How to Train a Pitbull to be Guard Dog – 9 Tips & Tricks

Pitbulls are infamous for their aggressive manner and reputation as innately dangerous dogs. This theory has largely been disproven and shown to be more the fault of their owner; in truth, Pitbull dogs are not naturally aggressive.

This breed is rather friendly and seeks human companionship and love like any other dog.

However, if you are searching for a Pitbull to add to your home as both a new member and to serve as an added layer of security, then continue reading to learn tips and tricks to do this accurately and in the best way for your dog.

Can Pitbulls Be Trained as Guard Dogs?

There has been a long controversy over whether Pitbulls can make good guard dogs. But the truth is that they can make excellent guard dogs; if given appropriate training and many dog training professionals have confirmed this.

Those who claim that pit bulls are lousy guard dogs are either hoping for some surveillance work from an untrained dog or doing things incorrectly in some other way.

Of course, no Pitbull is born a natural guard dog. However, with proper grooming, you can turn yours into a loyal guardian that watches your back, senses trouble, alerts you of hazards, and protects you by attacking intruders. Training a Pitbull to become a guard dog involves a few steps.

Before You Start

Before starting training, you must ensure you have several things together. Firstly, you must store treats or small pieces of your dog’s favorite food. You will also need a strong leash and some friends. Your Pit Bull needs to learn better.

Dedicate 10 to 15 minutes several days a week for training. The more frequently you train, the sooner you will see results. Once you have all that, bring enthusiasm and patience, then work can begin!

Tips and Tricks to Train a Pitbull to be a Guard Dog

1. Start Early

Like other training, you will want to start guard dog training as soon as possible. If you can begin teaching them specific items like behavior and boundaries training when they are pups, you will have a better possibility of getting them to follow your orders.

Waiting too long to start can result in a lot of negative actions. Obedience training should be the foundation of your training.

2. Observe Your Pitbull’s Behavior

A fantastic start to training your Pitbull to have a particular behavior is observing how they naturally react to different situations. Try to monitor if specific things trigger barking or unwanted behaviors. These will be circumstances where you will want to avert them from repeating this pattern.

3. Barking

Put your Pitbull in one of the situations that trigger him and give a ‘bark‘ command in a playful voice. Give the order just before or as your dog naturally start to bark. You can use any word you like. You could also use ‘speak,’ for example.

4. Give Them Treats and Reward Good Behavior

When you see your Pitbull is behaving well or reacting to specific situations how you would like them to, reward them with positive reinforcement.

Rewarding them means giving your dog treats regularly or lots of praise. Your Pitbull will eventually associate the behavior with treats and remember it as a good thing to do.

5. Teach the Difference Between Intruders and Friends

When teaching a Pitbull guarding behavior, it’s essential to let them know who is a danger and who a friend is. You do not want your dog barking or attacking your friends and family because this can lead to muzzling your dog or, worse, putting it down. Slowly introduce them to people who should not be protective.

6. Practice and Patience

As with any type of training, guard dog training will take patience and practice on behalf of the dog owner. Do not get flustered or angry with your dog if they don’t get it immediately.

Guarding is new to them, so they will slowly understand what you want them to do. Try not to punish your Pitbull with aggressive language.

7. Boundary Training Around

A great way to get your Pit Bull to understand what they need to protect is to take them for daily walks at different times of the day. Walk them around the same few streets daily and get them to understand where they live. They will begin to feel relaxed with their surroundings and identify this as home.

8. Give them Secure Outdoor Areas.

Another great way to get your Pitbull to be comfy with the areas you want them to guard, like the house or the yard, is to confine your Pit to a specific area they can freely move around.

Your dog will start to see this area as their own safe space and home, so they begin to see it as an area to protect.

9. Try Behavior Classes

If you notice that your methods don’t work, you might not be doing them correctly. Try calling an expert to your home to help you learn it, or send your puppy to a training class.

These training classes are usually held one-on-one or in groups with other dogs, so they socialize while learning a great skill. When teaching proper guarding behavior, having other dogs around could be beneficial.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Many people make common mistakes because they don’t understand that a dog is not a human that can understand everything easily. Here are a few things you should avoid while training your Pitbull to become a guard dog.

Don’t Forget to Get Professional Help

Guard dogs are potentially dangerous animals, so you must contact a reputable trainer for further information if you are considering training your puppy yourself.

Avoid Punishment

It would be best not to use punishment as a training tool. Your Pitbull will respond efficiently to positive reinforcement, and punishment will only make them overly aggressive and too difficult to control.

Don’t Lose Patience and Focus

Pitbulls can be stubborn and easily distracted. You have to remember that and remain patient and focused on your goal. You may find your dog distracted by little things such as butterflies or little kids. If you lose your calm, your dog will likely respect you less afterward and become afraid of you.


Training dogs takes patience and dedication, especially when teaching them to be guard dogs. Pitbulls are intelligent and eager to please dogs, though, and with time and the proper methods, they can be trained to be excellent guard dogs reasonably easily. Good luck!

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