What is Special About A Blue French Bulldog?

French Bulldog is an adorable and popular breed known for its friendly nature and wide range of colors.

Blues French Bulldogs have become increasingly popular among these colors due to their beautiful and unique coat color.  This article will explore what is special about the Blue French Bulldog.

Special Traits of Blue French Bulldog

Blue French Bulldogs are lovely dogs that will forever adore and love you. Blue French Bulldogs are loyal, and their love is unconditional, so make sure to give them the affection they deserve.

Here are some special traits that males the Blue French Bulldog unique.

1. Rare Coat Color

The obvious characteristic that sets blue French Bulldogs apart is their distinctive coat color.  According to their name, blue French Bulldogs have a blue coat rather than black due to a genetic mutation.

Additionally, they could have white patches on their paws or chest. They stand out from other Frenchies thanks to their unique coat color, which is why dog enthusiasts prize them so highly. The peculiar color of their coat further enhances their attractiveness.

2. Lovable Personality

Blue French Bulldogs are special because they have a charming demeanor and distinctive coat color. They are wonderful companions for families and individuals because they are renowned for being devoted, affectionate, and lively.

French bulldogs in the blue color adore their owners and thrive on their attention. They are ideal for apartments or larger homes since they can adapt to various living circumstances.

3. Great with Children

Blue French Bulldogs are excellent with kids because of their kind and gentle temperament. They are the perfect family pet because they like playing and are kind to small children.

4. Intelligent

Blue The intelligence and quick learning of French Bulldogs are well known. This indicates that they are simple to train and are quick to pick up new tricks and orders.

5. Unique Personality

All French Bulldogs are loving, but blue Frenchies have particular quirks and characteristics that set them apart. They have a reputation for being highly noisy and are capable of various noises, including growling and grunting, as well as snorting and snoring.

6. Small But Mighty

Blue French Bulldogs are small dogs with a height of 11 to 13 inches and a weight of 16 to 26 pounds. Frenchies are fairly muscular and compact for a small dog and have a strong bite.

Blue Frenchies will always protect you and attack any threat that harms you or your family. These dogs consider you as their family.

7. Low-Maintenance

Blue French Bulldogs require less maintenance, another feature that makes them unique. They don’t need much physical activity and are happy taking short walks or playing inside.

Additionally, they have a short, smooth coat that is simple to maintain and groom. They are ideal for busy families or persons with little free time for grooming and exercising because of their minimal maintenance nature.

Blue Frenchies only need a walk of 30 minutes daily, but you can skip it once every 3 days. Additionally, thanks to their short coat, you only have to brush your French Bulldog twice a week or once a month.

You also don’t have to shower the French Bulldog regularly, as a bath once a month will suffice or when the puppy is extremely dirty.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blue Frenchies Blue?

No, the Blue Frenchie is silver-gray that looks bluish but isn’t sky blue like you would imagine. The color is caused by the dilution genes that affect the black pigmentation and turns them silver gray.

What Are the Issues with Blue French Bulldogs?

The issue with Blue French Bulldog is that this color is associated with different health issues. It is not yet scientifically proven that the dilution gene causes health issues. The most common health issues faced by the Blue Frenchies are allergies, obesity, and respiratory issues.


In conclusion, despite having some health difficulties, blue French Bulldogs are distinctive due to their distinct coat color, endearing demeanor, petite but mighty build, and low maintenance needs.

Do your research and choose a reputable breeder if you’re considering getting a blue French Bulldog to ensure you get a healthy and content pet. A blue French Bulldog can be a devoted and loving companion for many years if given the right care and attention.

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