6 Best Muzzle For Pitbull: Which one to Choose?

Although they frequently receive a poor rap, muzzles may be excellent training aids. Additionally, they can ensure the security and safety of your Pitbull and the humans and other animals you come into contact with. Some folks merely enjoy their appearance!

Whatever your motivation for obtaining a muzzle for your Pit, you must be sure it is well-made and makes your dog safe and comfortable. Although numerous muzzles are available, we tried as many as we could get our hands on in search of the ideal one.

There were many deserving candidates, but only a select few stood out. The first three muzzles in the next six reviews are the ones we’d use on our own Pitbulls, while all are good muzzles for Pitbulls.

Best Muzzles for Pitbulls

Let’s examine some of the muzzles that get the most attention and sales. After reading this, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for when you buy one. We’ve tried out a few of these muzzles to see which fits your dog the best and is most comfortable.

1. CollarDirect Leather Pitbull Muzzle

There are numerous justifications for muzzling your Pitbull. Our favorite for all of them is the leather muzzle from CollarDirect. No matter what, your dog won’t be able to bite through this muzzle. It also gives your dog a fierce appearance, which is highly threatening. Some people might not find this a good quality, while others might like the appearance.

This handmade leather muzzle has more than a rugged appearance. It is strong and is sure to last a very long time. Our Pits appeared to become accustomed to it fairly fast and easily turned it on and off.

Although there are two adjustment straps to fine-tune the fit, you must still take measurements and confirm that the size is appropriate for your Pit. It would help if you were prepared to spend more on this muzzle due to its excellent fusion of looks and performance.

Although it wasn’t the most expensive one we tried, it ranks high. However, we believe the quality to be unmatched, earning it a spot at the top of our list.

2. Baskerville Ultra Pitbull Muzzle

The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is our suggestion for a comfortable muzzle that won’t prevent your Pitbull from eating and drinking. It’s really simple to understand why we believe it to be the best Pitbull muzzle available for the money.

The scary appearance of muzzles sometimes turns people away, but this one is far less menacing-looking. With a price around half that of the CollarDirect model we first looked at, it’s also incredibly affordable.

This muzzle can be heated to mold to the contours of your dog’s snout for a perfect fit. Since every dog, even those of the same breed has a unique facial structure, we value this trait.

Out of all the muzzles we tried on our Pits, it was the most comfortable after heat-shaping ours. Although it never caused a problem, it did tend to rub a little on top of the snout. The only problem we could truly discover with it was this. The Baskerville is ranked second on our list because, in the end, we believe it to be the finest value.

3. BRONZEDOG Dog Muzzle

A softer style muzzle won’t stop the behavior you’re trying to stop if your Pitbull’s ability to bite is your main issue. Instead, the BRONZEDOG muzzle is made of sturdy stainless steel and has no give. No matter what they do, your dog won’t be able to bite through this muzzle.

Although it is very sturdy, your Pitbull will still find it pleasant. There is enough room for your Pit to pant and lick his nose, and the nose bridge is beautifully padded. Breathing won’t be restricted by the open design.

This muzzle was created especially for Pitbulls, so it ought to suit them perfectly. Double-check to make sure it will fit by measuring your dog’s snout. This is one of the more pricey muzzles we’ve used, but we think the excellent protection and comfort make up for the increased cost, making it our premium choice pick.

4. Barkless Pit Bull Dog Muzzle

The idea behind this Barkless dog muzzle seemed appealing to us. Since it’s made of silicone, it’s one of the lightest ones we’ve seen. Despite being soft and collapsible, it is surprisingly sturdy. Your dog may drink and pant while wearing it, keeping them comfortable.

Nevertheless, it did not effectively deter biting. If achieving that is your main objective, we advise selecting one of our top three choices because they were considerably more successful.

The buckle system on this muzzle made it difficult to put it on. Our Pits escaped, nevertheless, with no trouble at all!

This muzzle won’t last for very long if you intend to leave your pet unsupervised with it on. The Barkless is a great option for buying a muzzle just for aesthetics because it is reasonably priced. To stop your dog from biting, you’ll need to select a less flexible and harder muzzle.

5. Didog Leather Dog Muzzle for Pitbulls

There is no question that the Didog leather dog muzzle will prevent your dog from biting. Sadly, they can’t even breathe comfortably while wearing it, let alone get water or moisten their noses. Even worse, it’s barely permeable.

Your Pit’s entire mouth is covered with leather. Although there are little air holes in the front, and the nose is partly exposed, we didn’t think this was sufficient. Your dog is very uncomfortable wearing the Didog muzzle. All of our Pits were against using this muzzle.

Given that it is real leather, the price is high. We advise choosing a higher-quality muzzle that will make your dog comfortable while safeguarding everyone else. Alternatively, you could spend less money and purchase the Baskerville Ultra muzzle, which had comparable performance.

6. Niteangel Nylon Dog Muzzle

A distinctive muzzle designed by Niteangel looks significantly less menacing than muzzles made in the past. The Niteangel muzzle is only a loop that keeps your dog’s mouth shut rather than enclosing its snout in a cage. It has extra-soft padding for your Pit’s comfort and doesn’t interfere with its breathing ability.

Unfortunately, the performance of this muzzle fell short of our expectations. No matter how we changed it, the dogs could still bite while it was in place. Even worse, the stitching is extremely flimsy and began unraveling the first week we used it.

The muzzle eventually lost its usability as the entire side came off. Even though it’s a very inexpensive muzzle, we still want to see how long it lasts.

After a few minutes, even though it was still functioning, our dogs had no trouble removing it. Overall, we weren’t impressed and would not advise this product to our readers.

Choosing the Best Muzzle for Pitbulls: A Buyer’s Guide

We feel it’s important to talk about the qualities we’re comparing our top options for Pit Bull muzzles on now that we’ve compared a few. Everyone has different reasons for using a muzzle on their Pitbull, but it’s important to consider each one while choosing.


Protection is the main motivation for most Pitbull owners to buy a muzzle. If your dog is getting into things it shouldn’t, biting itself in an injured region or otherwise causing harm, a muzzle can protect it from itself.

Of course, it’s for more than just your dog’s safety. The muzzle can help others feel less afraid because they know your dog can’t hurt them. People are frequently afraid of Pitbulls. A muzzle can prevent your dog from biting, protecting people and other dogs in the area.


The comfort of our canine friends comes second in importance to protection for us. Because some muzzles are uncomfortable, our dogs were unwilling to wear them. There are a few features to look for in a muzzle to ensure your dog will find it comfortable to wear.

For example, the area where their snout rests at the bridge should have plenty of padding. If not, over time, it can rub a raw area. Next, check to see if it’s completely adjustable so you can always have a good fit. You’ll also need to ensure they have plenty of breathing room to prevent them from running out of air. Our favorites have spaces to breathe easily and even lick their noses to keep them moist.


In a manner, wearing a muzzle is now considered fashionable. Several Pit bull owners have posted pictures of their dogs on social media with their dogs wearing scary muzzles.

The appeal of a muzzle is evident if you like that appearance. While most muzzles appear intimidating in some way, some of them genuinely contribute. We advise leather muzzles if you’re looking for a muzzle focused on appearance because they typically go with that look the best.

Can they remove it?

It’s no secret that certain dogs can pull off amazing escapes! Additionally, some muzzles are simpler to remove than others. It’s not a good idea to combine these two. The finest muzzle for your Pitbull will feature numerous cinch points if you know that your dog likes to escape, so you can be sure it will be challenging to flee. Before leaving the dog alone for five minutes, many of the muzzles we tried seemed secure. We discovered that the more we could modify the muzzle to fit the size of our dogs, the better it would remain on. Some brands allowed more adjustment than others.


Although each of the muzzles we tested is designed to do the same task, the effectiveness with which they accomplish it varies. Six muzzles for Pit Bulls that we considered were the best were compared in our reviews, but only three received our recommendations. We’ll quickly review everything so that you remember it all before you buy one. The leather muzzle from CollarDirect was our favorite and received our highest recommendation due to its commanding appearance and superior protection. It is created by hand from genuine leather, is cozy for your dog, and keeps everyone secure.

The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle, in our opinion, offers the finest value of the lot. It is non-threatening and does not restrict eating, drinking, or panting. Even though it can be heat-shaped to create a precise fit, the cost is still extremely reasonable. Our top pick from BRONZEDOG is made of stainless steel for the highest level of security. No matter what, your dog won’t be able to bite through this. It is padded for your dog’s comfort and doesn’t limit breathing. We have tried and authorized all three of these muzzles, so we can confidently suggest them to you.

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