How to Stop Pitbulls from Barking?

As a dog owner, you may not like barking dogs, especially when they are too aggressive barkers, but dogs can bark to communicate with other dogs. However, your Pitbull barking too much can be problematic, and you desperately want your dog to bark less and be a good citizen.

You should solve the barking problem as early as possible before it is too late because an old barking dog is very challenging to train.

In this article, you will read about how to make your dog stop unnecessary barking and some steps to follow, but first, we need to know why our Pitbull is barking so much.

Why Does My Pitbull Bark so Much?

Before solving any problem, knowing why it’s happening is essential. Below are some reasons why your dog barks.

  • Your dog can bark due to boredom. Pitbulls are very energetic dogs; therefore, they bark when not doing any activity due to boredom and energy.
  • Your Pitbull can bark when he is lonely or his owner is not home.
  • Dogs can also bark due to frustration. This frustration can be of anything like you are ignoring your dog or it is trying to reach something and failing to do so.
  • Your dog can also bark due to fear. When staying alone for too much time without an owner, dogs can bark due to fear.
  • Pitbull can bark when felt threatened. They can bring out their aggression and bark continuously.
  • Territorial barking is a dog’s response to intruders, which can be human or animal.
  • Alarm barking is a response from a dog to different sounds.
  • Dogs can Bark to seek the attention of their owner.
  • A dog can bark as a response to a greeting. For example, when someone says Hi, your dog can bark.

You can track when your dog barks, at night or early in the morning. Identifying the problem’s reason and timing can help us solve it, and now we will discuss how to stop our Pitbull from barking.

How to Stop Pitbulls from Barking?

Now that we have discussed why Pitbulls bark a lot. Now it’s time to discuss some methods to stop your Pitbull from barking.

1. Desensitize the Stimulus

You need to find out what thing your dog is barking. It can be a human or any other thing. Maybe your dog is barking at a child or an unknown person he does not recognize.

You need to desensitize your Pit Bull and stimulate positive behavior towards the thing at which your dog is barking.

Sometimes it is difficult to find what your dog is barking at, so you must be clever enough to see it quickly; for example, your dog can be barking at the pizza delivery boy. It can be anything else, like a cat running around in your backyard can make your Pit bark.

Hence, as an owner, you need to be clever enough to identify that thing quickly and desensitize your Pitbull behavior by allowing your dog to get to know about that thing, especially in your presence, to stop the aggressive barking behavior and be okay with that thing.

2. Use of Commands

Commands can train most dogs, but how will you train your dog through those commands?

You can stop your dog barking by a stair, look at a sound to stop, or any gesture you can use your dog can stop for a while with your command but mentally, he can still be alert, and when you disappear from the scene.

So, you need to stay there till the dog relaxes continuously and make him know from your gesture that it is okay for the dog to feel regular with that thing, for example, cat or pizza boy, which we discussed earlier.

Another thing you can do is to train your dog to bark only on commands. You can provide your dog with a treat when the dog barks only on your given order, and slowly, your dog will bark without a treat, and your dog will be mentally ready to follow the instructions.

You should be patient, provide your dog time to train, and not punish him.

3. Remove Offending Things

There can be some things around your dog that he can be barking. For example, a creepy doll or a pet statue can offend the dog. After monitoring correctly, you can try removing things that you can easily remove, but there can be challenging things to remove, so what can you do in this situation?

In that situation, you can gradually train your dog so that it is okay to be there with things like a small statue or a doll. Your dog can also get offended by some sounds, like a child playing or a truck or anything else, so to make the dog not bark at those things.

Also, you can train your dog in your presence with these sounds; for example, if he barks on the truck sound you can stay with your dog and play with the sound of truck and help him to be comfortable with this sound.

Eventually, you will see that your dog will not react to those offending things and sound.

4. Anti-Stress Items

Many items in the market can relieve dogs’ stress, especially when left alone for a while.

Stress-reducing collars usually use pheromone technology or a blend of herbs that helps relieve anxiety. You can certainly use these products to relieve stress and anger from your dog, and these products are also not expensive to buy.

Some jackets on the market can apply gentle and controllable pressure to calm aggressive dogs by providing relief.

5. Get Rid of Boredom

Dogs can bark due to boredom, so you should keep them active by providing some attractive dog toys on which they can spend their time.

They can bark when you enter the home and leave home, so before leaving, you can make your dog tired so that they can stay calm and not bark.

6. Use a Dog Bark Spray Collar

Instead of using shock collars, you can try out spray collars because they are harmless to dogs. These spray collars use an oil that has a lemony odor.

When your Pitbull barks, these collars spray some oil on your dog’s face to stop them from barking, and these collars are not harmful to your dog, so you can also try that out.

7. Seek Help From A Professional

By applying the abovementioned tricks, you can also consider getting help from a professional if your dog is too aggressive and not leaving this barking activity.

Note that this will take time for the dog to stop barking and get rid of extra aggression, but if you find it too tough to handle, professionals can help you and get an immediate result.

There is also a possibility that your dog is suffering from some disease, which is why he is barking. So, in that case, only a professional can identify and solve the root cause, so seeking help from a professional will satisfy you.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dogs Be Trained Not to Bark?

It is natural for dogs to bark, especially puppies. You can not stop your dog from barking, but you can train it to choose other communication methods. Dogs can bark for numerous reasons but will not grow out of it entirely.

Because a dog needs to bark when it feels threatened, it can control its aggressive and unnecessary barking behavior if we provide proper training at a young age.

How Do You Keep a Barky Pitbull Quiet?

You cannot make Pitbull or any other dog leave barking because it comes naturally to them. Still, you can control and manage your dog by providing training to control anger.

Following are some methods to keep barky Pitbull quiet.

  • Desensitize the Stimulus
  • Use commands to train Pitbull
  • Use of anti-stress products
  • Get rid of boredom
  • Remove offending things
  • Hire a professional

What Does It Mean When A Dog Barks Excessively?

Dogs bark excessively for many reasons, and it’s necessary to identify them before finding a solution.

Usually, dogs bark because they feel terrified, threatened, anxious, trying to communicate, point at something, or they are hurt. You should try to check on why your dog is barking try to resolve the issue.


In short, it is not the solution to completely stop the dogs from barking and punish them because it is natural to them. They need to bark to defend themselves and their owner when threatened.

Still, you can control your dog’s aggressive barking by providing proper training and using some tricks to identify the reason for unnecessary barking from the abovementioned points.

Finally, you should remember that your Pitbull or any other dog can take time to train, and you should not punish them.

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