Best Collar For American Bully

Some of the most adored dogs in the US and other areas worldwide are of the bully breed, such as Pitbulls and American Bully. American Bullies, however, are robust and muscular animals that, if not properly restrained, can snap standard harnesses or collars.

Not to add that these goofballs have strong chewing teeth. Therefore, if you forget them, you can return home later and discover the collar is no longer usable.

The greatest dog collars for Bully breed dogs that “perfectly” fit safely have been compiled by our team. We also added some guides to make it simple to choose decent collars that are affordable and comfy for your little furry friend.

Things to take into account when choosing a collar for your American Bully


Even though many dog collars are made of tough canvas and linen, your American Bully’s strength may not withstand them, especially if your dog pulls enthusiastically while you’re walking or spots a squirrel in the park.

Standard nylon is a durable, reasonably priced fabric that is simple to dye. This kind of material is used in the majority of dog collars and leashes available today. Although sturdy and economical, they will fray soon and irritate the dogs’ skin.

Military Grade Nylon is specifically tested and produced according to military requirements, ensuring materials fulfill requirements for rip and break strength, colorfastness, water repellency, and other qualities. The military frequently uses this fabric to make gear and tactical equipment.

An artificial rubber substance called neoprene produces diving suits and other equipment. Because it is sturdy, stretchable, and gentle on the skin, this material is excellent for pet supplies.

Due to the material’s soft rubber texture and brilliant color tones, PVC collars have recently gained popularity. Although this material is water-resistant, smaller dogs would benefit from it more because it can withstand less force.

Leather collars last a long time. It’s a high-quality item that offers you excellent value for your money.

This material is extremely durable and suitable for various environments. Just be careful to avoid getting oil on the leather since this will change the tone of the hue.

Cheap imitation leather dog collars are frequently made of synthetic leather; we do not recommend these because they are very easy to rip and irritate your dog’s skin severely.

The Behavior of Your Dog

When selecting a collar, take into account your dog’s walking manners. If your dog is well-mannered and does not pull, you can choose a fashionable collar to highlight your dog’s character, like the Cuban Link Chain Collar.

On the other hand, if your dog pulls on the leash obnoxiously while out on a walk, it can release pent-up energy. Choosing a more robust option, such as the Comfort Control Neoprene Dog Leash, the Tactical Collar and Leash Set, or the Anti-Pulling Y-Harness Set.


Depending on its function, dog collars come in various shapes and styles. Some people require collars for everyday walks. Others want a tough collar to utilize when going on outdoor excursions.

The Top 7 Dog Collars for Bully Breeds

Tactical American Bully Collar with Handle – Best overall

Dog owners and their dogs will benefit from tactical dog collars’ enhanced functionality and high dependability.

Tactical dog collars are made with good ergonomics primarily to make larger or more powerful dogs simpler to control. In addition, even when worn for extended periods, it helps keep the dog safe and secure.

A tactical American Bully collar with substantial neoprene padding is ideal for everyday use. It is strong, comfortable, and secure for dogs of all sizes and breeds, especially American Bullys, as it is designed for heavy pullers. The soft yet sturdy padding protects against pulling pressures with ease.

A heavy-duty dog collar prevents the dog’s skin and hair from becoming itchy and hot by being composed of strong, heavy-duty nylon material with a soft inside.

This kind of quick-release collar’s handle design gives pet owners better control, especially during canine training sessions.

Breakaway dog collar

Nothing is more terrifying than the idea of your American Bully’s collar getting tangled up in his crate’s cables.

Some owners who have gone through this horrific experience have related how they arrived home to their dogs making frantic noises and screams of panic. The canine was strangling himself. And you don’t want your animal friend to experience this.

Accidents occur frequently. The same thing can happen on a fence or a dog’s teeth when your American Bully is at the park. However, there is a technique to avoid being strangled.

Pick a collar with a quick-release buckle or a breakaway collar. It is extremely convenient; opening and closing it takes a few seconds.

A breakaway dog collar releases automatically whenever it is caught by something. However, it is strong enough to prevent the buckle from breaking so long as it is fastened to a lease. In other words, you can worry-free stroll your dog to a park.

Slip collars

Slip collars are ones you merely slip over your American Bully’s neck, as the name implies. They make excellent training aids for teaching your dog how to behave on a leash.

They lack a conventional buckle closing and are made to be looped. Slip collars are popular among rescue organizations and animal shelters because they are simple to use.

Some pets are reactive, afraid, or resent having unexpected persons too close to their faces because their owners frequently deal with dogs whose backgrounds are unknown.

A sliding collar with a stopper provides a quicker and safer way to remove a dog from a car without invading his space. Slip collars have a single ring that slides and tightens the leash in place of a buckle.

Wide neckline

Choose a wide collar instead of the more common narrow one if you want extra support for your dog (normal widths range from 1.5 to 3 inches). This style of dog collar creates a statement while protecting your pit bull.

Because it is so safe, this kind of collar is currently all the rage. Your dog won’t be able to escape the wide collar, no matter how hard it tries. And as you are aware, canines with very long necks include American Bullys, Mastiffs, and Great Danes.

Regular-width dog collars are more harmful than helpful. Once those typical width collars are put under tension, the force is concentrated and may begin to cut into the dog’s neck.

Conversely, the force is uniformly dispersed over a larger region with a wide collar. This safeguards the neck of your dog and guards against harm. Wide collars are fantastic for playing, training, and walking your American Bully.

A broad dog collar wraps around the dog’s midsection, in contrast to standard dog harnesses that place pressure in one spot around the dog’s throat and neck. Pressure on the shoulders, upper spine, and chest is distributed equally.

Martingale collars

The Martingale collars have the same appearance as regular dog collars, but they are made to get tighter when the dog tries to get their head out by pulling on them. Other names for these collars include limited-slip and no-slip collars.

You could assume it is the same as a choke collar feature, but it is not. No safety mechanism exists in choke collars to stop the dog from choking. No matter how vehemently your American Bully pulls, properly-fitted Martingale collars cannot choke a dog.

According to expert dog trainers, this collar should only be used at home or on walks. It gives owners more control while being less severe than a choke collar or check chain. Leather is frequently used to create martingale collars.

Custom leather collar

If your American Bully is active, you should forego the dangling dog tags and choose a custom leather collar instead.

We adore this collar style for the following reasons: It’s made to resist fading (except when exposed to the sun continuously), you may select from various base colors, and it’s fully designed for a personalized look.

The benefits of a bespoke dog collar are numerous. First of all, even though your dog has sensitive skin, they are more comfortable because they are constructed of eco-friendly materials. Additionally, leather collars improve with time. Your dog’s skin or coat oil softens the leather collar and enhances its appearance.

Leather collars’ inherent durability is another amazing quality. It can last longer than any other kind of collar available. This collar may be fastened with a lovely brass or metal buckle clasp, whether flat or rolled.

Because leather cannot get wet, some dog owners believe it is inappropriate for American Bully collars. That is just untrue. A specially made leather dog collar can withstand wetness and last for years. However, taking it off when giving your American Bully a bath is recommended.

Chain Collars

You’re more likely to impart your sense of style on your American Bully if you’re a pet parent who values the finer things in life. Why get a polyester or nylon collar when your dog can stroll in flair with a little glitter?

A Cuban-style collar can be the ideal choice for your dog. However, the Cuban dog link isn’t just for show; it’s also functional. Unlike the cloth alternatives, these dog links are strong and can endure longer.

This kind of collar is also more than just eye-catching. It has the strength to support your firm, obstinate, and persistent dog. It’s one of the top heavy-duty collars for American Bullys that you can count on.

The alternatives for Cuban link dog collars are also numerous. Does your dog look fantastic in silver, gold, or rose gold? Then, improve your dog’s appearance by choosing the best American Bully Cuban collar.

If you get a chain collar for your dog, be careful to pick the right size because these collars aren’t adjustable, and your dog could be able to wriggle out of them if the fit is too loose.

Sizing Guide for American Bully Dog Collars: How to Fit Your Dog’s Collar Correctly

After considering the elements above, you must measure your dog’s neck for the new collar.

Some dog owners prefer to take their dogs with them when shopping, but doing so can be challenging if you have multiple dogs at home or a dog that gets car sick or anxious.

Our advice is to consider: The Prime Directive For Every Dog Collar. Fitting two fingers underneath a dog collar is the golden guideline. It’s either too tight or too loose if you can’t.

You can measure your American Bully by wrapping tape around their neck or chest, depending on where the collar will rest. An American Bully’s collar typically ranges from 14 to 18 inches.

Provide Room for Growth

You must also consider your dog’s growth when looking for new collars. This is crucial if you’re purchasing a puppy because they develop quickly. Spending money on an adjustable collar that your dog can use for a few weeks before outgrowing it could be a good idea.


Like other breeds of dogs, American Bullys have distinctive behavioral characteristics. Treat them accordingly by giving them the instruction, oversight, and attention they need.

Choosing the right collar for your dog is one approach to giving your American Bully the safest surroundings possible. It can have a huge impact on how well your pet learns. Choose the ideal collar, and you and your furry friend will be content.

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