Are Labradors Good With Kids?

As I have always known, a Labrador retriever is a sociable, devoted, and excellent adult pet. However, parents of young children should consider how well their Labrador would get along with the youngsters. Here is what I learned after conducting some study on the topic.

So, do Labradors get along well with kids? Labradors are regarded as one of the greatest dog breeds for kids. These dogs are frequently friendly, eager, and calm. They may, however, also be quite animated, bouncy, and physically demanding. Therefore, all owners must be ready for this.

Kids may learn responsibility and have fun when they own a dog, which is a terrific experience. In most cases, a Labrador may be an excellent addition to any home with kids. Let’s look at some benefits of bringing a Labrador into your home.

Reasons That Make Labradors Good With Kids

All ages of people find labradors to be excellent companions, but certain traits make them even better than the younger generation.

Protecting Behavior

Labs are typically not hostile. However, they are devoted to their owner, the family, and the children. Knowing that the lab cares for your child allows lab owners to sleep or leave the house with the utmost peace of mind. They are the ideal breed of family dog.

Because they are simple to train, labs are effective guard dogs for keeping strangers away from your children. Since they pick things up quickly, they can distinguish between good and bad people and will never allow the children to suffer harm. Although they don’t bite aggressively, they bark loudly if something threatens them.

Tolerant in nature

The lab puppy can help young children feel safe and secure around them because of their generally calm disposition and care for other animals/pets in the house, such as cats or birds.

Lab puppies have excellent socializing abilities from birth. They are, in reality, the “Good boys/girls.” Young children under the age of five are notorious for having unpredictable behaviour. Labs can comprehend child psychology and behave appropriately. Because of this characteristic, they are the ideal canine babysitter for your loved one.

Terrific Playmate

Young children under five might quickly become sidetracked when playing a game or doing an activity at home. They might be mischievous by causing a commotion at home and dashing about the house. Running around the kids while working might be difficult.

They can make the perfect companion for energetic and outgoing children because they have good stamina. You may easily control unruly children with the use of labs. They can participate in criminal activities with the youngsters and watch for their safety while playing.

How to Prepare for Your Labrador?

Even though they make an excellent addition to your family, Labradors need care and preparation. You might do several things to ensure you are prepared for when your new dog arrives home for the first time.

Tools and Accessories

You must spend money on equipment and accessories to give your new dog an excellent life. The following are some essential items you will require:

  • New dog bed or crate,
  • Dog bowls
  • Lease,
  • Outdoor play toys
  • Indoor chew toys
  • Brush and other grooming supplies
  • Plenty of food to provide a healthy diet

Fortunately, a nearby pet supply store carries everything you need.

Visiting the Vet

Ensure you have a vet appointment before you even bring your new Labrador home. It would be best to take your dog to the vet at least once a year for excellent care. Once you have your Labrador, the veterinarian can quickly examine it to ensure it is healthy.


A new Labrador will initially require a lot of work and training, especially if it is a puppy. As soon as you get your new Labrador home, you should begin training it. If you have the option, enrolling your dog in expert dog training classes could benefit and significantly accelerate the training process.

Create a new calendar.

It will be a shift to bring a new Labrador into your home. Everyone in your home must work together to ensure the Labrador is adequately cared for. Adjust the family calendar to include time for outside play, strolls, and feedings.

Set Up The House

You should be prepared for a new puppy to cause damage if you bring one home occasionally. Their natural propensity may be to gnaw on anything until they are more comfortable in your house. As a result, you must ensure that your puppy is kept in areas of the home that don’t include any valuables or furnishings that they could damage.

What Else to Look for in a Labrador?

Each Labrador is unique, even though they are typically terrific pets and family members. When deciding whether a Labrador is the ideal dog for you, there are several things to consider.


Be careful to spend time with each Labrador before deciding the one to take home. During this process, you ought to understand the dog’s temperament.

You should search for someone who can remain composed under pressure because a house full of kids can occasionally be chaotic and unpleasant. Choose a different dog if the Labrador you are thinking about does not fare well with loud noises or a lot of movement.


A Labrador can be any size, which is pretty common. While larger males can reach weights of over 80 pounds, smaller females can weigh as little as around 50 pounds.

Buying one on the smaller end will be an excellent choice if you live in a smaller house with less outdoor room to run around. When purchasing a puppy, you should enquire about the parent dogs’ sizes because this information will help you predict the dog’s final size.

Where to Get the Labrador

Finally, you will have many possibilities while looking for a new Labrador. If you’re looking for a puppy, you should locate a reputable breeder who is responsible. If you’re searching for an older, trained dog, check with your neighborhood shelters to see if any Labradors are available.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Labradors safe around kids?

Due to their typical traits, labrador retrievers make excellent family pets and companions for young children. They get along well with the younger people thanks to their kind, protective character, training simplicity, and tranquil outlook.

Is a Labrador a good family dog?

As with many breeds, labradors make ideal family pets if correctly socialized. They are affectionate and caring and get along well with the entire family. They are excellent with kids because of their patience. Simple weekly brushing usually suffices to keep the coat in perfect shape.

Is lab dog dangerous?

The Labrador is often a friendly, laid-back, and affectionate dog. However, these canines can be extremely deadly if not properly trained and cared for. The Merritt Clifton Dog Bite Statistics show that 56 assaults that caused severe harm occurred between 1982 and 2014.


Due to their typical traits, labrador retrievers make excellent family pets and companions for young children. They get along well with the younger people thanks to their kind, protective character, training simplicity, and tranquil outlook.

Despite these factors, it takes time for the dog and children to become used to one another. Adopting a lab as a member of your family necessitates taking the precautions we mentioned. Bringing a lab to your home is an excellent method to instill maturity and responsibility in children.

Permit them to give the dog water and food occasionally. Because they love to learn, labradors can also share the added benefit of becoming guard dogs and protecting their property with their owners.

Your leisure time and weekends can become even more fascinating with a lab at home. They make great playmates because of their contagious vitality. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, taking your dogs on walks and jogs can improve the quality of your workout.

Last, but not least, remember to take your lab for monthly checks with your preferred veterinarian to make sure the dog is healthy and fine.

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