10 Best Harness For Pitbull: Which One to Choose?

Usually, when people think of pit bulls, they picture vicious, hostile animals that are nothing more than muscle-bound machines. Although members of this breed are powerful, they are not the strongest dogs. This cheerful puppy is easily aroused and has the strength to knock grown adults off their feet if they are not paying attention.

Most pit bull owners choose a harness for their friend rather than a regular collar for that reason alone. A harness helps disperse the puppy’s force more evenly, giving you better control over your pet’s boisterous behavior. The top 10 harnesses available now (and for the foreseeable future) are listed below.

In our reviews, we’ll go into things like construction, toughness, maneuverability, safety, and several other things. We have also included a buyer’s guide for additional information.

The 10 Best Dog Harnesses For Pitbulls

1. Eagloo Pitbull Dog Harness

The Eagloo Dog Harness is your greatest option if you seek the best option overall. You can pick a size for your pit bull among the small, medium, large, and Xlarge options available for this lightweight dog wrangler. Six hues are also available for you to choose from.

You can fasten a leash to either this harness’s back or chest plate. You may exert more control over a forceful puller with the chest hook. The back and chest rings are constructed from a sturdy zinc alloy. Additionally, the positioning is intended to prevent strangulation of your dog.

The Eagloo is made of double Oxford nylon webbing, which is strong, breathable, and cozy. The front plate also contains soft sponge padding so it won’t rub against your pet’s arm. On the back, there is a control handle that can also be used to fasten a seatbelt.

This harness gives owners control overactive puppies and is excellent for all outdoor activities. This type has a 3M reflective lining for visibility in dim light and is also very easy to clean. The straps around the chest and neck are also adjustable. Additionally, the extra-strong buckles will prevent your pet from slipping out. This is considered the greatest harness for your active pit bull.

2. PetLove Harness for Dogs

The finest dog harness for pit bulls is discussed next. The PetLove Dog harness is a chic, scratch-resistant solution with eight sizes ranging from XXX-small to XXX-large. The sturdy material comes in five colors and includes reflective material for nighttime hikes in each one.

This harness has a wide head opening, making putting it on less difficult for your dog. Your pet will stay comfortable thanks to the plush sponge padding, lessening friction on their delicate armpits. Additionally, there is a control handle for places with excessive traffic or congestion.

The PetLove includes completely adjustable straps and a breathable mesh interior. The sturdy buckles also offer a lock feature to keep your pet safe. In our opinion, this model’s narrower chest plate and lack of a front leash attachment feature are its sole flaws. In all other respects, this harness offers the best value.

3. Dogs My Love Leather Dog Harness

The Animals I Love For pups who want to seem badass, a genuine leather dog harness is an alternative. This sleek black piece has adjustable belt buckle closures to keep your pet in place while allowing easy movement. This harness is highly flexible and comfy despite its hard appearance.

The hardware on The Dogs My Love is nickel-plated for durability and won’t rust or chip. For added durability, it also contains eyelets that are reinforced with metal. There are two sizes available: large 33 inches and Xlarge 37 inches. 1.5 inches wide and 3/16 inches thick describe the straps.

However, this harness does not include any cushioning or low-light reflective material. Nevertheless, the D-ring is robust, and the back strap can double as a control lever in an emergency. Even if this choice is more expensive, your dog will appear like Fonzy with the Dogs My Love outfit.

4. Pitbull dog vest harness from Lifepul

The Lifepul LPDBHR160525-B3 Dog Vest Harness, which you should say three times quickly, is ranked at number four. Thanks to the nickel-plated hardware made of sturdy nylon, you will keep your pit tight in this choice. You can find the ideal fit for your canine companion with adjustable straps in red or black.

This harness has four sizes: small, medium, large, and X-large. A rear handle is provided for simple handling or use with a seatbelt when traveling by car. Thanks to the breathable fabric and softly cushioned chest area, your pet is kept cozy and cool in hot weather. The tight belly area, however, necessitates a proper adjustment to prevent your pet from slipping out.

The Lifepul also incorporates locking heavy-duty buckles and a robust D-ring on the backplate. Additionally, you can wash this product when it gets soiled. Last but not least, this harness lacks sufficient reflective material for low-light activities and a front leash D-ring for added control.

5. YOGADOG Heavy Duty Dog Harness

As we go into the center of our reviews, we come across a product that has a back handle with an elastic band. The YOGADOG Heavy Duty Dog Harness provides control without using excessive whiplash force by utilizing the elasticity of the padded grip. It extends to four inches and functions as a built-in short leash.

This style is constructed from a sturdy, wear-resistant material. The cushioned cross design on the chest plate can shift and irritate the armpits. The rear half, on the other hand, is vented for warm weather.

The straps and buckles on the YOGADOG can be adjusted. The weatherproof nylon harness is exclusively offered in black and comes in sizes big, Xlarge, and XXlarge. For low-light adventures, however, there is reflective stitching. Be aware that there is no front D-ring with this option. Additionally, weak stitching causes the metal ring on the rear, which is sturdy, to come loose. Otherwise, this is a respectable dog harness.

6. Friends Forever Dog Harness

The Friends Forever PET66-0027 Dog Harness is available in two sizes: 26 to 36 inches for the large and 36 to 46 inches for the Xlarge. Although the plastic buckles on this model are not as strong as some of our other options, the huge opening makes it simple to put on and take off your pet.

This harness is available in a black design that doesn’t have enough reflection to be useful at night. Despite this, the fabric is lightweight, soft, and waterproof. But remember that the fabric will rub and burn your pet’s sensitive skin if the straps are not adjusted properly.

The backplate of the Friends Forever has a sturdy D-ring and a handle. Additionally, the handle features a plastic grip that splinters easily and degrades quickly. Last, this harness lacks the front ring needed for regulated leash walking.

7. ThinkPet No Pull Harness

The following item, number seven, is a harness in seven sizes and hues. A tough 600D high-density padded nylon option that is perfect for hiking, hunting, and other more demanding sports is the ThinkPet No Pull Harness.

On the back and chest plate of the sport harness, there are two D-ring lead attachers. The locking buckles and adjustable straps are less durable than you would want. Additionally, the belly strap is constructed from an elastic material. This harness is simple for a determined pit bull to escape from when all these parts are considered.

Although the elastic part of the ThinkPet chest plate chafes, it is padded. Also, remember that your pet can only be seen from the front when wearing reflective material. Beyond that, the fabric is airy and lightweight.

8. Dogs Kingdom Leather Dog Harness

This is another leather harness with belt buckle straps, much like our premium choice. The Dogs Kingdom Soft Leather Dog Harness is made of leather, but it’s not as soft as you’d like for your pit bull. Because of the rigid straps and general structure, your dog’s skin will chafe and become irritated.

The 24 to 32-inch harness, available only in one size, is better suited for small to medium-sized pit bulls. Also, compared to the shorter squatter variant, this alternative fits better on taller, more narrow-bodied puppies.

The Dogs Kingdom, which promotes itself as environmentally benign, contains nickel-plated hardware and a robust back D-ring for the leash. On the back are five adjustable straps and a leather control handle. Additionally, a free leather handle dog chain lead is included.

To change the subject, this harness comes in brown, black, pink, and red. Be aware that this product does not have any padding and does not have a chest plate ring. Last but not least, your pet will find this alternative bulky and hefty overall, lacking reflective material.

9. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

We now have the Rabbitgoo DTCW006-L-N Dog Harness in the second-to-last position. Although it only comes in black, this style is available in small, medium, large, and Xlarge sizes. Although the overall stitching isn’t particularly strong, the lightweight mesh material is.

The neck and chest straps on this harness are adjustable. This harness’s tiny straps and diminutive backplate should be noted in comparison to other models. This will make getting on and off more difficult. Your dog’s armpits will itch from the thin straps as well.

The Rabbitgoo has a D-ring for your leash on the chest and backplate, but as we have noted, the stitching is not strong. Thus, the hardware is more prone to fall loose. But the ring itself is strong. An identical construction problem exists with the back control handle as well.

Although this harness has cushioning on the chest plate, the issue with the narrow straps is brought up once more. Finally, there is no reflecting material for tasks that require low light.

10. Rugged K9 Vest Harness by OneTigris

The OneTigris TG-GBX11 Rugged K9 Vest is our final recommendation for a pit bull harness. Although this device is better suited for huskier pets, you can pick a medium or big size. This black product has a few extra features, like elastic flashlight loops, a zippered poop-bag compartment, and an embroidered name patch.

The overall construction of 500D nylon and 2mm cushioning is not as sturdy as the other brands we examined. The stainless steel D-ring is simple to rip off, and the padded grip on the backplate is not securely fastened. Even if the ring is strong in and of itself, it is useless without a connection.

The OneTigris’ design, however, raises more serious issues. The breastplate, to start, is removable and regularly falls loose. A chest strap wraps across the lower neck area in addition to the chest plate. Unfortunately, if your pit pulls too hard, this strap will easily inch its way up, and choking will result.

Overall, your pet will feel less secure using this harness. The reflection is also subpar, and the design chafes. Last but not least, the zipper on the poop-bag compartment frequently becomes jammed and won’t open.

Information You Should Know About Your Pit Bull Harness

You know your alternatives for a safe and dependable pit bull harness, but you’ll need to know certain crucial details before you choose one. You will need this information to acquire the right size for your dog.

Numerous things can go wrong while out with your dog if you don’t pick the right size. Just consider the following situations:


Your dog may be able to flee if the fit is improper. They can end up harmed or lost as a result of this. They may have numerous other issues if they are uneasy around people or other canines.


You will struggle to keep your dog from pulling when the fit is bad. You run the risk of losing your dog if the harness is either loose or too tight. This is especially true when surrounded by other suspicious dogs or in crowded areas.


A poorly fitting harness is just as uncomfortable as a bad pair of shoes. Your pit may feel unpleasant.


The skin beneath your pet’s arm is extremely delicate, and frequent rubbing of the material can cause it to become raw and chafed. Additionally, if they are overly loose or tight, they may limit motion and hurt your muscles and joints.

You may easily avoid all of this by precisely measuring your pit bull to establish the proper size. The best method for choosing the appropriate size is as follows:

The neck of your pit bull should be measured as the first step. Utilize a fabric measuring tape or a piece of string while your pet stands. Locate the lowest point of the neck, which will be just above the collarbone and beneath the area where the wearer’s collar usually rests.

Step two

The chest measurement comes next. For this stage, locate the area of your dog’s chest that is the widest. Normally, that will be the region directly behind the armpit, although depending on your dog’s build, that may not always be the case.

Third Step

It would help if you weighed your pit, even though this isn’t usually necessary. You can get the measurements and weight constraints from several harness manufacturers.

Additional Information

Using these figures, you may choose the ideal size for your puppy. Remember that manufacturers have varying measurements, so always read the label before buying.

The majority of harnesses may also be adjusted. Choose the lesser size if you’re in doubt. Choose the smaller size, for instance, if the manufacturer provides a large 24 to 36-inch or a 36 to 46-inch option, and your puppy is 36 inches.

What Makes a Good Product in this Category?

Like any other pet product, the best have unique characteristics that set them apart. The following characteristics will show that the product is a cut above the competition:


Good padding, particularly on the chest plate, is an excellent addition to any harness. This comforts your pet, especially if they tend to tug on the leash. Additionally, it will lessen the possibility of chafing.

Dual D-rings: D-rings are an excellent feature to check for if you have a dog that pulls a lot. Your dog will be easier to control if you have a leash connection on the back and chest plate. Particularly the front ring lessens the force they may apply to drag you.

Control Handle

Another crucial component of a harness is a safe control handle. Additionally to aiding with healing, this is useful in crowded areas or when your dog is around canines that he is unfamiliar with.


Durable stitching is another sign of a high-quality product. The overall fabric of a harness is generally strong. The stitching along the seams, D-rind, and handles typically come undone.


Reflection comes last but not least. When it comes to your beloved pit friend, safety is always the top consideration. Your canine companion will be able to be seen in low light and at night thanks to reflective material or stitching.

If your dog escapes throughout the night, this could be crucial in ensuring their safety. Although there are many more options, these particular components will result in a harness for your pet that is safe, sturdy, and useful.


We hope the following evaluations have provided you with all the information you need to choose the ideal harness for your furry pet. A harness can mean the difference between a never-ending tug-of-war and taking your pitbull for daily walks.

The Eagloo Dog Harness is undoubtedly, our top pick overall. This harness is reliable, comfy, and strong for your dog. The second option we like best is likewise reasonably priced. The PetLove Dog Harness is an affordable option that offers all the advantages of a high-quality leash companion.

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