Are Exotic Bullies Aggressive?

At first glance of an Exotic Bully, you will not be wrong to think it is an aggressive dog. But it would be incorrect because these fierce and strong-looking miniature dogs are big softies from the inside.

Exotic Bullies are one of the newest breeds and one of the most popular ones. And with popularity comes a negative image. While most people adore the cute little breed, some scream in fear at the sight of these Bullies because they have no idea what the breed is.

Today we will learn all about the personality of the Exotic Bullies and find out the truth behind the myth of aggressive Bullies.

Are Exotic Bullies an Aggressive Breed?

No! Exotic Bullies are not an aggressive breed; in fact, most Bully breeds, such as the American Bully, Pitbulls, Bulldogs, and such, are non-aggressive breeds.

Most misconceptions about these breeds come from their history and bad ownership. By nature, Exotic Bullies are not aggressive whatsoever, but due to the history of Pitbulls and similar-looking dogs in blood sports, all these new breeds become targets of hate as well.

The biggest reason for these misconceptions is common people’s lack of knowledge about the breed. Most Bully haters have never interacted with a Pitbull or an Exotic Bully, while some have had bad experiences with bad owners.

Exotic Bullies are loyal, easy to socialize, and human-friendly dogs. Exotic Bullies are so friendly that they always seek the approval of humans and try to get praise from them if they know a certain thing makes them happy.

This extreme loyalty and need for praise make them susceptible, and you can make them do anything, good or bad, depending on you.

What Causes Exotic Bullies to Be Aggressive?

So if Exotic Bullies are not naturally aggressive, what makes them aggressive in many reported incidents? The answer is incompetent owners. Most of the time, the owners do not put in the effort required to teach their dogs manners, leading to bad things.

Here is a detailed guide to why Bullies become aggressive:

1. Lack of Training and Socializing

As I said, an incompetent owner does not exert the effort to train an Exotic Bully. The training includes discipline training, basic commands, socializing with other dogs and humans, and a few basic manners.

If the dog isn’t socialized and always chained up in the backyard, it will become hostile to everything and everyone. Your dog may even consider you the enemy because it does not know how to distinguish between friends and foes.

To socialize with your dog and train him, you must take him to the parks and doggy school or have him meet up with your friends and family.

2. Environment

The type of environment your Bully grows up in greatly affects its behavior. If the environment provided to the dog is full of love and affection, then you will have no problem.

In contrast, if the environment provided to the dog is toxic and full of negativity, the dog will develop aggression. All the negative thoughts and actions are imprinted on the dog’s mind.

Sometimes the dog has chained up all alone in isolation, and that also affects its mind.

3. Depression

If a dog goes into depression for some reason, it can also develop aggression. It could become a coping mechanism for the dog to live a state of mind cut off from the real world. The owner must take care of the dog in every state, and the best way to avoid depression is to give your Bully lots of attention and spend time playing.

4. Territorial Aggression

Almost all dogs are territorial and don’t like it when someone trespasses in their area. Exotic Bullies descend from Pitbulls and Bulldogs, which are highly dominant breeds. Being a Bully, the Exotic Bully will try to establish dominance over other dogs and humans.

If not properly trained, it will mark the house and the route it takes during walks as its territory and will consider bypassers as intruders. This can lead to your Bully lashing out at innocent people and cause problems for you.

5. Provoked

Sometimes even a fully trained dog acts out in aggression if provoked. Often ill, mannered kids can tease and irritate a dog to the point that it may snap. A calm will not stand down if it is put to the test unreasonably and especially if teased physically.

To avoid such instances, you must teach your kids to behave around dogs and always supervise their interactions.

At What Age Do Exotic Bullies Show Aggression?

It is common for Exotic Bullies to show some aggression during the teenage time of their life. Teenage time commonly starts from 8 months and lasts till 2 years of age. At this time, you must begin to socialize your dog with other dogs and humans.

You should also have discipline trained your Bully by now, or it will grow up to be stubborn and out of control. Once you manage your Exotic Bully at this age, you will have no problem with aggression with your dog.

How Do I Stop My Exotic Bully from Being Aggressive?

Stopping or avoiding aggression in Exotic Bullies is fairly simple but requires some effort on your behalf. You can remove any aggression from your Bully by simply training him, showing him you are the alpha, socializing, feeding, and caring for him.

It is easy but takes time and consistency; if you keep at it with patience, you will have no problem with your dog.

Training to Be Obedient

You should start training your dog as soon as you bring him home. Your dog should know basic commands such as sit, stand, stay, drop, come, and yes or good boy. These commands are necessary to help you train your Bully further in future training, such as social training.

It would be best if you were Dominant.

Establishing dominance over your Exotic Bully is crucial when you bring it home. If your dog sees you as a weakling who cannot lead and is neither firm with its command, it will never listen to you. If the owner is not firm, the dog will take advantage and learn to become a bad boy.

You can establish dominance by making your do think that you are the only source of food, treats, and positive praise. If you want to show disapproval, you can withhold your affection instead of becoming angry.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Many people forget that their Exotic Bully is a dog; no matter how old it gets, it will stay a baby. Sometimes Bullies try to test you by ignoring your command to check if you are still the alpha and if they can get away with bad behavior.

You must not fail, keep calm, and only use positive reinforcement such as praise and treats. If your dog does what you want and does it correctly, then you should treat him.

Don’t use harsh words or hit your dog if you get angry. Instead, ignore your dog, and he will understand that he has made a mistake.

Ask For Professional Help

There is no shame in asking for someone to help you with the aggression of your Exotic Bully. Many professional trainers are available who will train your dog and teach him obedience.

Sometimes we cannot do what a professional can, so it is best to ask for help instead of making mistakes you cannot fix.

Socialize the Pupppy

The most important method of stopping your dog from aggression is to socialize with other dogs and humans. You can socialize your Exotic Bully by taking them to dog parks, meeting with friends and family, or enrolling them in doggy daycare.

Doggy daycare is one of the best options, enabling your dog to mingle with other dogs and learn manners.


It does not matter what breed of a dog you have as a pet because if you cannot do justice to it, it will turn aggressive. Exotic Bullies and other such dogs have a bad rep because people are afraid to interact with them, and the blame is on irresponsible owners.

If you own an Exotic Bully or any other breed, you must ensure you can fulfill its food and training needs.

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