What are the Best Chew Toy for Pitbull

Although we adore them, many pit bulls—American Staffordshire terriers and other bully breeds—present a significant difficulty since they frequently exhibit power chewing behaviors and are very rough with their toys.

They destroy the most popular dog toys quickly, and if you leave them alone for 30 minutes, they might even destroy your car, couch, or bomb shelter. Therefore, if you have a pit bull with steel-trap sharp teeth, you should get a toy matching his powerful jaws and tenacious demeanor.

With our list of top chew toys for pit bulls and other strong chewers, we’ll assist you in doing just that below!

How to Choose the Best Chew Toy for Your Pit Bull

It can be challenging to choose chew toys for your pit bull since you want to make sure they are strong enough to resist the powerful teeth of a house animal but not so strong that they could injure the dog. To achieve a good fit, you should also pay attention to factors like size, dog-safe construction, and how enriching a particular toy’s style is to your dog.

When looking for chew toys for your pit bull, take into account the following:

Toy Style

While interactive chew toys like wobblers keep dogs occupied by releasing rewards as your pit bull chews, paws at, and nudges the gadget, chew toys come in various shapes and sizes.

Bone-shaped pieces are designed just for chewing. Rotating various chew toy designs keeps your Pitty entertained during each play session (and helps keep him from coming up with his mischievous fun)!


Pit bulls have large, open lips that are excellent for consuming goodies but may be too adept at accommodating toys. Always buy chew toys your pit bull can’t completely stuff into his mouth to avoid choking or ingestion.

Before buying any chew, it’s a good idea to check customer reviews for feedback from owners of other bully breeds or pit bulls to learn from their experiences. For further assurance regarding product dimensions, they might even supply images.


Pick only chew toys made of materials safe for dogs, such as natural rubber or BPA-free plastic. They should also pass the fingernail test to ensure the materials won’t damage your dog’s teeth.

Put your fingernail inside the chew toy to conduct the test. It is safe for your dog to gnaw on anything that leaves a mark. Choose a different product if it doesn’t leave a mark.

You can discover food chews like yak cheese and bully sticks and the non-edible materials frequently used in chew toys that are not intended for consumption. These are nice for the occasional snack, but if consumed in excess, they may result in gastrointestinal problems or weight gain.


Choosing a chew toy with sturdy construction is just as vital as one made of high-quality, dog-safe materials because a poorly-made toy can easily turn into a choking or ingesting threat if smaller pieces are broken or chewed off. Keep sharp-edged chews away because they can hurt your pit’s mouth. A well-made, durable dog chew may occupy your pitbull for many hours.


It’s helpful to have toys that can be used for several forms of play, like a chew that can also be used as a fetch toy. However, it’s not necessary. Other chews can be devoured or loaded with yummy treats, making your dog eager to lick and chew. Without filling up your dog’s toy basket, multipurpose chew toys provide entertainment in various ways.


Some manufacturers are so confident in the caliber of their goods that they provide a warranty or money-back guarantee if your dog destroys the toy or damages it to a particular extent. These guarantees are important to check if your pit bull is a serious chewer to ensure you’re receiving the best chew toy for your money.


Since most chew toys are made of rubber or nylon, which isn’t edible, it can be difficult to convince fussy dogs to chew them instead of something else. The alternative is to offer an edible chew. However, these don’t always resist prolonged, vigorous chewing and quickly add weight to your pit.

Fortunately, some chew toys have mouthwatering flavors like bacon, chicken, or peanut butter to entice your dog to try them.

Best Chew Toy for Pitbull

The following toys are some of the strongest and most resilient ones available, while no toy should ever be regarded as completely indestructible (I’ve seen dogs gnaw through a chain-link fence before). See these chew toys that are ideal for pits.

1. Kong Extreme Ball Dog Toy

There are several ways to use the Kong Extreme Ball Dog Toy. Rubber is used to make it sturdy to endure the most ferocious chewing. You won’t have to worry if your Pit Bull enjoys playing fetch since they won’t rip this tennis ball apart like an ordinary one.

It also bounces higher and goes further, thanks to the thick rubber. It can also be used as a chew toy. Dogs can play independently with this ball. It keeps them entertained, even if it is dropped because it bounces back. This ball is the best dog toy for Pit Bulls.

You may select the right size for your Pit Bull by choosing between small, medium, or large, depending on their size. This is the perfect toy for active, ball-loving dogs that can be destructive chewers. However, the ball’s size hasn’t impressed all dog owners. For their dogs, even the large one is too small.

2. Nylabone Power Chew Ring Dog Toy

The tough nylon that makes up the Nylabone Power Chew Textured Ring Dog Toy has a chicken flavor. Because the flavor is appealing to dogs and keeps them chewing, your Pit Bull will have a toy that lasts a while and won’t be lost in their possession quickly.

Because of the rough design and ring form, dogs aren’t bored. By chewing, your Pit Bull can keep their teeth clean and free of plaque and tartar.

If you want to play with your dog, roll this toy across the floor and watch them chase it. As soon as they capture it, they can continue to chew it as a treat. The finest dog toy for Pit Bulls in terms of value is this durable item.

Always keep an eye on your dog when they’re wearing this ring because some pieces can come off during chewing. Small dogs shouldn’t use this since they might try to ingest ring fragments that fall off.

3. Puller Standard Fitness Tool Dog Toy

Puller Standard Fitness Tool Dog Toy is durable plastic and can be used for fetch, tug of war, or water fun. Despite being soft on teeth and jaws as dogs eat, the material is sturdy and long-lasting. It has no smells and is non-toxic.

This toy can provide the daily physical stimulation they require by encouraging your dog to jump, run, and tug. You can design a fitness regimen for your Pit Bull with regular use. Professional cynologists with expertise in dog training created the toy. Each purchase comes with two rings and a list of activities your dog can use them for.

No dog toy is unbreakable, so aggressive chewers may eventually be able to chew through these rings. On the rings, certain powerful dogs may leave tooth impressions.

4. HuggleHounds Bunny Dog Toy

The HuggleHounds Barnyard Corduroy Knottier Bunny Dog Toy is a great option for puppies, even though it may be used with dogs of any age. The toy has a two-layer liner for durability.

Additional knots are tied to the arms and legs for gnawing, shaking, and tugging. The numerous squeakers within will amuse your dog. This toy is durable enough for puppies just learning how to chew or ease teething pain.

The rabbit may easily be thrown in the washing machine when soiled. Aggressive chewers may swiftly destroy this plush toy, but Pit Bull puppies can use it to teach them how to play with toys. For puppies to respect their toes and fingers, it can also teach them how to chew properly.

5. Outward Hound Snake Plush Dog Toy

You can choose between a three-squeaker and a 12-squeaker Outward Hound Snake Plush Toy, depending on the size of your Pit Bull. The toy is made without stuffing and with strong chewers in mind. You won’t have a mess to clean up if your dog manages to tear it open.

This toy contains two layers of durable fabric reinforcement so your dog can tug, chase, catch, and throw it around as much as they want. The snake design is intriguing, and the squeakers produce fascinating noises for dogs.

Consider your Pit Bull’s ability to chew before buying this item because certain canines have been known to destroy these snakes swiftly. Even though they outlast other possibilities, no toy is damage-proof.

6. Pet Zone IQ Treat Dispenser Ball Dog Toy

By rewarding your dog with treats as they roll the ball, the Pet Zone IQ Treat Dispenser Ball Dog Toy will keep them interested and entertained. Set the ball’s difficulty level and fill it with your dog’s favorite treats or dry food.

Your Pit Bull will try to get their rewards, determining the most effective strategy for removing the food. When you aren’t at home or don’t have the time to devote to your dog, this can keep them occupied for extended periods.

Additionally, the ball promotes exercise, which increases your dog’s calorie expenditure. They continue to be interested and cognitively active. Simply open the ball and wash it with soap and water to clean it. Dogs who eat too quickly may also benefit from using this treat ball. Your dog can eat the ball one piece at a time after filling it with their kibble meal.

After only a few uses, it broke, according to some dog owners. The sound of the ball rolling through hardwood floors is audible.

7. Mammoth Tirebiter II Dog Toy

Strong chewers will appreciate the Mammoth Tirebiter II Dog Toy’s sturdy, natural rubber construction. There are three sizes offered. You can roll, toss, or use the tire as a tug toy to keep your Pit Bull entertained and active.

Since the design of the tire stimulates interactive play and gnawing, dogs may keep physically active and obtain exercise. Large dog breeds can use the large size. Due to its durability and ease of cleaning with soap and water, it is excellent for outdoor use. Although the rubber material is robust, it is flexible enough to allow dogs to chew it without damaging their teeth or gums.

8. ZippyPaws Hedgehog Plush Dog Toy

This ZippyPaws Hedgehog Plush Dog Toy is round and small for throwing and fetching and has one inside squeaker. Not all dogs will immediately try to rip the squeaker out of a plush toy.

Pit bulls are known for being aggressive chewers, but those that aren’t can choose this option. This plush hedgehog can be a wonderful addition to your Pit Bull’s toy collection if they are kind to their toys.

There are two sizes of hedgehogs. After playtime, it’s also cozy and soft to cuddle against for sleep. Despite being a sturdy toy, it can’t withstand aggressive chewers. This is not a good choice if your dog enjoys chewing. This can be entertaining for non-destructive dogs to chase and bite to make it squeak.

9. Jolly Pets Teaser Ball Dog Toy

The ball-within-a-ball design of the Jolly Pets Teaser Ball Dog Toy keeps dogs entertained and active even when they are playing alone. This ball floats, so it also works as a water toy for Pit Bulls if you have a pool or prefer to take them to lakes.

The tiny ball inside spins erratically as it rolls, motivating your dog to chase it. Even though it is impossible, they will attempt to separate the smaller ball from the larger one; this keeps them occupied.

Spread some peanut butter on the interior of the outer ball to keep your dog even more entertained. Simply wash with soap and warm water to clean. The toy is safe for your Pit Bull to gnaw on because it is constructed of non-toxic and BPA-free materials.

10. JW Pet iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball Dog Toy

The JW Pet iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball Dog Toy is made in a way that makes it easy for dogs to carry, toss, and catch. The ball’s tremendous bounce adds to the excitement, and the rubber composition can withstand vigorous chewing. This is a good option for teething puppies who are learning to play with toys.

Although the rubber is strong, this toy won’t withstand active chewers who want to rip it. It’s not a chew toy but a fantastic option for fetching games or to amuse your dog for a while. The ball can be readily cleaned with soap and water and floats on water.

How to Choose the Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls, a Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right toys for your Pit Bull can be difficult because there are so many alternatives. Here are a few considerations to consider to help with the choice.


Pit bulls may quickly destroy most toys since they enjoy chewing and have powerful jaws. A toy not made to survive or withstand vigorous chewing will be readily destroyed, necessitating a replacement. This will waste money and result in a bored dog whose fun is cut short too soon.

What Your Dog Likes

Varied dogs are drawn to toys with varied attributes. Some people enjoy balls, while others prefer squeaky toys. While some people enjoy fluffy toys, others prefer chew toys. Your dog won’t want to play with the nicest ball you can find if they aren’t interested. Make sure the toys you choose have a variety so you can switch them out if your dog gets bored.


The best toys are multipurpose since they keep your dog entertained and save money. The best possibilities are toys that can be thrown, caught, and used for tug of war. It would be ideal to use these toys outdoors, preferably in the snow or the water.


Never leave your dog unattended with a toy with sharp edges or points that could be chewed off and consumed. Your Pit Bull should be safe with the toys you select.

Toys & Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are strong chewers and require something to nibble on. If they don’t, they’ll conclude that anything near your house will do as chewing material. They’ll start chewing on your clothes, furniture, shoes, remote controllers, and whatever else they can find if you don’t offer them toys.

Any of these items present a risk to your dog if he eats them, and they are expensive to replace. When toys are destroyed, replacements are considerably more reasonably priced.

Why Are Pit Bulls, Such Strong Chewers?

Due to their huge skulls, pit bulls have teeth and jaws that are also large. Additionally, they have broad jaws, which provide them additional leverage when chewing. This makes it easier for them to quickly consume items, whether they are toys or things you don’t want them to chew.

Safeguard Your Pit Bull

It’s important to remember that no dog toy is ever entirely indestructible, even if you want to give your dog the greatest toys you can. Even the most durable toys ultimately break and decay.

If you notice any wear on your dog’s toy or anything else that might be dangerous, take the item away and throw it away. The cost of a new toy will be much less than the vet bills your dog will have to pay if it ingests a piece of plastic or injures itself.

Use toys that your dog’s muzzle won’t be able to get stuck inside. For instance, you should never give your dog a sizable ring unless you are present. Be careful when giving your dog anything that could get caught in their nostrils or on their lips.

Your dog shouldn’t be able to ingest the toys you offer them if they are too little. It’s always better to give your dog a toy that might be too big for them than one that might be too small.

Watch your dog when they are playing with toys. Don’t forget to get new toys to replace old ones worn out or outdated. Your dog will also be delighted by this.


Our top pick for a dog toy for Pit Bulls overall is the Kong Extreme Ball Dog Toy. It is composed of sturdy rubber and may amuse dogs with its bounce. The affordable Nylabone Power Chew Textured Ring Dog Toy encourages dogs to chew by tasting deliciously like chicken.

The Puller Standard Fitness Tool Dog Toy is a terrific alternative if money is an issue. We wish you liked reading these evaluations and successfully located the ideal dog toy for your Pit Bull.

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