Chocolate French Bulldog: Everything You Should Know

A Chocolate French Bulldog can be called different names, such as Brown or Liver, but the terms can be confusing because there are two types of Chocolate Frenchie.

Well, when something gets as popular as French Bulldogs, there is bound to be some confusion. This article will discuss every detail about the Chocolate French Bulldog to help alleviate the confusion.

What is a Chocolate French Bulldog?

As simple as it sounds, a Chocolate French Bulldog has a brown chocolate coat like a Labrador. Not all Chocolate Frenchies are created equally, as they come in various varieties. A Chocolate French Bulldog can be produced first through the recessive Cocoa gene.

This is often represented as two sets of Co in the genetic code. If this is capitalized as in Co, the dominant gene is present, and the Chocolate effect will not be displayed. However, if there are two non-capitalized as in coco, two recessive genes are present, and the Frenchie will exhibit Chocolate coloring.

The second way a Frenchie can be Chocolate relates to the gene located in the B Locus. This is often referred to as the Brown gene or Testable Chocolate. Similar to the Cocoa gene, this also requires two recessive genes.

The recessive genes are represented as bb in the genetic code when the chocolate coloring is present. If one of the dominant genes is present, represented as B, then the chocolate color will be suppressed. Around 10% of Chocolate Frenchie’s are the testable chocolate variant, and 90% are Cocoa.

Characteristics of a Chocolate French Bulldog

The Chocolate French Bulldog appears to be an active muscular dog with heavy bones, a smooth coat, and a medium or small size that is compactly built. The cute puppy has an expression of alertness and curiosity and is always interested.

The back is bent with a slight fall close after the shoulders; short and intense, broad at the shoulders and contracting at the loins. The body is short and well-rounded. The chest is deep, comprehensive, and complete, well ribbed with the belly tucked up.

The tail is often straight or sometimes screwed (but not curly), short, hung low, deep root and fine tip, carried low in repose. Any modification other than removing dewclaws is considered mutilation and unnatural.

1. Size and Weight

The male Chocolate French Bulldogs usually grow from 10 inches (27 cm) to 13.7 inches (35 cm), whereas the females grow from 9 inches (24 cm) to 12 inches (32 cm). The Frenchie males weigh 20 to 30 pounds, and the females weigh 17 to 28.

2. Coat and Color

Chocolate French Bulldogs have three different coat types, which are flat-coated, rough, and smooth. The most common type of coat is the soft coat. These dogs have a thick undercoat and a smooth top coat.

A flat-coasted French Bulldog has a less dense coat than a smooth-coated one. The coat on a flat-coated dog tends to have more shine and gloss. A rough-coated French Bulldog has a very thick coat and is the type that is most commonly mistaken for a Shih Tzu.

The third type is a smooth coat with a thick top coat and a thinner undercoat. This type of coat is only found on Chocolate French Bulldogs. There are several different combinations within the Chocolate coloring which come with varying degrees of commonality.

3. Head and Facial Features

Like any other French Bulldog, Chocolate Frenchies also have a large head proportionally to their body. They also have cute brown eyes that are well-positioned in the skull. Large bat-like ears are another distinguishing characteristic of the French bulldog breed.

Many pet owners like cropping their dogs’ ears, but French Bulldogs who do so risk losing their registration. Their upper jaw almost entirely encloses their lower jaw and is larger than the latter.

Another adorable feature is additional skin that forms wrinkles on Frenchies’ necks. On a little physique, all of these qualities appear adorable.

4. Personality and Temperament

Like all Frenchies, Chocolate French Bulldogs have a wonderful personality. The distinctive personality trait of French Bulldogs is their lack of frequent barking and tendency to be gregarious, playful, and pleasant canines.

Because of their exceptional adaptability, chocolate Frenchies can live anywhere and in any situation. Frenchies are the ideal home pets that can live in a small space because of their size and low maintenance needs, even though they aren’t guard dogs.

According to the AKC, Frenchies are the most popular pet dog due to their small size, friendliness, and quiet temperament.

What is the Cost of Chocolate French Bulldog?

A regular Frenchie costs about $3,000, and the Chocolate, an Exotic French Bulldog, will cost more. The average cost of a Chocolate French Bulldog is $4,500 to $8,000.

Such a high price can confuse people, especially when the AKC Does not recognize this color. On top of this, the chocolate color results from a recessive gene and makes it harder to breed.

The Lifespan of Chocolate French Bulldog

Like a standard Frenchie, the Chocolate Frenchie also lives up to 10 to 12 years. They can live a happy and healthy life free from any strain with proper care. French Bulldogs are sensitive dogs bred as pet dogs and not for guarding. Caring for your Frenchie is best rather than making them work for you.

The lifespan of a Chocolate French Bulldog can be affected by diet, hygiene, environment, health, and genes. Since Chocolate genes carry health issues, it shortens the life of the Chocolate Frenchies.

Some of the most common health issues regarding French Bulldogs include:

  1. Allergies
  2. Deformed Eyes (Small Microphthalmia)
  3. Missing Eye Or Eyes (Anophthalmia)
  4. Wandering Eye
  5. Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome (BAS)
  6. Skin Fold Dermatitis
  7. Ear Infections
  8. Corneal Ulcers
  9. Back and Spine issues

Diet & Food for Chocolate French Bulldog

Chocolate French Bulldog requires two high-protein meals every day. A modest amount of fiber, fat, and vitamins are also a must in the diet. While the immune system needs fats, muscles need protein to grow and maintain.

The body also needs vitamins and minerals to function correctly. Feed your Frenchie dry kibbles or any other meal that your veterinarian recommends. Keep in constant contact with your veterinarian.

Pros and Cons of Having a Chocolate French Bulldog


  1. Chocolate Frenchies are beautiful. Chocolate Frenchies are gorgeous puppies with creamy chocolate coats and giant bat ears.
  2. Chocolate Frenchies are rare and exotic, so owning one can make you feel exuberant.
  3. Frenchies are calm, laidback, and quiet dogs. Making them ideal for keeping in a close nit neighborhood as they will not bark unnecessarily.
  4. The compact bodies and small size makes them the best dogs to keep in a small house or an apartment. Being small makes them the No.1 dog for people in NYC and other major cities.
  5. A short coat makes them minimum shedders and requires less grooming requirements. So if you are a bit lazy, these dogs are perfect.


  1. Chocolate Frenchies can be expensive, from $4,500 to tens of thousands.
  2. Chocolate French Bulldogs can have health issues like any Frenchies, such as breathing problems and joint disorders.
  3. The AKC does not recognize or register Chocolate colored Frenchies, so it is impossible to register them for dog shows. The pedigree of unrecognized dogs is also hard to verify.
  4. Frenchies are attention-craving dogs, and they can quickly develop separation anxiety.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Chocolate French Bulldog

Taking Care of Chocolate French Bulldog is easy, but it does not mean you can slack off. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your Frenchies.

French Bulldogs Need a Small Yet Proper Diet

Feed your Chocolate Frechies two meals daily full of protein to meet their needs. Despite being couch potatoes, these dogs have a muscular build and need protein to maintain it.

Don’t overfeed them; they are lazy and can have indigestion. You must keep at least 3 to 4 hours of gap between meals. Their diet must contain protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Also, make sure they drink enough water throughout the day.

Take Care of Their Health

Even though French Bulldogs don’t need much upkeep, you should always be cautious. Take your Chocolate French bulldog every six months to the doctor for a routine check-up. But you should head to the vet immediately if you detect anything strange.

Ensure your puppy has the most recent immunizations and vaccines as soon as possible. The most current shots will keep its immune system strengthened.

Exercise to stay Active

As I said, French Bulldogs are lazy dogs and would lie around the house. This may seem too easy, but you must take them out for exercise or at least a walk.

A 30-minute walk daily is the bare minimum to keeping your Chocolate Frenchie active. You have to make exercise engaging and attractive for your dog, or he will think it’s a punishment.

You can also buy lots of chew toys and mind game toys for your dog to play with. By keeping your dog engaged, it will not develop health issues and bad habits.

Obedience and Discipline Training

You should understand the value of obedience if you adore your French chocolate bulldog and take ownership seriously. As soon as you bring your puppy home, you can get started. They must be aware that you are the household’s head.

Teach your puppy the basic verbal cues of go, come, stand, sit, and stay so that it can follow your instructions. Your dog can be socialized and taught more complex commands by listening to simple directions.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Rare is a Chocolate French Bulldog?

Chocolate French Bulldogs Result from recessive genes, making them one of the rarest Frenchie colors.

How Do You Know if Frenchie Is Chocolate?

The first way to know is to look at your French Bulldog, and you will notice the coat color is brown Chocolate. But if you have a dark brown chocolate Frenchie, you must do a DNA test.

In a DNA test, if you find the bb genes, your dog is a testable chocolate French Bulldog. If you find BB genes, your Frenchie is a non-testable Chocolate Frenchie. It is still a Frenchie, but it is considered inferior.

What is the Most Expensive Color of Frenchie?

The most expensive color of Frenchie is Isabella. It is one of the rarest dogs among all breeds and is gorgeous. On average, Isabella Frenchie costs from $11,000 to $30,000. It is a privilege to own an Isabella Frenchies.


It does not matter if your dog is AKC recognized; if you can provide it with a home, you will have a beautiful puppy who will forever love you. The same goes for Chocolate French Bulldogs, known for their loyalty to their owner and down-to-earth personalities.

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