is 29.1 inches tall (on the interior), but because of the thick wood at the top, it stands 30.9 inches tall overall. The inside space is large enough for all female Labradors and most male Labradors, measuring 24.6 inches wide by 39.8 inches long.

Other Qualities

The style and aesthetic appeal of this crate are its only distinguishing characteristics. Most boxes resemble prisons, but this one resembles a lavish home arrest facility.

Only three of the available colors—black, white, grey, espresso, and russet—were ones I was familiar with. Espresso is a fancy word for russet, reddish-brown, and brownish-gray. Thanks to the diversity, you can choose the crate that best matches your furnishings.

Best Portable Playpen

Zampa Portable Playpen

This item is more of a portable, convenient play area with social boundaries than a true crate. It comes in brown, blue, pink, and red hues, but dogs can only see the color blue because they cannot distinguish colors the same way humans do.

Use this playpen as a puppy zone to regulate the surroundings and protect your new puppy. It can also be used as a productive training break.


The playpen is composed of unidentified materials, but I can best explain them by explaining how they feel. This waterproof playpen’s outside has a canvas-like texture, while its bottom has a tent-like feel. Although the material is strong, it cannot compete with plastic or metal.


This item on the post is one of the largest since it has a different function. It is not intended to be a dog’s bed or a carry-on for travel. Its octagonal form, which measures 61 inches in length, width, and height, provides a stimulating environment for your Labrador.

Additional Amenities and Convenience

The item has a carrying system that makes it appear to be a sizable laptop bag, exterior pockets, and even a water bottle holder. No assembly is necessary because everything is made of cloth and has built-in support. However, considering how many other options on this list don’t require assembly, that doesn’t make them stand out.

Best Metal Playpen

MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Playpen

This product creates the ideal environment for your Labrador to relax or play inside a reasonably small space by combining the spaciousness of the prior selection with the sturdiness of the first item in this post. This playpen works best for homeowners with larger homes who wish to “dog-proof” a space without spraying every piece of wood with anything like an anti-chew spray.

It can also be connected to my favorite suggested crate, the first on this list, to create a larger puppy/dog zone. I adore this concept since it gives your Lab much more space while keeping him secure and enabling a happy experience.


This playpen has an open top and bottom and metal wire panels. In other words, the flooring may be carpet or grass, depending on where you set up the playpen. Since this is advised for pups, using it indoors is safe because most adult Labs with the proper training don’t wet the floor.


There are eight panels with a 24-inch width each. You may define the playpen’s breadth by tightly fitting the panels together or adding extra panels. Even better, as previously noted, you can attach this to a wire box to give your Labrador a home-and-terrace setup.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Crate Should I Get for a Labrador?

Labradors require crates that are 42 inches in length. Therefore, this one is perfect for them. Additionally, the dog’s crate must be at least 27 inches tall and 28 inches broad to allow him to move freely, rest on his side, and comfortably spread his paws.

What Size Crate is Best for Lab Puppy?

A 42-inch crate is ideal for Labrador puppies. Using a wire crate with a divider is ideal since you can start your puppy off in a modest enough space by positioning the partition a few inches away from its full length and then modifying it as the dog grows. Additionally, it expedites potty training.


Labradors love to play with people and are strong enough to blast through any barriers to their favorite activity. A metal wireframe crosses two checkboxes with one pen because it gives the dog a sense of inclusion in the neighborhood social scene due to its high visibility.

So, if we ignore the many crates I’ve selected for you and only focus on metal wire crates, here’s what I’d choose:

The MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate is the finest dog cage for Labradors since it is sturdy, long-lasting, and suitable for big dogs. There is nothing else you need to buy because this “all-inclusive” crate comes with a handy dividing panel and a reusable plastic tray.

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