Are Pitbulls Better in Pairs?

Pit Bulls are known for being aggressive against other dogs, so many owners frequently ponder if adding a second dog to their household would be an intelligent choice. But are Pitbulls better in pairs, or can they be aggressive toward their breed?

Pit bulls can be great in pairs as the two dogs keep each other company and lessen separation anxiety. Because the second dog will imitate the first’s actions, training will also be more superficial. However, maintaining the well-being of two dogs will cost more money, time, effort, and space.

Learn more about the ups and downs of owning a pair of Pit Bulls, whether Pit Bulls get along with other dogs, and the best companion dog breeds for Pit Bulls by reading the full article.

Do Pit Bulls Get Along with Other Dogs?

Due to their history of being bred and taught to compete in dog fighting rings, Pit Bulls are renowned for being extremely territorial and aggressive against other dogs.

This does not imply that Pit Bulls cannot get along with other dogs, either, as the quality of their socialization and training are the critical factors in how they will behave.

Pit Bulls will be more likely to get along with other dogs if they are properly socialized and trained from a young age. They will become hostile once provoked or if their area is in danger.

Should You Get a Pair of Pit Bulls?

Pit Bull owners who already own a Pit Bull frequently ask whether adding a second dog to their home is a brilliant idea, while first-time dog owners frequently wonder whether purchasing a pair of Pit Bulls to raise them is a good idea together.

Pit bulls are a high-maintenance breed, so you should assess the benefits and drawbacks before buying a pair. You should also ask yourself a few questions, like:

  • Can you afford the price of two Pitbulls and their upkeep?
  • Can you devote time, energy, and space to two dogs’ training and maintenance?
  • Will the two dogs get along, regardless of whether they are of the same breed or two different breeds?

Getting a pair of Pit Bulls immediately if you’re a first-time owner is not advised because you might need to gain the necessary dog training and care experience.

But if you already own a Pit Bull, you must ensure it is correctly socialized and trained to get along with the new dog without any issues.

To prevent any dog from feeling ignored, you also need to ensure that you can train the new puppy while still finding time for the old dog.

Another thing to consider is that purchasing a male and a female Pit Bull might be a good idea if you get a pair. This is because canines of the same sex have more difficulty getting along than canines of different sexes.

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Pair of Pit Bulls

Getting a pair of Pit Bulls has advantages and disadvantages that you should carefully weigh before deciding.

Let’s examine these benefits and drawbacks in greater detail:

The Pros

The pit bull is a friendly animal. Pitbulls are prone to developing separation anxiety since they prefer people and dislike being left alone for too long.

Pit Bulls will keep each other company when you’re not home and lessen the signs of separation anxiety if you get a couple of them. Pit bulls are intelligent, and they can benefit significantly from one another.

Teaching a pair of Pit Bulls will be simpler because the second dog will take after the first and quickly pick up orders and positive behavior features.

The Cons

As you’ll need more food, treats, toys, and other dog supplies, keeping two dogs will typically cost more than keeping one. There are fees for enrollment, insurance, immunizations, veterinary visits, and medical care.

Taking care of two pets will require extra time and work. This entails engaging in play, bringing them for daily walks, exercising, and attending to their grooming requirements.

The average dog needs a place that is large enough to allow them to walk about without feeling constrained. Therefore, you’ll need more space if you have two dogs because each dog may want its territory.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Good to Have Two Pit Bulls Together?

It was once widely believed that pit bulls couldn’t coexist peacefully. Now, we are aware that this is untrue. Many pit bulls can and do coexist peacefully with other pit bulls and canines. Simply knowing the risks and what to do to keep your dogs safe is all required.

Do Pit Bulls Bond with One Person?

Some people form a close relationship with just one person, while others could be more gregarious and outgoing with everyone they meet. It’s critical to remember that Pit Bulls, like all dogs, are unique individuals and that one cannot generalize their behavior based merely on their breed.

What’s the Best Breed Companion for A Pit Bull?

Some of the best companion breeds for a pitbull are German Shepherds, Siberian, Huskies, Dobermans, Beagles, and Rottweilers. However, a breed does not guarantee a dog’s behavior, so you must train your dogs thoroughly.


Pitbulls may have a bad reputation because of their history and strength, but that does not mean they cannot change.

Pitbulls are super friendly and loving dogs but highly protective and clingy, so with proper training, your pitbull could be your ideal puppy.

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