Best Toys For French Bulldogs: Which one to Choose?

There is no need to search deeper for the best toys for French bulldogs. We’ve picked up a few of our favorites, with a little bit of everything to go with these grunty, energetic puppies’ personalities and distinctive morphology.

Good French bulldog toys are similar to other premium dog toys, like longevity and secure construction. The best Frenchie toys, however, are created with the breed in mind. We concentrated on toys for dogs with flat faces because of this. These puppies, once known as brachycephalic breeds, can struggle to carry toys and breathe easily through their mouths.

Best Toys For French Bulldogs

The tugs, balls, puzzles, and strong plush dog toys that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor play are some of our favorite toys for Frenchies.

1. Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

The Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball, a ball and puzzle toy combined, can replace a feeding dish during meals. The idea is to fill it with treats to entice your dog to sniff, chase, and pursue their catch.

It can assist in slowing down an overly eager pup and promoting better digestion when used to disperse kibble. Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for French bulldogs and other brachycephalic dogs to avoid breathing problems.

Frenchie puppies can easily maneuver this popular reward dispenser because its smallest size is roughly comparable to a softball. As your dog develops, size up.

2. Busy Buddy Bristle Bone Chew Toy

This entertaining and interactive toy has layers of nylon bristle rings filled with treats, allowing your dog many crevices to explore. This chew toy, made for heavy chewers, is an excellent option for Frenchie puppies that might be teething.

Although no toy can substitute routine teeth cleaning for any dog breed, the nubs and bristles can help keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. The positive news? To remove the tartar, purchase a toothbrush made for dogs! Throw your dog a Bristle Bone to mix things up if they become bored with their Nylabone or KONG.

Four treat ring refills are included with the Bristle Bone, and extras can be purchased as needed. Keep an eye on your dog while playing to ensure the chew toy is a good fit for their jaw strength, just like with all chew toys.

3. Hide-a-Squirrel Foraging Toy

Do you have a French bulldog with a high prey drive? Give them prey to seek for! You can purchase new toy squirrels to fill the trunk after the originals have been removed, played with, and destroyed.

One of the most generally appreciated dog toys is Outward Hound’s Hide-a-Squirrel, well-liked for its mental stimulation and cuddle-worthiness.

Playing with the Hide-a-Squirrel with your dog initially will help to direct them. Ensure kids understand what to do with it (track down the squirrels!) and what not to do (climb the tree and shred it to bits!).

Once they’ve mastered it, this toy is great for solitary play. It might not withstand forceful chewing, much like the other plush toys on this list.

4. Chuckit Breathe Right Balls

As you may have witnessed, it can be challenging for a French Bulldog to grasp a tennis ball. They can’t breathe as easily while holding anything in between their teeth due to their flat faces.

Thankfully, ChuckIt has the answer if your Frenchie enjoys playing fetch. For puppies with smooshy faces, their Breathe-Right balls are a brilliant invention. Thanks to the vented ball, your Frenchie can breathe more easily while playing.

The medium, three inches in diameter and probably the greatest fit for a French bulldog, is available as a two-pack in various sizes.

5. Redline K9 Jute Tug Toy

These toys are fantastic for interactive tug-of-war games outside. This jute and nylon mix is a safer option since it’s less prone to rip between your dog’s teeth than a standard rope toy.

In addition, the jute is simpler to clean up after a tug-of-war match. Smaller breeds, like the French bulldog, should use this leaner version of Redline’s original toy, which was larger.

Remember that it’s intended for interactive play rather than as a chew toy. You should not leave your dog unattended with the handle because it is less durable than the cylinder.

6. ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz

Several squeakers? Check. Clutter everywhere? Nope! When they are eaten open, these lovely creatures come in packs of three and are delightfully stuffing-free.

These toys are excellent cuddle pals, even if they are not made for rough gnawing. The Skinny Peltz is better for Frenchies that enjoy cuddling since they are softer and fluffier than the Outward Hound Invincibles range, which has a similar appearance.

7. Outward Hound Invincible Snake

Because they’re surprisingly durable for a plush toy, Outward Hound Invincibles are a classic for a reason. Furthermore, because of their length, they add added enjoyment to tug-of-war.

This range of toys is simple for Frenchies to hold and pull because they are inexpensive, strong, and filled with squeakers. For diversity, stock up on a few designs, such as the snake in the illustration, the gecko, or the alligator.

If your dog manages to destroy this toy, there won’t be any stuffing to fly across the floor. You and your vacuum sweeper have won there.

However, we have discovered that Outward Hound Invincibles are excellent for tug—and tug only. They aren’t made for outdoor play, and they can be a little tricky to throw.

8. KONG Floppy Knots

While some dog parents find squeaky toys annoying, dogs enjoy them. If you can handle the noise, this is one of the cutest tug toys ever manufactured. Numerous knots and squeakers are included in each adorable animal design to promote further play.

Given its noises and textures, a Floppy Knots toy provides interested chewers much more diversity than a typical bone-shaped chew. Additionally, it is more enjoyable to shake about than rope or pull toys.

We have faith in KONG items’ high quality. Although not made of the same sturdy rubber as the dog toy with the same name as Kong, this softer toy should resist vigorous chewing. Additionally, there is no stuffing, simplifying cleanup if your pet pierces the outer covering.

9. Nylabone Triple Pack Dog Chew

An accepted substitute for traditional rawhide chews is Nylabone. Chews with flavors like bacon, chicken, and peanut butter are perfect for rough chewers.

A ready supply of chews may benefit the Frenchie puppy in particular. Otherwise, their need to nibble could cause problems for your favorite furniture or shoes.

While Nylabones endure a long time, it’s crucial to consider the risk that any chew toy poses to your specific dog because no dog chew toy is 100% safe from aggressive chewers. It’s time to give your dog a new chew when you notice any symptoms of chipping, breaking, or sharp edges on their Nylabone.

10. Trixie Mini Mover Interactive Strategy Game

Your tenacious Frenchie will be entertained (for a while, at least!) by this little dog puzzle. Your dog is encouraged to apply strategy as they search for concealed rewards using puzzle toys. If you’ve never used a puzzle toy with your dog, the idea might seem straightforward, but you might be surprised by how entertaining it is.

The Mini Mover is a fun rainy-day activity, although it works best under supervision. Compared to the treat-dispensing balls your pet can play with alone, this pastime is more of a bonding one.

To prevent your dog from chewing or drooling on the puzzle, remove the toy after your dog discovers the treats.

11. Pet Zone IQ Treat Dispenser Ball

Like other dog puzzle toys, this treat dispenser stimulates the mind by posing a problem for your pup to resolve.

To force your dog to nudge and move the toy to release the treats, open the cap, add treats or kibble to the inside maze, and then put it back together. We like how the difficulty may be changed by adjusting the cap for tiny or large treats.

Since the plastic in these puzzle toys is brittle on concrete, indoor play is usually recommended. The same goes for enthusiastic dogs who knock it against walls; hopefully, this won’t happen unless your dog is ravenous!

12. Buck Bone Organics Whole Deer Antlers Dog Chews

Even though Frenchies are the smallest breed of bulldogs, they like chewing endlessly. You might be interested in natural antler chews if your French Bulldog can destroy most dog chew toys.

Antlers are more expensive than other chews, but with aggressive chewers, they can endure for hours, days, or even weeks. This organic collection from Buck Bone features a range of textures for smaller breeds like French bulldogs.

Another benefit is that they have no odor, which sets them apart from other natural chews (bully sticks, anyone?).

Antler chews are among the toughest dog toys available, so it’s crucial to assess the hazards and keep an eye on the antler and your dog’s mouth to ensure they’re not inflicting any dental or gum damage.

13. Goughnuts Rubber Dog Chew Toy

The Goughnut toys, created in the USA, are made for dogs who chew things repeatedly, frequently including bully breeds. This durable toy is available in a range of hues and dimensions.

Since it’s made for dogs up to 40 pounds, small should be the best option for a French Bulldog.

The straightforward ring form is ideal for extended periods of solo play; Goughnut also produces a tug toy version in a figure-eight shape for more participatory play. Both varieties are useful outside and are simple to clean.


I hope you’ve liked this assortment of chew, active, teething, puzzle, and stuffed soft toys. The toys in the upper section are all we can be certain French Bulldogs like playing with.

But occasionally, anything can be used as a toy. In the end, Frenchies aren’t all that picky; they are a fairly content breed as long as they can have fun and stimulation.

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